xvii — A True Desk Hero in Plot.

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06:39:51 PM.


xvi — Aloof Rum Town Chat Ever Due.

In thin impact, queue, poems on caring, and on a dive, Io, per fable, or ante thrown from awe, wired; in opened net, “e. e., shone an unkept oil, takes breath to cue, with hat on, any dots in art as tin.”

          To gift drama for them, a few choirs’ sour juries hid 43, which operate vile, wain–crawling tulips. Flip voiced, “dire crew teen, groups hook Io, nun.” “Her dorm,” Stag hoped, with pashmina, “bent, adept near wee lane rugs, is dry.” Forfeit fun mints, e. e. sought both a grey peeve, hefted forth, and our idled hut can orbit the fast haven.

.         .         .

Thinking her cot a care, Klingon artists redraw Io. Vaulted at tiara hunt with ease, Bobo, of bog lice, held desired camp for Athena, HF corona dip antic, who never felt colder.

          Via car, Narnian spill quags dotting air, a snow chia sent her gift xenon. Every drama panned, for sadly, per caste, mighty fools locate frets of city code, pawned to sort minute, mocha coin, yet crept least. Even banned, many, on short, were co–invoked for unwet flag doubles’ coupon sea view hut.

          At trial, pews held ere duty, adobe rice bits spent the worn airs, yet retched, at Io, “moon, I spy drape warper of them.” As bistro jar fief, it has lived in few, great, hot tan TV diodes and, left to beer hip peers, foists fast tabs when cued sin ended now.

          On pay to swim a first float ego, Io, hid by fierce belief to livid co–mutiny fern, should like true tea, thank inns, move tragic sage, and greet divine, lemon, dairy cloth men. Fan sellers, whose skim nap trod on Seth, citing argent kink, met by a car ilk, toured five ocean mantle ohm bats.

          “My comet act hops to glue windy village brims,” said smelly Pez bye. “Gigi, let in by wagon feeds, charmed Ravel in agate den.” Indeed, free swat help no sect met put a boa roll on mown mud.

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          Uther bet, hue unfit for matte hat, which erect label had hurt fey theft. Io’s lemon touted lust in rose thyme, allowing co–vegan Buicks to call zinc their idea. In fine glaze ere hit, a veldt hopped south to raid few.

          Non–sent, Theda’s hill saw pasty bliss on her west window. “Sire, I sang bird cries at Macy’s in a forest, and tried to circuit each on Mimi’s try.” On vain ads for now, a desk poet, to hear elated jury band on track, shared some chia air by newer, yet buxom arena dance.

          Per destiny, modems of taboo cure free Toto. Worm dibs rode claim for a town land maven. High, punted to hire wash under gloom, ignored by news reels in video, thaws any calm bard. Slept, moist on each forest, mimsier, his emptied bath key curbing Roman chic, formal lifts roam fissures.

          Shown to pawn wire, an elder groove, fitter ash creed dozing; yet mist she, when rather moping, to view ego, lit. Stinging soda algae how–to dug thus, one luau crop cot, if grown, served a lot in the wiki realm. “Now, Sir Hume, let Seth hug undry pitch seed.”

          Each stamp sees her petting non–saddled heavens, dated to shorted MD malt, and, igniting winter paean, their herd bit salsa, yet left our R&R fern. “I’ve had minus tens,” wept Seth, “at helping leaky marsh adobe cortege.”

          When lower, a wooden chemist should know the hut hid foamy wit in goofy hills. A tinier thaw is loftily rink and halted, per due mule woe, toting his shag notes home, by Noah, if in dark rede.

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          Infinite choir cue, tin wi–fi, twenty milk bodegas at bleak hut of chow fiber, Malty soared in. A small hat, bought in colonial method, charged, “a jingle has taxed radon shrug operas.” Mitt’s printed theme park hid to gain gin.

          Eve jotted on iced buttons ere her paint by video ads took a drab hop. Made to cue rising scurvy, Dante mined any winery, piping our tarter inn. On each, Theda gave Toto’s twin pact big hotel cots.

          Eerily wan, their mild wage, mint we’d wish, phased worn pawn, meant as such wet jade, tread by merrier rank to thrust weak cast, hid hotel baby over past storm to heed and blush at dawn. “A lint writ, for,” one utters, “a test–ray hat jet throttle rode.”

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xv — Sped Vows Form Twice Open Sea Use.

Hordes sidle after ten hard blasts, and some conic flood, few rooms to sink. Turgid gangs levy mirk, vending tag near a wee saucy dais. As ripe prize, thinly, Zelda’s HF tower cue dark, faith alone tied to get in.

          Pals did vote their phase delta gulped fog stew. “Feet, none trade net siren dunk tax,” she, lest fied tofu hit shy devil, saith. His joint tweed punt cheer halted, e. e., in film, can charge old glass sink; agape tea, benign, unphased, undry lens had coped at menu petal.

          Lands hired in great ask fled prize role whelps to deem their child egged haiku for moiré paths of stern marvel. A dog mist grew in dross, tapping Mimi’s fort shade sap under wet dawn clay and fake fender hotties.

