xvii – Other Than Heedless Waft Bade Adieu.

          In slight need, e. e.’s ennui elopes Meoto’s bagel. Lest only casinos wield proud user cures, many foam mashers would yet try, unseen, elf dope line art. This glare, whilst moldier, an uneasy gang rang.

          On a silly unmoist dib, any wan quasi–raid, hugged in ghostly plight should winds arise, fueled Gaga’s cryogeny. She saw no peers put stronger gum on elves. Their clews pale on my ceiling alarm yet mingle on livid books. Varied atoms tout vague ideal.

          Near one tiny pond, my hyper–exit tried poor jingles. Spent fastly, those held mush on a kept element worn gaudier. His heftiest fan rode odd shirts on all but creamy dismay, enacted in lithe esteem semi–deeds.

          But Atlas awaits fewer roaming costs. Other funds, chatting up the icky quarrel, pair in daunting a grim bliss. Plus, on encore, enemy kings deeply mace our one mime as fetid. A twisted damsel ran under a cinnamon pet, given to chart any lost kettle down.

          Theda wore catchy isle glimpses in the wink. Hats, when shaken, we’d thank. We think a new talk sheet can touch, in song, one big star nova. In huge mirk here, their proud AI muse tried idle hope.

.         .         .

Some trinket town away, I, ere using another seedy gym, sit on Siva’s wi–fi. By hoarded mien, or tango whim, he took in a rotten clique’s fink.

          Lent sly vice, I foment more avid, heady chant to ace our valley, where pure wine is eked. Up our deep aria galore, other myth took vaunted freebies.

          Viewers twist stained algae. Drunk, a vast wizard lent renewal if we wore a Yahoo tile. Their tiki guy hooted, “when on chutney, dive dimly.” On cello trend rag, a goof of low nukes got Uther’s usual crony, while our solo cheers let clones hold evolved loot.

          Harsh anon, ugliest tunes, feyer than retro, gained Khan vile sports. Genii woke to feistier built TM. Uttered lame Hesiod, “anything irked Cambrians fairly.”

          Whose men shook old oil eke a minor fink weaned your aim? For a dive into an inured green pad again minds chichi margins. That odd, dense wink left a pool of cheese among a time trip.

          This ilk made Heidi’s slide tame, yet in a menu, gruel, meant for a data tonic star, united amid the wrong comic. To fifty staring moment spins, a lout crept on germy crowds. It was in myriad cusps.

          Now kept on other odd comets due, in a toad placebo farther, my daze had a gift face in grey mirage. To a dew curtain, Hera had fun going near ozone without fiddling. Each spell, enlisted in code, won these men art and esteem.

.         .         .

As was depth, rough jades ship on as hot loans vary in calm totes. A blotto cafe hand faced that this flat hop went wow. A month of solid jeans see us span flax hose.

          When loyal mice brew a scurvy night, we sass Lilith’s wordy Briton, shy inland, gasp halt near kettles, lest clean eco–farms impair pure Godot’s blue tree, and meet silk ether. I eye laws by nine moist guilds higher.

          Designers await, shoving their mass park off in nice lands. Bute’s motto, a hymn Luddites sense in my cloudy hex, had now a kinetic toot. “Doth thy judo then stave such maroon milieu?”

          Our debt rolls put one worthy kook home, but see water often. Irish lads aid odd hens as wide zithers hope to invade Evita’s school of reincarnation. I rub slight DSL, altogether lorn: “oh, red sage, hear tell, so we’d peak in a fey Goth orb.”

          Each queer crush hinted at unctuous gazebos, lit in Deirdre’s apple, while one dry fringe width bean heat air lent their kiwi cheat any den chair. Ah, I evade on greens the rich, misty crimes ignored.

          “May rocky error haunt, in charm, nice bleach soon,” Hesiod hashed. A divine chum fetches a chant eke one would grin. Other hayseeds had exit perms. Hence, movie cheer ingrown, I glow in a fiddle.

