Tan Blotto Fence

forbidden cityi – That Dime Left Every Land Hope.

ii – Yo, Her Vamp Had Felt Entitled.

iii – Mutual Ho-ho Saves Ghost Filing Fret Hunter.

iv – Why Shun a Dotted Shrimp.

v – Tiamat in Hotel Vente Fa La La.

vi – Aha, Government Harangues Form Glyphs.

vii – My Hop Spent Burnt Moil.

viii – We Bind Along Firm Match Tide Canoes.

wix – Haven’t Myths of Ran Deed Cheapened?

x – Ere Past, I Mind Three Often Sexier Gigues.

xi – F Street Book.

xii – More Fresh Giant Fun.

xiii – Tilt to Hush Theme.

xiv – Maine’s Weekly Poet Diner.

xv – Unled Pony Met.

xvi – This Lotto Added One Huge Twist.

xvii – Other Than Heedless Waft Bade Adieu.

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