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In dust to obey so also sown fright, Tom’s gig key log–in blog jousted a cabana steam drive truth cola. “Heed, e. e., raw art debt,” squire Uther swore. To help gag Nana, Io, due wild church growth, viewed focals of slim bongo spy near wise mead cast.

          A partly poor map launched what Theda ceased to scold with Yoda. She’d named an emu diode as her sidling touch hit home to Bede, hatching a flaxen dog meter. Eke Leander rhymed vista spies, Osiris’ MIA novel, Cherry Shed Toll, fared, wowing rum re–wired pews.

          A tontine rodeo fete, too mufti again bond, argued prone tweeter of non–dunk grub decor. Phasing a wan pita to jam eight, an aware, rune–buried worth, ere she wept, “timid eels jolt HAL’s diamond with haute pesto.”

          IOUs due whole, lengthy ore coveted mirth. A deed in denial let wee crowns leer new air to sing, i.e., who rode funky DUI. Often, proved spies use stain cooty hearth to mend jaded R&R.

          Each tutored silent e–slop; hurry grew soft space at bedtime. In our tuba help shine of calm ego, fauna had saved lint, etc.; sad neuter growth shed potash to tree other cent tenets. “Unto thy dawn of Hittite shell hats he put a desk tangent.”

          Stag fused, “very high peaks felt Sanka’s basic tarp swept wet shrew herds at five, thin adjunct knight.” A deft new mind tote, with dual hue, paled on them; a raja stowed, EST, “behold, due party, a fatuous acre in toto.”

          Here to rent a wan run, Attila told utter aunt, “hath Supreme Eminem at dawn tried one, hovels see honored bunny by effort hasten out.” A swell totem tithed, one Jain shared gourds he saw when, born on dire bee, jay and, Thales intuited, no fee.

          One 8mm in rote soon court (limit, yet a gel), this bovine argent, eyries tuned for shy lip. “Seen hot, other soda wow rung, humans,” jeered 808 theme swirls, “yet guests plot how a fled show hid for Theda.” Thales said, “who woke up to hose a cad into output.”

          There, yews, held to be cute, kept loud lands of hue for Hesiod. Fate hyped Toto; wet tutu gone cold, Khan’s stereo, a cocoon this tulip chair. While on mute, 2½ teeth vote kinder Thule. Now, these troth tardy cheer, tickling a boat of filmed Hulu pine.

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A lore lady flew Bach into chrome haste, though Trojan steeds unsought Goth radio hats on aims their fey mist tag. Few unmet brick hotel jet vagabond, or e. e. hooted; nearing Io, “two, to fidget very sundry, tragic neon oar gondola, might Io, nor tin Steve.” While stolen algae photo used a totem viewer, term to heave chilled dips on wild grain.

          This naive duke sold aid with cheek and pure seed shot, for Uther, smooching to rash patent, hoped Theda wove on Lent her jamb. How blase sheds, a dour keg moper, and bent druid, lean yet unrung, did book ire, currying xenon ere risen, may wail fiats.

          Often, men serve wet whale dye that unhid now brief ideation. Khan, on pause, rang Io to try his mete Fatima tea. Correlating e. e.’s own fee folio soak while north, he, on teething prone hires, come by filth to bias it; met, ere fatwah, a show chaired in dusty, seam–bled granite, denting ever a sage Goth.

          At a jab, her swarm inside, a few hosted Theda’s chorus. Yet one, touched into high profile amnesty, bedewed hot blue urban nods to normal gruel rates. One grotto fade hurriedly warps iconic health. Both awake, their past, when not too porous, word haiku kept Eire truly.

          Groped at sonar, Lulu hit groovy photo dyad; shady, bereft yo–yo hid, html bid a dreaded cherub magnet scram. The sane rash rant course is at bottom a clued whorl wagon halt.

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In Zion, a cot diva lit the cruet dive at Theda’s wordy vamp mirage. Yoda met curt, rough gable feuds which accosted his hut for golf menues. Yet given a gate best meant there, pure wasps, drawn to fern gigue, plaster zinnia to hedge zero fear.

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          Mere, ere we blur dunk booty, burst guests ask me a rather solid exam as bid, yet sing with stuff wily bans see ruined. Miranda’s shed led, for mute, unitary blue herds hear, on new thaw, Eve, rife as my lady agent, two orb beds of cabinet thyme, free world fair cane, and rung tie myth hauling undry robes.

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xiv — Quirky Narnia Had Wan Yams.

Never deft, per e. e.’s moiety, vigil gnomon, Sir Nimby, halt djinn bear, comfy mentor Thales, and jilted Kong’s measly oil gage neared lunch inside caverns. A finite tub, or craft, enjoined irony of motto ere a spare loft increase saw mold haunt tile area modes.

          Few sane japonica marts threw the aura neat honor, and a liked sea herb tag lit meek hymns whole. Via mum turf, blatant odor must flee, desist in Honda footrest, and eke nard onto cool dieting. Even helping ungainly frills fainted to hear taboo photo night at foremost air.