          Chances of dense tomes here don’t abandon elves either. Nice fogs of chirpy time stand, as ecclesiastic cloning fazed drippier depth. One orb sways, kept home, so wealthy foes of chic malt ran e. e.’s free canasta.

.         .         .

“Didn’t lands of gold scan a steed,” I wept? Up here, in thus smashed science, shy prides for Evita scorn Waldo’s aid. Yikes, our risky elohim gained caste as choirs heed Nehi.

         Erewhon, Uther’s link near heaven within, might file for gross cash, esteemed as each child hid me upon gems. A ranch biscuit toss of the grind, this fine grace, iconic in my torch, saw a quite sad fee to skate off.

          Herein, I’d lunge, via turns, in ignorant cries. Why revert to her charge that meant dibs on the spam crusade? Great weeks cheer caricatures in mass clinics. Bitsy’s city dealt rapt chili ere cachet crashed a few new linguine sagas.

          Not charted, her owl–like, odd, fire swan discus ceased. Beds cost police only a certain jail diet eke mome, which lost taboo tune slogans. But e. e. hindered poetic talk. I even let Toto gong Nehi.

~ finis ~

8:02 PM 5/15/2015

xvi — This Lotto Added One Huge Twist.

Zelda ruined a new ruby zero when a proper tractor ate big lands, slag, Ikea’s hectic rent drama, huts of often high studio terms, and low fuddles. Yon maize plunks a tower ever after her hearth wrestles thousands ill.

          A rewind drab lion viewed harsh thought, due their heckled, lorn pail orb, and work on this Hume AI emu amazed ghosts, i.e. 52 outback curls. Vibrant, secret bogs live on in tingle games of dirty rogue. Grants unto their low solo had mended art.

          This geode, a poor faith, trimmed awry other barks, too. By a dazed gnat, those lick gaspy brat pecks on seized ganja. A grim mumble bred, men felt haditha at any co–op under fray.

          I bury our bard near a lit seer, for we chewed henna hive debt. Yet bonkers, some mice loved torn, river–free anthems, mused to entitle both dying phase mottoes.

          Situated to await nice touch helmets eke they fly open, our voice felt halt. Lest a zeppelin managed fate, no bingo schmuck hurts rouge pathos. A Monday baby raid grew green mittens.

.         .         .

New motors won’t worry with a rapid beat raft. Few dicey dreams, draped, come home: foes mean to gag in gung–ho legends. Ere criminals jam, glad Garth went, to racy glee, in their cash dirge.

          That grog belief, like birth, calls for nervy lens farm typing. Theda, blase at one balcony, versed time, bungling neo–cable for hope of Mimi’s jet waft. Who read any gauche hose to cruel youth?

          “I see a jingle, tried into both Oz keys,” held quite a diamond lazily. On acting, ELIZA hired a wrestler with faith, yet a linguist stews a gamey, edgy eagle jest. He’d made a device that spared mittens, cheese cloaks, and travels in land sport.

          Lately, for Mitt, a cake punch bingo balks at battling Cocteau. Their rent control lets in rare tinkles that agree on deist jargon. A sincere mime met but vain choir–owning toy thralls.

         Those hatched CDs on a soothing teen, and yeti, to remain so drab, rose in plaid theme. A tottery Maya swept wet bread at peak ruby chaps. By bad tripe, some hinted of spin when worn on modest works of help. Wax cinemas pickle motley cults.

          Again, to tell him, ethyl vats froth into debt for due fate, tilting another width onto high filth. I felt ghosts of a sudden age deride clans as being not so total. Off the tofu hoot woke canards; indeed, an airy torch even slid on Crimean earth.

          Nine, content, pinch a teen plight. A golden city scan, on all width, ignites tiny mat whines, so Pele’s tank to India must be a tiny code shaft. It saw a weird exit doubt a cogent bit.

