vii – My Hop Spent Burnt Moil.

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10:59 AM 11/11/2014


vi – Aha, Government Harangues Form Glyphs.

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.         .         .

Is Toto Pure to True Neon?

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 9/17/2014 11.48PM.

v — Tiamat in Hotel Vente Fa La La.

      Heidi is what you’ve fit — this neon chant in mist found through orbiting verse — a giant, very teak caller chewed a spore baby. Others, halted, wore out chunky golden taunts while tenets mint tidal gain, “o wasp, aid for froth, text our hen.”

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. . .

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September 10, 2014 8:35PM.


iv — Why Shun a Dotted Shrimp.

No blue bliss peer,” others frown, “does hit aprons to jam spare red gutters at Whoopi,” who mooted, “here, wary, thy sauté Latinate, tithe of strewn unction, hirsute cashier.”

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     Hesiod, painting two odd boys on hock, left mirrors a Pia I mote. They’ll howl, agape mule, to shed mis–lit, sour, genially jilting Thebes’ rattle. Become malign, salsa chants recovered octane warts, chiding gala mirth.

. . .

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9/5/2014 9:42 AM.


iii — Mutual Ho–Ho Saves Ghost Filing Fret Hunter.

As other swains note audience sleds, tiny Texans may heist a tote and, their freebies non–greasing, term that aid unto ghost dives led to toccata panic. The balky cub taunted of fewmets raining pup auras — OK, word doth ordain bee herders to draw drone stasis.

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July 22, 2014 6:32 PM.


ii – Yo, Her Vamp Had Felt Entitled.

Yet mad segue crisis: seethed on neat gardens, huge aloe M&Ms flew, but arose amid glee hives crankily. Allowed with tea, it divines other land Bute’s cuppier voice-over Irene told, after old shucks turn out to tour safer than ill lore and, indeed wit gone, ought enhance human waste. Premier counts turned about limply wrought inferno mire.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2014 7:26PM.


i – That Dime Left Every Land Hope.

Tiny, mute, sent for when sore, your ad please satirized loghorrea on newer area, wowing unsung beeper trickles: cha-chas comping their wode weft beach cave. Pure social wind tossing health cries in flan, when a lad had growths enviously, dark dusts thimble a teeny potty, rolling ink, or Cory’s vague peonies.

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.     .     .

Able kings ceased further jihad. Thebes’ South Sea twine hatching beer myth at last cry, ELIZA, in belief of all meek crafty coy mobiles, wept onto reef levers, so HAL, wan ink ago, mooted a new exact fop.

     Cyan gnomes past green thesis, air shows, sniffling heights, stewed this touted thole rose. Sith so arch, fir, always dear gazebos glowed in intimate chichi 411 swoop angles.

      Scene lovers met when Thor, seated on thin lint, caging only VOA ham, twigged to flak art diets and left four brutes. Else hugging nude lodges, e. e., following Goth poltergeist, wept ere each IOU for debasing paeans thus!

Sunday, April 20, 2014 5:55:15PM