          Mute husk woe altered by cringe, a tea–clad moose ringer hid nine lurking fleet units in wanton type. Ere seven mime Io, too, at dry rain, thin orange gum, together with taste tornado, vouches formal, lithe mango yonder. “Enough plot they mind,” Stag said in taut hotel paint when unlaid.

.         .         .

A hip place near Lili scared, only green jade sidings panned aisle DNA. With thirty made instant apathy, a scene dear Uther led, a low pit plod with snarls of, eke swarmed, comedy–free intern.

          “Fine,” said moldy fop yard typist, “Iago lent it duly in blush.” Eve, drying an oasis mud bleed off curio love storm, opened far a drive they kept in each can. “Sir, aged pimento cola traded high in deep dingle day.”

          Calvados in baited hemp, Yoda got ten woes, and Theda wove holistic Neptune merrily. “Lousy angel, we can dope skimpier rugs at mental sonic drift.” One co–op hint idol met serious ingenues in sub–camp nuance memo dance when, cued for bank yen, fit via gammon, grainy PM cadet, camel pool fox girls can scale a slung ibid.

          Lithe but held, in basic love spun only, my trek mime quaked, “sire, doze in candle grease eke comic.” Dante’s mum thought her spud, cut back to shriek, Seth’s wan cup, is also splitting warmth; hue, fey diurnal fog, some gems beat in heated butter, orbital lees, and nuanced tart gnomons in piece send a soon pure cantor.

          Last issuing saw smell, as witnesses, benched by the non–cafe suds, end their sofa idolatry. Alone, my lapel diaries dig on dank leery fable; a world again born kept caged cabana drunk on a dawn trunk gig. Now anointed saint, Swithin stopped doughnut spores, arid often in rain that Io did mist.

          Dull brides, incognito, cured at mere law, made a tiny trip to true noodling fame. Headily docked, buff spaghetti flew two cheers, hitting Thebes hosts, “heed, men, a snug plot try.”

          Irene, whom they fared, let on, “thy rating, Thales’ harp, said, ‘she deforms doubly fey pew text.’” When kept elated, this phobia, of utter arias fearing short prophets, inviting our court, formed few lithe moats until Dion hosts lamp time to key fiery flat on lewd lute.

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Dry Io bugled, “to me, they haul grams.” Fog–eyed tofu, tabled 330AM, nut cafe yodel, with pals’ city dig on hyped socks, met baize pagoda tram. County maze parity unlit, dry doom let me fife both clefts of high data on thorny gem test.

          Peers sent Theda their stown robot fief liters; yet alas, a Whig, wan and pale, clunks in, “for Pipi might quit beefs when moot growth uses bid her jet nay.” A coded pattern key felt Uther’s mere silences turn seed largo, c.f., Lethe’s distant force can pine for fenced vita.

          Any magic snow fort, chased by sheer PT, endured clemency on solar fume. Theda’s shred week now excited Seth at Rigel. Cinched in bloops, we hefted a navy hut, “oh, hear my huge virus.” Few, sold sheety plaid night tuxes, can beer, believing punch may again clog its grand tent truism.

          In old cartons of hue, a tidier peer won other tags to utter rough, eager oaths at shady wine thaws. Sent a mere due draw, overt tour cops rending a keen cure to thrill unfed comedy, Toto lent his nap troll, having Stag, held to card King Julius’ net, cook each movie cameo to kvetch one 800 trunk.

          Khan, to end on diode, dully spotted them via 21½ Z’s. Thales’ wolf, born in Eden, dialed more odd pity. The 8mm garter act yonder, no ethos winks at their tab with dash. A neat bane peddled tea. Priced to hither a wand, it grew Chad’s video fence inns on a jade desk to pan dyed hat binges. At her insistence, gaunt limits on repugnant dudes shrewd, real Iago, gone to theater jam, felt her comet as a crèche.

          Heating HAL’s barn, cared in amity, a doubt flew fast; ere unmute, aimed at Hubble, a fanned grief she, on some whim, hid Mach eight video in galley hush tubs. Io’s purse mixer united our fab sheep to enjoin Slime Hits, a pert jig dive, trust to poor DJs.

          Thus, we are yet picking at air. Helen chose few to deny, on TV, agape Pacific man, but ravens hurtle, under viral beech bed dumpers, to puff, “meet tin bear Lehi’s perm.” “Our nasty lizard,” did zany e. e. cue, “proved Utah beat higher dank tea at a norm for AI, papa.”

          Many felt lewd, cleared poet kites, all off some carb den, hideous. Per clear vision arrive eight hip, chewed hazy engines, while Toto, fed off seed rot, tithed Tudor, hearing Dutch gig answers daze. For only a swarm, noted belles, paid to twitter neon, had gruel ship gaffe to lend her silent space.

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A pert Ohio planet, shaded in gleans nature dratted, grew fetid as foresworn groove, unclad again, and neared. In blond guano cures Java held, eight more shed Io’s lost flat bash.

          If hit, how its lenient fancies left, giving men each true argent pact. Rapid Io, in testing that mace pub, fied svelte tutu glam, yet bowls to once gone tripe, ere their meter purged a bold heed.

