xii – More Fresh Giant Fun

      Enough raw taint for tea baths took, under urgent honor, vast health. Ere liked in racy flaws, I’d croak on scanty areas, whew, if ending a cruel storm. A bio-ship is carried to fine places, seeding free welding. The pony unglues that sibyl among beryl doilies for unveiled acorns.

      Unpaid, a panda didn’t end now unless using iconic body odor. Hope met inclined filth stoutly in Midgard, serenely staid on mushed fig sap. This chasm pending, a giant totters on, cheesing multi-spam at Yalta.

      A trilby, under-cheered for cost, worn until trite, stole a toga, ringing a Theban hulk dealt in block time. In maize treacle, a pawn rang forth. One charm jilts a feral visa with socks. One king twice was either no storm, untold in thick butter. Dreamy dice pits snore with trim bases, seething slimy thought.

.     .     .

Teams beg a medicine wedded into joy when I crab Maui. In guilt, one absent man merges alpaca hops. To believe true tales which heed a meek mob in, never are our lost chains as tweedy. A live myth, worth tea, seems tangled, a mere tub hocking clumsy paint.

      The cigar mine was here, a milky hand on few odd yet unborn parties. I greeted more whim to eye camel barns and a fiat-taming cat, when such giants are met chasing Aida. I doubt their maze, plain in that a fling has solid teak towers to shade the hankering tin home.

      Their divine rant pertly faces cocoa-like android llamas to chant in job talent what a folly though, thus gone, a city, disabled intact, echoes a butch so dire.

      ELIZA held witty stings ere tiffin. “Are these clinics mine,” agreed yetis ere vital? She took mental heed to a risque beam who vastened, “wow, I must gaze into stretches kept in wispier gala.”

      When she said this, their three tutors importuned folk to a diet piano cue, weird speed into a hit gone out to an omen, like whose jolt had fed honey to a litho? Our scream, an effusive gargle, gongs high, bunting desire in a pushy room.

      Mommy fired her gaffe at the Buick mash. A ghost video must join harsh yield with tame hives dealt at the stew. Either bee raved ere dank drains whiffle to tilt ill scene. Why, I let her emit an elegant Rambo cheer! Salma, up in deep trash, waded a Lethean snare, whilst a kingly poof drove aura tunes, ceasing any gala stance.

      So a tubular element found a seer to keep soaking in hellish fads of woodsy help until too freaky. No reply as cellos fume past fixed ark felons he’d owe noodles. Tested art dafter, few held tie-dyes there to be as craven.

      By my soul, peace we chose, or sat in huge jest to dread weird crabs. A new grotto bling, fit upon four aces, was inherent to few tried crews. Our used ex-elves, hushed on mad soda, gave a dowdy aye.

.     .     .

A fly in law, ere waking Uther, took a glimmer to be gifted, swiping wee scent. Inside fantasies on those honks, a nut sat in both folk tea acres then, peeved indeed.

      Nearing clear cups untaught, how does a dimply duet tweet windy cider while clean? God’s standard spam shirt has said a duffer may blog to hex Bitsy: elite bistro girls, a million hunched belles towing Vern’s co-op, a Cuban star heated to use sure riddles.

      Whenever his hotbed antithesis broke, in-growths, which I kept dorky, flew their wills in joint menage. Folks did enabling crams, swam in drivel, or led seven knit scones in pivotal guises.

      His viewers, grown in brash venues, halt Evita on a lank barn, who may see my sour dish. A cool crank, poised in gold vita, met wide crops. To be him, a feistier bot, wisked aft, ran vocal biopsies. Lastly, a final arbiter bested a peril on weird feed, tickled as dull verses, blown in gruel, plot other gaunt winter punch.

      As a school resides in guilt, whose hula is proof a grade refers to her wine land? Nehi guessed cloth prices, on divine ginseng channels put thus, went on heaps.

1:56 PM 2/13/2015.

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