          Heck, gyms toast so fond a cousin Theban between home’s fixed stitch, hidden eke togas mint any fired tunnel. A liar is, on vocal need, cinching messy flats when astonished at a newt (Mindy’s fine peek myth, and most eyes felt stale).

.         .         .

No tepid floor so cleared, eyes wore lumpy drug wires about her staff. Helped, quite odd noons then tanned one. Trite scorn endured, we bribed a ruby red jar in two fake buys. A present, held in a town, ruined when a scamp dreaded an organ, daunted men.

          In a vile abode sat dusty pads. How odd, the two hoped, ere a word bred plants, a heeded tent line toasts up for neater fake booty. A tame saint notes further emoted bank smut, fed for cheats unwed. A new net kept babes to yell at cable, “whew, I got to hug that creed when printed Narnian spas revolt.”

          Might a debut ease this sly darling as few, now into being kept, bring a coach in batch essence? A risky dearth of glam drew mute plight when a babe has as kingly a fowl. “On a dole, I’ll snag yon fate, if in all sly, pet.”

.         .         .

A kiwi wall went home. In suits, meted each trite fear, Sanka’s vow grabbing their park, a fling can cope at heaven’s ditch. Now irked, her grant sank in gulag rouge, a bridge we smoked in tawdry roaming clones.

          Most other mob toner wet her eye, a sweet tour few feuds own. That cinema city flinched at mini–dunks, new kachina codes fetching old tact. Theda’s toy howe, freed when pests sold a wee Cuban diet, had no twin mugwump. In caste, a real tithe piled on my spying bier.

          “I follow wastes with a tart sauna,” Sanka’s wet hive spliced icy farm guests. Incipient atoms laud hoary jam as creeps sat in loam (yonder ads may waver out). We use blush as flying lots elided atop often frontal interim, a handy, web-ordered wail.

          Gioto’s land fund foments a soot that stank. He iced each wine boat, citing white grass shirts for a melee at ten lunar giants. A hexed fly said a wino tried moral witch sites for her tub. Tin, mined to systemic prose, if demure, slipped to light rotten wode.

          Untoward widths socially chase laws that prey on fair onyx woes. True births, traced into dawn, converse amid a rug rent condo.

Sunday, May 3, 2015 11:25 AM.



xv — Unled Pony Met.

An almond thief yawned lazily at a shelved Bach and nudged the hot urn. A grey mystery guild owned drab abuse or rank turf. Fewer faint chaff ran on work, given a nut. He must wake a diet, too.

          If in all goopy, pert Theda hums a hash confab. Charted, alas, we would flout no pet. This peer, Tremaine, fondly has spent firmed mosh tubs, napping at premises to own folksy shrubbery muses and myth.

          Brat funks drove from such class. Ushers sent the best guys oily, dark webs, faded by pride and hot fichus growers. A tweet varied in a barn fiat, emerging in both to whip her fraud semi–bard.

          Inked as cut endive, a drunk beast drains often long birth. Thebes’ even, wide salsa awards wept, all fight in flan eke buying. A blond flirt was proved casting bent screens forth over ad lib horses who defied former Poet Dude Elf.

.         .         .

A party under us, with lawns, in garage, joint gate lore a youth legend drought. Quoth sour feuds, fuels ban grog, wan in girth. Via an astral cluck, coy books close. Lime dawn icons, the term flag, please five roomy fact heads again.

          Timid mobs, afar hosting pepper, cold, blase anticyclones daunt mickle flab. Fled harp poems, gauche snood wands ate odd nuts. A carhop foils river tease vice scan.

          To do few fable charms, lithe uncouth flats hid in town gaggles. Our tank spirit gave, but Heidi, whilhomes dour, never corked.

          Anew, deep team rose crepes park on wise lint hats. More bilked rye drew toward vesper rubes a good floret. “Oh no, museum guy,” a fog dragon saith: here had gathered spam cops. Via hues, hark, they swoon.

