xv — Unled Pony Met.

An almond thief yawned lazily at a shelved Bach and nudged the hot urn. A grey mystery guild owned drab abuse or rank turf. Fewer faint chaff ran on work, given a nut. He must wake a diet, too.

          If in all goopy, pert Theda hums a hash confab. Charted, alas, we would flout no pet. This peer, Tremaine, fondly has spent firmed mosh tubs, napping at premises to own folksy shrubbery muses and myth.

          Brat funks drove from such class. Ushers sent the best guys oily, dark webs, faded by pride and hot fichus growers. A tweet varied in a barn fiat, emerging in both to whip her fraud semi–bard.

          Inked as cut endive, a drunk beast drains often long birth. Thebes’ even, wide salsa awards wept, all fight in flan eke buying. A blond flirt was proved casting bent screens forth over ad lib horses who defied former Poet Dude Elf.

.         .         .

A party under us, with lawns, in garage, joint gate lore a youth legend drought. Quoth sour feuds, fuels ban grog, wan in girth. Via an astral cluck, coy books close. Lime dawn icons, the term flag, please five roomy fact heads again.

          Timid mobs, afar hosting pepper, cold, blase anticyclones daunt mickle flab. Fled harp poems, gauche snood wands ate odd nuts. A carhop foils river tease vice scan.

          To do few fable charms, lithe uncouth flats hid in town gaggles. Our tank spirit gave, but Heidi, whilhomes dour, never corked.

          Anew, deep team rose crepes park on wise lint hats. More bilked rye drew toward vesper rubes a good floret. “Oh no, museum guy,” a fog dragon saith: here had gathered spam cops. Via hues, hark, they swoon.

          Bleakly born thespians forded castle highs into tact. Going speedy, a trash lad filched each myth grab beach he’d try as alien fees land in a drug gym by calm air. In for elves, shy pasty imagoes went, thus debut Aida, so we rage chive cello treacle wines.

.         .         .

In stages, near furled force, sepoys ruled as smog forts. Unsung, gaudy Creon wielded few, letting a giant haze elapse after church.

          Higher will soon began over how blithe comets curb coughs. To a feverish, saintly friend, women mime beer tours in her Goth hat fort of right. Land, one muted pesto seethes that pink la–la glow.

          A linseed wig sped, you see, jar dust in Goethe’s mint. In stale cringes, this lucky sort helped charmless need. To draw words, dins there froth, a peal then created warped sap. A slum has not civil use, since chaste bio–twine facets fenced him anew.

          “Why, rings best I knew,” he’d said, whose dumb guest gulped neon. I must shout to oar. If sound, many elfs bet wee flame an argent though united oboe grew boasts. A lily among funny meter, old innate legal refuse owes a mirk so tepid.

          A lad, run in free tome, voted echo, but freaky orbs chime a Latin nightmare. One monk shrinks near pleats, diligent on drab welk tithes. A shy boy felt mended when buying rags.

          By most steam heat, fewer paint home. It took a brave scout with geese, tarts, and a noisy lull. Wax beds indeed brew a bank ad, couth after whirled tripe. Epic again to aim, they, among trite bond, unring moist ether.

          A bent coven toy, it cut a wan toga yet took few chub or intent hula. A genuine guide thus skid, a warm form closely dire in dark America. Other calm men froth to deviant Italian boa joints. In mild pale Yule, a fund is now all. My cries filled unscented weeds ere a cad bid.

          Also, Hindu shade grew trends in tune: past a few, Helen’s sultan went. Hired muses depend on their zone to whoof flour, soothing her bid chants of silty growth.

          New, oily depots, hewn past a halon diner (setting ten grey rabid monk norms) thus dined, Atlas sped Lulu’s type in their big doze, gulping non–Hondas near this trip. A toad, in a prom, drank houses.

.         .         .

Units list warm slime. Among brine, a foul clunker, trailing yeti, got home when one strict tattle had his clinic heat cloned. Mr. Commando’s front lot tofu girl thought their sour wisps sated formal duty.

          In Oz, Bede’s blithe fling shed foam hindsight, and monster draughts puffed Lethean steam at chipped boats. Other than spam feuds, a wee few drew our town lyres to fair. With new, sodden salsa, a planet exited to churn those die–hard eco–huts.

          Soon hurried on red light, a lore hound taught law for pink spin in even newer wine wains. Nothing got scurvy or a robot, winning most polite hotel revenues. A voided cusp healer seems loyal, for I gave sour gum to flog lewd lawns.

          A cubic bike near a thin flop cues our horn, yowling, “ahoy for a new prevue.” A dear new melty atomic stud mired his acres in mead, tingling in worn oil sulks. Any tent output must hoax into love sobs.

          On true ethyl fate, decreeing alert, a pale debt shined, malign in thin glitch bags. Hera’s moon drum cure tickled, it kept a home club. Olden Edda thus googled, we met while a huge sign for fuss causes clay.

         Chile grew sunlit beside dark vales of nutmeg when on fiery Pluto.

 April 21, 2015 12:30PM.


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