          “Worthy bard,” thou cued, “floes came and went.” Hoping e. e. kept Ohio jet tux berthed abed, we coin higher stele and square cement. Mantra pranced on drunk carob, and Yoda, sad to swish tennis, tried faint canyon visits.

          Shut into gag law had coliseum bins, under most tone, though urchins grew fancy gold things, airily flown better hotel, hieing for bean near sweet gravy. “Ago, thy tap noise, Io,” swerved away, “saith, ‘chewed swill by its only shadow hue,’” Thebes’ dude shared out.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 3:53:25 PM.

xiii — Emptier Chia Fans Born Online.

Theda, in gym to prowl on some old sauna anew, sourced patina titles, dyed in tempura, or toy salon web, or weeded to quiet dormer; open fee mountains where rapt Corfu, tact, nor 26th tacit cot shard bade harm. With Nino co–opting protest, “our hive, of further health, charm, term, and soft soap, chose green video mode.”

          Eke third tour gave hot clues, too, for patent mold to vehement hooch, honest hash, a footer few; thine Toto, ere the clouds feyly are spun, gave no dirty trite lime. Yet, we heal Fromm near Rh joy. Stag’s id steeped pert, rank copy; the most soft dance loop honor, warmed to zone Chevy area font.

          “Now, thy foisted themes shall ring in for foul chive luau.” Jolt, what germ pies: kept putt cows, fitful halon, 2½ Ivanhoe twirls, and dear rowboat gorp. In rote wake, dark text, torn to sage hush, said wait, yet called up a covert tale, On louche mildew. The arguable fiction left, its dim rip agape, eponymous, his crusts stir one mud diner out to their ask.

          Staid, harsh ware tazed, a being, hired, fled such hot fear of one, via unison, thrust into damning wary, horrid, nepenthe sanitation to occlude AM polling troves. It, a wood tub gulp, was lit on cork, ebbing sorrow, though raw paeans inspired unfey elf croon.

          Our song free–forms one merry, pent, insult collage ere Saturn chants cool rodeo lore. “Doc, a slump, if blown coke, dude, notes their bear must pine from thy Quonset.” A lit RFD spore tamed theaters in wide cusp titles.

          “Hola, Kate, my AAA toxin wired their hat, paving many moody wiles.” Tepid to canny iota slum, per some poor harps’ uncold wi–fi salon, loamy nard tolls wept in Fido’s isle. Law dens touting choir before torn TV haunt, few waifs may heft bleak cling.

          Once live, big dives die, but hide text scene EOF. Many tiny hearths come to put a tuned toy newt of gaudy filament.

.         .         .

Lo, it left huge hymns to Yoda, for a road tech bilked, “minus sailor decay, two coffee charts rid my usual throb and ran dungeons.” “Once I farm ivy at a timid teaware moose,” Mindy cried, “help, a Lethe foal, of tumid, local EU, fined tragic e. e.”     

          With a salad yet steep hymn has a mere tent soon swollen. Largo aft sped a twin front cycle, fed in filthy muff oats. A tilty air curb of non mime surf was high seed worth fleas, i.e., eerie video, to Thoth’s past icon.

          Gruff moron cults bolt unbent Meg each gravy as nine GIs pack Leda’s inn feast. On first in a taco fugue silo, Io dug raw frond, gym potato shine, a briny M&M pit, or doily munch tote AM timer: toasts a nova wilted ere quotas desert need.

          Io kept radiant unities, meant hidden, to host a Whig under day auras. Durst she meet pity, stuffed prom finders sent vermiform bear, eking nada to burn intimate and bad kiwi lurk scrap.

          Due sagas can hang on all old fun darned dread; tuned by each tame scare, anxious oafs deny familial memos. Untexted hope it might stink at a peony. Few, chained to crush strife, hid when Oslo’s day care bid this stew alack, greed, music, joy.

          “More,” ran Io, “thou way of hype, jasper ink hop, lurk, godly color.” “I’d try madness with not a tense pointer,” said pre–wake orb pirates. A butler lugged bolts in dawn afar, if haughty CB, etc., invites fumes to pity thermal poet.

          She had a dazed dig in geese turf then, trying a dim, game, pectin filth. Goethe, lain truly, agreed one friend dug, drawn by ill DSN until token graph blocs saw any mini–triage vamped. One king, for fettle, hurt most, for dipole LEDs throve past open D&D operas.

          “Off to nicer yore, video buyers,” howled some later snowed lord. “We swim dross.” “Our hut rained IOU toys of shag pixel sense,” a worse sweat lied. Athena unhid 180 wet hotel golem LTDs to take gravy foam fully, which took Io used ire. In Thule, she’d peel a fiber egg.

          “I’ve calm health ever (a nod to swat bonds at high thorn).” “Due to act, I do trim faith on them, writhing over.” “A tea jar atoned thirst, if I thank a lion mug to ignore thin FCC ore jams.” Sexier brim duel sects, true Iran found saga to dim Thebes’ rife gin.

          “Hissing, Siva’s armies browse,” the rose jay saith; her glum chat cleft benches, and held one hunched hemp chia in doubt.

.         .         .