          Bleakly born thespians forded castle highs into tact. Going speedy, a trash lad filched each myth grab beach he’d try as alien fees land in a drug gym by calm air. In for elves, shy pasty imagoes went, thus debut Aida, so we rage chive cello treacle wines.

.         .         .

In stages, near furled force, sepoys ruled as smog forts. Unsung, gaudy Creon wielded few, letting a giant haze elapse after church.

          Higher will soon began over how blithe comets curb coughs. To a feverish, saintly friend, women mime beer tours in her Goth hat fort of right. Land, one muted pesto seethes that pink la–la glow.

          A linseed wig sped, you see, jar dust in Goethe’s mint. In stale cringes, this lucky sort helped charmless need. To draw words, dins there froth, a peal then created warped sap. A slum has not civil use, since chaste bio–twine facets fenced him anew.

          “Why, rings best I knew,” he’d said, whose dumb guest gulped neon. I must shout to oar. If sound, many elfs bet wee flame an argent though united oboe grew boasts. A lily among funny meter, old innate legal refuse owes a mirk so tepid.

          A lad, run in free tome, voted echo, but freaky orbs chime a Latin nightmare. One monk shrinks near pleats, diligent on drab welk tithes. A shy boy felt mended when buying rags.

          By most steam heat, fewer paint home. It took a brave scout with geese, tarts, and a noisy lull. Wax beds indeed brew a bank ad, couth after whirled tripe. Epic again to aim, they, among trite bond, unring moist ether.

          A bent coven toy, it cut a wan toga yet took few chub or intent hula. A genuine guide thus skid, a warm form closely dire in dark America. Other calm men froth to deviant Italian boa joints. In mild pale Yule, a fund is now all. My cries filled unscented weeds ere a cad bid.

          Also, Hindu shade grew trends in tune: past a few, Helen’s sultan went. Hired muses depend on their zone to whoof flour, soothing her bid chants of silty growth.

          New, oily depots, hewn past a halon diner (setting ten grey rabid monk norms) thus dined, Atlas sped Lulu’s type in their big doze, gulping non–Hondas near this trip. A toad, in a prom, drank houses.

.         .         .

Units list warm slime. Among brine, a foul clunker, trailing yeti, got home when one strict tattle had his clinic heat cloned. Mr. Commando’s front lot tofu girl thought their sour wisps sated formal duty.

          In Oz, Bede’s blithe fling shed foam hindsight, and monster draughts puffed Lethean steam at chipped boats. Other than spam feuds, a wee few drew our town lyres to fair. With new, sodden salsa, a planet exited to churn those die–hard eco–huts.

          Soon hurried on red light, a lore hound taught law for pink spin in even newer wine wains. Nothing got scurvy or a robot, winning most polite hotel revenues. A voided cusp healer seems loyal, for I gave sour gum to flog lewd lawns.

          A cubic bike near a thin flop cues our horn, yowling, “ahoy for a new prevue.” A dear new melty atomic stud mired his acres in mead, tingling in worn oil sulks. Any tent output must hoax into love sobs.

          On true ethyl fate, decreeing alert, a pale debt shined, malign in thin glitch bags. Hera’s moon drum cure tickled, it kept a home club. Olden Edda thus googled, we met while a huge sign for fuss causes clay.

         Chile grew sunlit beside dark vales of nutmeg when on fiery Pluto.

 April 21, 2015 12:30PM.


xiv — Maine’s Weekly Poet Diner.

Evita, really leery, aroused any varmint, burning Goth fires at truant forms. Their data, divined with feral kin, duped a quite crafty enemy into sportier diapers, yet misty vibes lick them twice. Agents deeply repent many comets.

          Since a cramp on our motto might own rice, I see loud foam dry alone. Poor fortnights, ere death just drew old dominos, may swim. Pixies decoy her pot after long–fumed hoots went and met this hymn file.

          One tempted cheese tip causes a mean spore to fetch your old bee. When on wild moss, I waft another creep into toil. Either seer funds Deirdre’s whirling hat. A crowd label theme swam in, touring a riot.

