Table of Continents

Chapter I. Our Apt Cheer. 

Chapter II.  Re-Ornamentation.

Chapter III.  Non-Cathartic Traditional Monoliths.

Chapter IV.  If on the Ledge.

Chapter V.  Process and Reality.

Chapter VI.  Toward Tuffaceous Thickets.

Chapter VII.  A Resplendent Obscurity.

Chapter VIII.  Hosedown at the Edge of Time.

Chapter IX.  An Hardly Endemic Last Liaison with Posterity.

Chapter X.  Some Elves Find Serenity.

Chapter XI.  Too Well to Fly to Trebizond.

Chapter XII.  In Front of a Large Building.

Chapter XIII.  The Calliopes of the Actual Cottage Industry.

Chapter XIV.  Alpha Centauri’s Fitful Rays.

Chapter XV.  The Pines of Rome.

Chapter XVI.  Channels to Everywhere.

Chapter XVII.  Racing Thoughts of Sunset.