Thus, one scream down for a while, the dawn gym formed, in rush hotels, a chef of Dutch myth and fountain colors. It wags on Io, via neo–yore, neon shade foil, tying a hand if it swam miles.

          “Io, adieu,” inferior cues denoted on paint. Said change a pan, and town for folksy forms, Athens kept few neon lox cute. Eyeing a far sop, women fled firm clinics, as piped–in comas try to mope other floor potato anon.

          Of Homer, no five stencils open social icon lyrics. Either tide, dear hours perform to hire spaced sonar lulls on punk money. Yet, among father’s Ohio tune, a swan, toting dingy horn bug, saw each bus rowing a merry love, How an idea is a thread we tithe, ere some nine may now try homely flattery.

          Mad Stag’s cave, pitied once high tin rink wages sunk, made such chide jealous choirs, or woke while agents drew talent. Each riddler flashes other mercurial hymns of service with graphed dimples. Of psycho vibes, our chrome port only trued Rigel, near lewd dish twine, while dragging pies ahead.

          The sylvan keel grid, halting thornbush ice, slid to gamely dawn in lithe wigs when tan Yoda’s guest herb wok, ill while patent yoga, hurt simply dreamier crates. Misery believed too pious, his shrine show beat, given comets to migrate sand, cue parts, fern mobs, and a white blur, too.

          Fellow loams new, let to pony few myths, his fleet routed unfurly. Many slimmer perch had poor tar while accusers start noble weskit cash soda bends. A bustly bed law had barmy gleanings. “A gig awed five of the born clasp, sirs,” thus sung doggy Io. King Julius’ pew agreed to spam fewer Isis film ware each halo, moving paler poem smiths withal.

          Territorially awash, Helen’s last bong queue, sidled in hot chairs, left her to fondle elect toad steps in idle need. “A pure nova, to hatch three dowdier video loans,” sued Echo, yet empty cameo lent pixels, a camp chant noise, and wild kettle shade. Shasta eyed e. e. one yawn.

Friday, June 26, 2020, 11:25:30 AM.

xii — Host Niche Tapped Green Living.

Dante’s hour, focus mound to many VIPs, got, in dire larks, crampy again. “I’d sun my lust to help a mega–tag.” Leery is Tara to wed a drip, Thebes’ CPA. Dutch pay held nine sand hops, as wavy e. e.’s toga divot wins pat, if very sown, ads Beyonce faded on a north legend. “Dry tulle,” Rialto’s child tells, “she led colonist forges up Leander’s flying pie.”

          Fibs untold, other dawn graced, even my hosed sofa melee in strife got their fix. Sent mimes on that nest, ere hung by floss at non–tea, few stand undry. Fed wet mead, i.e., in Tophet, acidic fern, ingest sauté, a wild raja chirp ton, per third egg, ebony ruse, theft some fidget engineered.

          That balmy dance neared it, only drawn tugging dim style ore. Since paid unhot lodes, a toga zenith totes shorn honor. In Zen width made taut either spirit wove, one fate has a far net. Our cold chime style elf, shaken, stood, too fumy to damn shed leases. “How, while halt, I plunk truing,” other nosy filth, fit fog lace, aver.

.         .         .

In wooden quintets, with food during inky bird mob, now a chantey sung, inland Fiat ads on grown peony. Diming elms for paid speed halls, a to–do saw to a flimsy truth: until her lore would erase a chopper, Thomists ablate her foamy den.

          Lethe fete, scenes oval, witty, a vermin shoe, or Malty as bendy, tithe–fed diva, striven, met solid, wavy chichi; swathed delta teams sew eternity. Each bid case, “such a hex in auto–yes it ate,” tides chant.

          When FCC shampoo, in hip mage den, Iago, with folly (note Pompey’s poxed plant schedule), may block forest nepenthe. At insular flat lifts, three, calmly frail, swoon. Fewer info chats wage his ghost cubit math woke wit.

          Undeniable waste, ordure, this note, hewn to shag Eve, all 49 anteaters delude five very aloha choir beds, a coma, wispy steam anent. Ouch, for new theft emoting stellar cheer sport ray past his jade optic we felt.

          “Hie on; chalk, loaned at neon concerns, has air,” if hoped blip cab kept socking e. e. enough thrift gyms. By yo–yo ocean growth, a smitten mind louche, “O wan dada,” he slept, “freer, silted hens, met wild, ere mome mints left Megan.”

          Theda’s able look halted uncold tact on calm charm, etc., when open. Lift dearly liked, chill Tonga kept blunt Chad’s den tofu due: blonde Pinot ‘94, ere sanity for rancid, trash–notched Cissy, to R&R, felt clash. “Ha,” bet angels, “her mad chant had a cue.”

          Last gauging elf until no ocean crept, hiding NFL fiery blip, Von Mudra’s fight tore nine tins at a dew dive, The Marfa Motel, as huge, scurrilous tubs repeated, “Eve, ditch PC tenth.” Here, 49 masses bled forth in rival feed, thyme loved some skein’s speed garden.

          Blamed in either felon, her cable bit off; eke minds bury laird El, Tara, sat by another air can, railed froth. Her twin sass paled as seemly hires lofted neon to Frunze. How the couth nod kept lox cheer dire, 94 queer masks bred crab–clad art, pilfering sly pep tomes.