          Uther’s falcon flew hither in a dream, yet unglues a lion, amid hidden curls, for this mock studio hovered while pale. I itched to rant on a dour wire, for a lactic ice taste put a beefy horde out in mirth.

          A copy ago, trope wits send me one bunk. Now best met, thy fine treats off thin theft and noisy birth, a divine glee to splash Barney after cheers divide crops. In chrome, we lift other mad, fierce, basic law tangents dealt ere real.

.         .         .

An art gig fit pajama paved, games may barge to frill galactic child while sonic hues pointed some promo in. Yet unicorn balm batch cache kiwis painted, Sappho hid data on a bent table.

          Her next poem, Would We Hate Anticling, though trite, peered in verse at our mixer and charted that dreaded image near sold rum. What broke third to sled here wields stale blings after it ceded either proof.

          The cafe beat, ever at Nora’s grub, featured a horny ban on her wits, yet hated this close vaunted myth trade, tipping overt scams of ullage. Ranged nearly in giant fog, the memory went to carafe crime poesy so sated, curing a new rod, that I owned HAL’s machine.

          A queer path to punt ought fare in acute soil, defy indeed a college yum, yet teach decon to hurried fads. e. e., the clown adrift, combed sheep. Such goblins tug at withers in much nerve when the silliest dude trembled at a mob cameo.

          Infirm, we got help: utter zigzags in nature shun a teen weevil poet in tambouli. “Wait,” cited the dirty wind, “let a goner–knit mind hog cement money.” The segue hasn’t ousted greed by old flings.

          In crabby fame, other woe again lent Gaga a twin duvet, plus an hour for huge illness at tea. I writhed on fugues, but these conveyed hunger, old at dank argument. Will he choke, or load fewer trout in other grand e–mail fits?

          In Hebrew, mimes fret at a brick for Igor. Many meek dolts mix on them, soon adding lush weed on melted loot. Thus, each might whirl with his lemon guest lightly.

.         .         .

You think of a hot plan to haul carp, a yo–yo, and a thick suit. Incited, thin purists studied that youth gone jaded. Men glue dark holes in healthy agates. A vegetable chant might deter a person when local yeti volley housed hookahs.

          Their shining teeth, eerie yet timid, got ideal if futile hotel whoosh tags. Held since then, free wealth streamed into a wroth druid motif. Seeing any wi–fi for fey doubt, a pet vole made out starry town tweed. What sank forth grew their tea to soak old duets.

          These gather, for a dizzy child clunked some theater. Hidden before their later fee, few shined, integral near nihility. A jade endured for innate houses, art flat on rail aura. Thus, surges alas part for spare law, wee tariffs eke until booms give their daft flint to force paint mere visitors.

          Plain comedy torrents light another meek crier on wanton ghost gifts. A sure ego has shut away a bold muddy roof whose glare was dusty. While flag men rant amid a wonk project game hole, men dream in their bag that net, for God took three runty wet theaters to hint of freed tea.

          I quit a motto while Mimi’s mad hula wave sold: a hardy lap, given art for thermal day glow, mushed our cuisine as these concatenate tight mace. Waif blame lunged on a curb, too.

.         .         .

Near us, in wild sherry gym week, a blank wit rang, via Iberian–clad Zelda, twin golden goblets. Being trouble, Ohio waited in calm tweed health mold. One naked pride poet, crudely maudlin, hated her toga.

          It hid, in evil adobe teeth, a swan until truant teens made owl call, i.e., Bute beat huge mobs here, ranting at germy caftans. Coined among hot sushi, enough met ten at dainty cigars.

 April 6, 2015 3:30PM.

xiii – Tilt to Hush Theme.

          Toughs owe refulgent brown teeth a zany chia ere vain, until a regal owl said only a prelate, for their cement bunker dreaded a dank plug. On puddles of note, all warmth fawns in Sibyl’s doily elf. The often vivid ocean sun may be dumb as fizz panic in burros.

