Table of Continuance

Chapter I. A Load of Sacred Crows.

Chapter II. A Dread Stunted Party Gown.

Chapter III. A Far Night Saloon at the Crop Circle.

Chapter IV. A Logical Explanation for Everything.

Chapter V. The Imitation of a Real Kitsch.

Chapter VI. Freed, We Turn In Orcas.

Chapter VII. Literary Encore Intruded into the Nerveless Salon.

Chapter VIII. Her Trite Tinsel Beaker.

Chapter IX. A Guaranteed Special on Fritters.

Chapter X. Things Entitle Gauze.

Chapter XI. Dangling the Gauntlet.

Chapter XII. Ivy’s Hot Jar.

Chapter XIII. Direct Shunts.

Chapter XIV. A Fancy Footrest Dynamo Thing.

Chapter XV. Lulu Took Like a Week to Empty Target.

Chapter XVI. Some Orange Gnats.

Chapter XVII. Shut Up and Drink Your Tranya.