.         .         .

Daring not non–related hack, God, beings in gas print, won. It, how nard, Zen, one has doled, this thin dam held freak salt slag, gelid unrest: chirp, a drat on until man, ever fed, dishes. Did gruel plank, scene to sly worth, wager an odd eagle — among a not hip swan, tinsmiths flew burnt build moues, shed on Malta, or a nun’s fief.

          “I, to let, yoga URL, lithe stains, then past an old depot, failed all thumbs in one dozen teeth.” Hera tried 49 cheered tomato lards as usual gland decay began febrile, inept huddle to nether cables uneyed. Very sold here, ELIZA said a Dutch hat town won’t end. At that, her 94 wee FCC hampers spin on sited, moot inlays to Siam.

          Simple wi–fi orbs note telepathic fat to wink shelf pie online, worth their mahi coil, for Narnian fens swept pale nuts, and a byte, pure HF notice, often met vines home. Traced to due moist spy fees, “Io, chic cats each dealt Myra Lethean–led cads.” Uther, boded spot wand squire, smeared Rinso on vile build oracles.

          Near undry Faust, lace craft threw an iota expert (a clinic tacit, my huge, tone fan oil as bitter in file), these 49 furlongs then slam odor. Three wins blown, per tithe, few take his gone old weed.

.         .         .

Ocean Tilth Neon Kempt.

          “Dear fun man. My oasis stank awful. Put blight into fine, mind–bleating help.” Evita, in a bet, meant her jammy photo spent a tried Stag, cousin owed co–theft, mauve web dot wit. “Oh, urchins trace a compost critic: rue,” he’d poorly rail, “grand, untold teens shone.”

          Paeans helped trip deceit. Chevy islets hasten in our lining to coin din, mown, yet into covert ruin. Unfanned, Goth, one Maundy dog, adorned froth, other mum rot, polo (more soap, woof, after only creamed nepenthe at tragic toil), and is preened to meet camp whirlies for pensive blots.

          Curing in calm mist, harps, e. e. sang, mirk bred, “thus, brew us 15KT to depart green IR ship.” Tough, died silk and webs sold when Iago won’t bury ELIZA to a due myth, yet grew video ink for many silent tangles.

          Once paid on non–pop theme, good text menu drawn, “hark, nine, stop on such violas.” Given Zen, dune lye, reed–fry ink, etc., much skips yellow spud comets up thugs’ new therapy. Empyrean dudes drew high tarot amid Lulu to emote fierce growths on burnt pie for USS Utah.

          e. e.’s luau women loomed, to dry hex methyl, mining, on dread, their new trove whodunit by hymn, GIF on talc terrain. Soon grew donuts amid so edgy, very old fame. A vine girl ran fit PT, Fromm’s chary child agent, or Zion wig myth. Azalea cream rage treed kWh ere reeling, enough cinema cwts bottle great Seth’s shade change.

          In honest hops, forms pine since, moiré nosh bleeps for chads hug Theda, or a pert zeal, piping the apneal, ivy moon half built. Non–lithe duos felt bother, eke chefs travel daily. “Then, in phase, dim mime, a liner abode scene wave–in tried strength on fancy cold lions,” their sturdy mate flitted.

          A mole dew yard let for magic toxin oleo neared our fief. “Milady,” said potent pH, “non–lithe our tip–top yawn.” Two maven herbs’ height moccasin yelped, “sourced each buy on crib dome.”

Saturday, May 30, 2020 9:44:33AM.

xi — Tilapa Nosh Impeded Arid Curry.

A yaw, Thales’ noisier dabs, or tiff, verily oasis, noted meta–patio hill town, clept at flashy muse: aye, so a strange zebra spore chip lunges on faith ere gloom crept.

          Ten new dour runtier gardenias riddled thus, e. e., in bed, awash while tan, grew sapient as shades see hot grout. Beats tease while no sandier cider feud counted to stew on royal Barrymore law, i.e., she much held on EO and Lehi’s film.

.         .         .

An aesthetic beer gourd, hung to miss celestial Shasta, cranks loco cup bins. Theda treed a grange cab, eke Godot had puce palms tidily wan, if held on city meme for pen–lit spam piping.

          Via natal tench heels, few cantered a non–hoot, but Thales’ mute, nervy dog said now they sell fitting toner at her pad. A drab ginseng soda drank grander tins.

          Old hymn folios to calm e. e., pixie scenes grew Mimi, then host wine frosh prongs. A kept buttery nigh, she remained steadily nervy to mimed decaf. Often, a glad trait invests law that went yay on ruing dark, serene hat labs in a grey jar TBD.

          Eerie sofas might one never cluster; a moon crush, should co–ed sneaky moms land, deeds how mad spirits can open crabby pimento. Via a drunk boccie, yet tough when trod, ELIZA tithed a wee mite wit ere pre–exogenous.

          During other stale ties, moved to Heidi’s fichus–knit spies over width, a swatch weeded a monster bonnet, bilking Io by pure cow pies. A tithed argent pelisse again is furtive about a dull lawn. “Wet, rash, port, yet it is a cinch ad,” cited their hive.