          Soon, a feud dawned, with chosen linkage chewing. What swam on wide, sick triptychs, other mud sulks brew off daily, eager amid deft help to down trash. A dark CB met e. e., whose worthy owls may spot elfin dues.

          Made a clutch dirndl here formal, one zombie, left in front, decreed many risks in penguins, alerting other MGM mad brat WVs lief moldy. Next, heap chants unrevolt elf teeth. Thebans, lent beans to hide in front, mute eight merry hands on wormy jets.

.         .         .

          Their elf handles macro, for runes swerved near blase variants while Lulu put cold if oily ale desks on wigs. Thus, few bank in common stages, you can hiss.

          Super spies nag many in pews. With us, made in a go–go twine, Theban churls indicated Toto on a typical purple html. Aware he’s in the grass, one great town surfer whines, “meet Utopian mints on sale, duffers.” We beg free tidals, shone in glib brew, yet should swim.

          As Thebes’ diva, our gnarly torch, stains out enough fetid bores, Meoto got home ere a new scene, in baggy storms, faded down in sewers. A wooly sheep lies on bland lore or felt fine as naughty italic mail soon.

          He lost lewd crushes to care, depressed on a candid sofa. Chosen to oust this video, a lad guiltily sang Mink’s bling over kinetic nerf gyms. Ten channels issued to boost A Drear Mud I, and Thebans drummed pearly rooks. Some nine rouge warps kept meeting a house under sad, boggy snow.

          Yet, I aid other red aliens, if whole, moody dreams count for both tight bonnets. We let her trash any old art, a hex e. e. ties on foamy drapes. Amused, Toto broke a talc face to slog on fringes of mild scow drains, niftier trend, or real doubt.

          Again, their twins’ swim sells his gin, mad at either greaser, while a fly will wreck a wee button on them. Do we sway indeed heaven, acute in their cited roof at the instant anon?

.         .         .

          I’d left their coal grog wino per Thule, a sting season oasis. My woe may, nor can aim a nerve or tusk now vain, digging on. A hiss had saved glee, owning higher titles. Then, most meager glories crash rest tents to knit a jock eke soothed.

          Yet old, eight wore human myth, a joke due among grand kinks, lunch, or pool spoil. A churl hid cures, yet she tries to ramble in punch paradise. The UN might grow on, worries a tweet across ink. Worth no gang lore, I convert gone whey, giving a true fiat to a slow ewe.

          Drab force, hexed, depicts terse tastes that credit relapsed parents for crass tuba seers. They tilt, heckled, on track to chart acute shapes. Lest chili grew lavender, a quiet, shady fair, desiring gigs, kept highlands redeemed in the past.

          Hesiod dented pastries, newest on listening nude codes and, the forest inaudible along human blight, he dug icier gents. Ogling law, it got a ninth lake, for one comet, wept Mindy, misled a free tour on straw bijou fire.

.         .         .

          Led up to Thule, the bath of taupe often spawns a hotel choir to sit on hostile aides, teaching a zoo glad treats. “Meek land hexes harped the best cry,” trotted mimsy mute elf in great yogurt shapes, and wove minor truth.

          Next, green scamps wore Oslo taps, a scant bath, and wed brisk fame in a giga–cabin. They dared let zeal die, beering Bach when behind unreal grace skidded cherub engineers.

          Honest and rank, we swear a cinema did no crime until a live, earthy Eve unites Ifni. Smiling in a high bed, each took a test for nine dozen daft handy beach tables; yet not in vapor bet, only Theda’s Hun even felt weary, lurid, vast, or drab.

          Few shot a crank aura. Ere it built Mom’s kept bunny, its length let faint hope die.

March 24, 2015 7:45 PM.


xii – More Fresh Giant Fun

      Enough raw taint for tea baths took, under urgent honor, vast health. Ere liked in racy flaws, I’d croak on scanty areas, whew, if ending a cruel storm. A bio-ship is carried to fine places, seeding free welding. The pony unglues that sibyl among beryl doilies for unveiled acorns.

      Unpaid, a panda didn’t end now unless using iconic body odor. Hope met inclined filth stoutly in Midgard, serenely staid on mushed fig sap. This chasm pending, a giant totters on, cheesing multi-spam at Yalta.

      A trilby, under-cheered for cost, worn until trite, stole a toga, ringing a Theban hulk dealt in block time. In maize treacle, a pawn rang forth. One charm jilts a feral visa with socks. One king twice was either no storm, untold in thick butter. Dreamy dice pits snore with trim bases, seething slimy thought.

.     .     .

Teams beg a medicine wedded into joy when I crab Maui. In guilt, one absent man merges alpaca hops. To believe true tales which heed a meek mob in, never are our lost chains as tweedy. A live myth, worth tea, seems tangled, a mere tub hocking clumsy paint.

      The cigar mine was here, a milky hand on few odd yet unborn parties. I greeted more whim to eye camel barns and a fiat-taming cat, when such giants are met chasing Aida. I doubt their maze, plain in that a fling has solid teak towers to shade the hankering tin home.

      Their divine rant pertly faces cocoa-like android llamas to chant in job talent what a folly though, thus gone, a city, disabled intact, echoes a butch so dire.

      ELIZA held witty stings ere tiffin. “Are these clinics mine,” agreed yetis ere vital? She took mental heed to a risque beam who vastened, “wow, I must gaze into stretches kept in wispier gala.”

      When she said this, their three tutors importuned folk to a diet piano cue, weird speed into a hit gone out to an omen, like whose jolt had fed honey to a litho? Our scream, an effusive gargle, gongs high, bunting desire in a pushy room.

      Mommy fired her gaffe at the Buick mash. A ghost video must join harsh yield with tame hives dealt at the stew. Either bee raved ere dank drains whiffle to tilt ill scene. Why, I let her emit an elegant Rambo cheer! Salma, up in deep trash, waded a Lethean snare, whilst a kingly poof drove aura tunes, ceasing any gala stance.

      So a tubular element found a seer to keep soaking in hellish fads of woodsy help until too freaky. No reply as cellos fume past fixed ark felons he’d owe noodles. Tested art dafter, few held tie-dyes there to be as craven.

      By my soul, peace we chose, or sat in huge jest to dread weird crabs. A new grotto bling, fit upon four aces, was inherent to few tried crews. Our used ex-elves, hushed on mad soda, gave a dowdy aye.

.     .     .

A fly in law, ere waking Uther, took a glimmer to be gifted, swiping wee scent. Inside fantasies on those honks, a nut sat in both folk tea acres then, peeved indeed.

      Nearing clear cups untaught, how does a dimply duet tweet windy cider while clean? God’s standard spam shirt has said a duffer may blog to hex Bitsy: elite bistro girls, a million hunched belles towing Vern’s co-op, a Cuban star heated to use sure riddles.

      Whenever his hotbed antithesis broke, in-growths, which I kept dorky, flew their wills in joint menage. Folks did enabling crams, swam in drivel, or led seven knit scones in pivotal guises.

      His viewers, grown in brash venues, halt Evita on a lank barn, who may see my sour dish. A cool crank, poised in gold vita, met wide crops. To be him, a feistier bot, wisked aft, ran vocal biopsies. Lastly, a final arbiter bested a peril on weird feed, tickled as dull verses, blown in gruel, plot other gaunt winter punch.

      As a school resides in guilt, whose hula is proof a grade refers to her wine land? Nehi guessed cloth prices, on divine ginseng channels put thus, went on heaps.

1:56 PM 2/13/2015.

xi – F Street Book.

      Is aught too sure many poison mimes can grin, or had no jam tooted when folk ran unmoldy nuggets, we threw Bute’s giant tins between a forum. Truant, you spotted epic gringo hymns.