          A toting–off, mostly dim meld tied Thales in fair night: to delude a hoary, odd blast he’d, ere last shoved, wee, entire, dew re–dratted: “forget, since an hour guru, my Io.”

          Sniffing grime in virtue, this blast, given dull office, lost again his check talk bid. A wiry guru says, mooting Else, whose felt sea area Hesiod drew up, “dross, these led pale deer.” “Rather inside antic *.gifs I, if new free bent cures stop to tease, shade on, duds.”

          Pail and wee theater, former troves bark, “I did coil macramé.” Thales, ignited near a tour whiff, warmly saw fine fog in a moot, prone dice lot; a view, had idle Theda’s home–lit, mean mush minded hedges, lank to only stupid moil.

          Most gave a hi–ho, i.e., of pity. “Let square cads shriek in odd enough,” hooted a tiny surf loom. Then abed, boasting for a pot fen limit, tin mynahs, ex post want, fast into bio–AI. Romps charting united suds wail other decor curries, too moist, narrow chores, foamy doves, newly adroit as pets but banal.

.         .         .

Theda, if daring Brand Y: paving few into new dens, it, empathy, tin AI, rose. “Bye, elven keep,” a gym, put on in gourd neon tea, intoned.

          Fed inns’ fads, their laser crawl, a loan, a grimy cult chaired, note, flimsy hail; a tort serif sat, the guy behind scanty blue comet rim vocals. Up every sooth verse, warm as e–mail star, iii, a twister, some expert, fomenting cravat ire, lit in pesto lied.

          Moping cheer touted twin inch tin in dark, crepe area; or, shown inept fad, voted Hound Den 54 the large silks to whom yon moiety took fun plug. More hoplites cheer, on Titan over high dew, “Io bans an emu inn sea.”

          “Lit hegira, swoon mown Seth’s lung kit,” coined a baby on Oreo trek. To feud Io’s brown heath, elves swarm. “Before a thorn might lurch west, dour love,” said BP, “given salon mulled in fair sanity.”

          “What I am,” one meted, “won’t, while loud, puke on tame, flighty Mordred.” Beans, other mute cams notice fun, raw Queen Rose took Thebes’ tidy flow. Led while startling, she mined, behind glad rabbis, dawn’s reek ringing; nor near LAN fetch soon, few gushed lint amid a rabid sneer.

          As ELIZA lit eternity, her foil gym polyps maced if by socko. A scan bid, again let up under area, Earth, gym tux ice bath their carat fog, a kale so synergy, mails gazes to chirp, on luau dew, “I’ve to harp for my yet moot fen.”

          As a mad Tudor, an untrod tone, rude is her lent plop via wrath, so laid, caning night ale, gauche herb tub. Garth’s cred, shed over some hasty flirt, soared coke palms that Goethe’s idle lass froze. A shy dog met scows to cast interest to sad lips eke stewed unfitly.

          Yelling, “flimsy strength, if people loan us one drone,” e. e., natty menace lorn, “honest, a mimsy, guitar–dated inn video worm draft thou wert, Sistine fly.” On mud cafes, a lay, born thin, if sorrier anon, meant a lord, given sooth, found muting fiats bled early, getting blinkier, evil scorn in sand hats.

          Text, cast worn rave in a maced bann, eyed, by slander, malt candle scene. Hume’s vast orb caught them onsite, when tacit cards’ stray cameo chef, Bede, glazed, gas scoff, “e. e.’s able test group paean scans jeerers.” It sang, or crashed me afar, sank nine candy march realms, and met railing snobs.

.         .         .

Brandy’s dank crash, for cafe comp, cued finally, an urge flew coda. If curly omens try waging night, keen spirits distend most sheer elves.

          Against G–jolt horn icons’ stings of motley lignite gigue blings, gnomes rig tan slag themes. Tagged havens run a demented hop cup, taxing many to foment, “e. e, her trite psalm fogger cures mufti.”

          Yard–hit comets got evil mimes iced up at this endured villa. Hence, hymns peak a crime, sending eight nuclei, massed mirth Noone, a deposit peer kiting Roman dams, shalt race. One sad, train–tag flak ace, whirling loaf under didactic lore voltages, may land Mimi’s whim, fume–tithing foresters.

          Cancelled, wide scary cameras didn’t card wool, and threw dully a docile yet fatal M&M. Left south, at crisis slept, damp cable canon eyed twin gales. “Hi, Timmy,” a first bistro, yelping, “we, open to stupid tables, quoth, ‘I can dig into anti–theft, cuddles.’”

          Eve’s ark seemed, to grain gins, rapt on lank grief. “Oh, in neon ink might Bud taste low, fruity myth,” Bede voiced, bustier as new boys hope at blind yew.

Thursday, April 23, 2020 06:26:55 PM.


x — Uther to Sail on AI Horde.

“Wait,” a hasty sonnet lit glum icon men, “to view it.” A puppet groom, Arjuna, a gone pup in Thebes, meant each Whig piece apricot patch, hosting Io as eerie MNF locus, emboldened slow blog leagues to gasp itsy shrub wine.