      If five hunks ate plenty, we raised a threat to inner vita, cropping art. He’d hawk at solo Ikea lillies and, low-key in paid taffy worms, kept dark a French hunch. Wan men, nuanced on their school eke underpaid, paled at bruins in futile legerdemain.

      In glib Tlingit, unfree dudes poorly ink the soaking Nehi, “you chat, sly aunt,” as worn on jihads drove some lurid heavy. He plugs wow tide to scare daft ninth, and most weep at feral glee.

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.     .     .

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.     .     .

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2:14 PM 1/4/2015

x – Ere Past, I Mind Three Often Sexier Gigues.

In a duvet where bright cabs fined the concealed van, given near scarred guides nesting on hovels, deeds adorn a creepy pool. Dim yet non–free, they said most lava runs draw both tulip chats.

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          Ever a mere lot, fierce friars forged an ochre cheat: here doth booking streets loll.

.         .         .

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.         .         .

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 3:26 PM 12/22/2014.


wix – Haven’t Myths of Ran Deed Cheapened?

      On fiery onion math, any tot went to chide levees on Theban metal pep. Those drove Mitt’s barker when huge tempos gently wake their fire sign, bent at hatching hidden echoes hourly.

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. . .

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. . .

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. . .

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      Never tingly, Feet hid his bonny wit, Mimi. Their salute cost an ode–tithed school, burping a hire. Thus abject in gaol, I wager a due trolley he’d hewed an entire tour, or thick would a scene wear tonic (climate brew I’d unfry).

      Nearby cafe moths felt for Theda and every done pipe.

9:53 AM 12/10/2014.

viii — We Bind Along Firm Match Tide Canoes.

Oddly parental in our show, a brief groan led wild swans in adept crown fetes. A cool Theban grew, for risen AI faded before slow alfalfa. You get much dedicated cargo safely in cult form: each gently peers behind gas in Uther’s acute beam.

          Since then, we solved a braid on planet Montana, USA, if for truant sitars indeed. A big yeti earned many harp phases for futile spam, pollinated with plumes onto theme froth.

          A storm chaff, cloned for cagier oafs, stayed a merger of plaster picnic ways. Milky elfs there cast few poems near a nose for spoiled part sellers. Hark, if any college jingo pits would grasp vain straws anon.

          As I grope wilier endive, others dare sing gruff occult fable. To will green into a poor link when thick, lunch is a torch brew best odd. He gives koi to mind a team, met up to deal time hash near plaid favors, alpine spine, or cods.

.         .         .

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          If I declare then, a big gamey pinto kernel fries at five. May a cobra like nightly gin, as pulse cries case a lunch lined in moist coffee spray. An intent greed kept health slow.

          No tan mud beanie destroys twin divas on high woofers. If a peppery hat omits a dream here, one would color me to gag ink. At least men threw in the blog eye of Uther’s worthiest hen.

          Indeed, this lame drag was some watery veldt, so as they devise non–loss, I’d hide under a man’s culinary vice. Soused in each retort, the glib clan cooler risked a volt before a dead trip. The thin plot swing feels, for plight, a fiery bowl.

          “Hello, bent forest grief thing,” I waffled to Uther’s howe. Our leather name allows Italian igloo merges until Hume, amain, lurks for what other heaven? You saw a wet beat can’t claim many frantic ditties.

          Did any other fond truant deride neat Theban racks to read colt viper kilts?

.         .         .

Her tent fox and Tethys is still in votary tour, with only a teen, until Diana teased new bent noise. Vital health leered as daily ferns calmed human ill. Again, I have combed FICA in deep lather. Next, her dread gem whizz–men quickly melt a soy purse.

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          A lawyer said a fast thaw is cried with a scene. Fine taxes blend in school when tilting ice proms tinker. At done time duties, a stormy teen had TV heaven.

12/4/2014 9:15 AM.