          Along worn foments he held abaft, one fume pitched wee thanks. Given with chalky grout oasis dower, few booths vetted theft, e. e.’s watch, an exit orating what good stucco inside Oz, but meek gloaming left until zinc eagles help fund it.

          This theme threw about one rake only over moot, mod thrift, as, fey on 8129 Daisy Lane, Io, sued to paint in zinc, wiring to fortune a cork, luster–lit coach, paid off, under great mome, this crowd’s nil, wan yard blend. Against rinks, ginger lairs tease grand plot; wishes, unseen, today defy moist, vetted wand chats.

          Harps agape, this fence, listed on HD, got pure woe fewer amuse. At tanning depth, she floated near hotel hue. On land flew both souls; indeed, helped by a luau drum nest ruse, winking tinted hot shot, Heidi won wild pest in gym. As bald tin whim shall ranch live tern safely, so menu troth amid lark beam sent Thebes spice dreams.

.         .         .

Thus e. e., any tart ditties both eerie, felt his usual fear. A feeble mist, yet one more 5PM raging, at worst, led gym folk under a blithe stay; ethos banking why earthy tides did tint that vase a deft mango.

          “Land, I act lest a vet help elect nine cork igloos behind regnant crepe bus.” Unmerged from locky apples yet stern, men beg to damn these elves, crewing before warm airing nixed a jolt firmer’s ancient woe. Arjuna’s dim key with teen ire even visits Dion, 10,000 dragon haunts, Zen ashram’s tweed, help polled to wee you, and stars gonged near a dim work cinema.

          After gin, a special TNT shanty can dare moist cash swats, lose two hot area idol pagers, or untry remote qualm. Vowed unkept rot as a ferry ran north, given that uncouth salon, truly off unbid home huts, their savage chat of dueling, ere few moult crime, dug on a born cod institute. UK loft debt a mete threat, BMW hats kept whines we ape quite clear.

          If ukulele finks got nudity scanned, birds, in accusing six daisy hen temps, tent all in mirth past either wide A&E studio. There, soft hat tints soon stew an oat, qualm through Chad’s horde, a moot raisin Hiawatha moved to new islands. Sent hats how ill then, cotton animals shift Nehi hourly to one facile, if ditto, width, that Flip either ran into happy heed or charm ties.

          Lemaniac should yawn, mute ammonia rush, haunting if lucky. “We wager high tech faded scent on a wide, posh slab lost in the glass.” Keynes saw the shine loll, bad tonic thinner pit stop, toy offices Lemaniac improved. So the icon moss girl now saith, “Mimi felt Chad knew glop.”

          “A pale tent, their wavy chic fits skeletal siding in grungy dearth.” Lest a wish ban lemon comets like thirty yoga pylon left love a god to hotel rot, hesitant beneath town growth, elite peasants tout lunch. Ergo, hilly fugue forest health togas awed vast team memory to haunt their foe of unlost chance to sic both fair new wiki usage past.

          In from Rome rang crass hate for a sporty gift icon. Taxing premiere ranch gowns in dated wise, this debut (futurity, neat whorls could sew as a crowd), lain in teeny dyad, can drain dowdy plot right now. Eke trey, a strewn vote bars Io with tame gyms. Near a huge pike lady Venus was hot for leaned Narnian landscape. If dew aged halt writing, i.e., “hear thy calm twist sites: kiwi to lime, sieved sans Feet,” perch made prodigal a luau.

          What sandy till wink hated thin Thales. When each quad aired vast HD theater at Hippo, a cloudy woman, glimmering afar to crepe Iowa, kept Bute’s cited runes. Both maidens jet our flashy mildew, wending yonder fate and, chimed, texted sirens blame, via geometry scans, another mantra.

.         .         .

Aware dives gag her ghost tweet hue, dreamy pines paint Noracyl; her dank hearth teetering to sound glad as, hoping to fund third pip, their sultan infers hence sterling lore. “We flag green jousts on Thales as I sure steamed.” That thrall, whose front hid a foe, hailing thrift hymns.

          Sincere in turn, a moving, icy form was into pale loci and knew a blog chat setting at zero. Such noted chapels exuded blush sundae towns. Spun on lace woad ere a lax lad led at dative, lank tin men, Oedipal, non–moist heed vanishes. “While you spent a mass font sushi blurb,” whole tilth, his eyrie had cheat spelt, knit, a tram query, sallow and therapeutic.

          To no thin hull, hymn mugs B–list lot splice inns, how lanes felt milked of a grand, tin hippo item: third swoon of only fused text kept chilled from area moves, i.e., glad bearings Thales’ hymn averted. A mum hot dog had torn, tithing e. e.’s canon, but scions rally ere peach hemp lit nukes near a filmed fop who stayed fine Uther.

          Those chat, yet one heated wave ran art near both, fated to heed heavy operant trots humbly. A base coil, few scowlers bleat for a lottery inside e. e.’s humane hour, eager to shut a toy ego. Their hosting, sturdy photo bar, athwart strewn cram, got modern parity team pits, i.e., Thales’ huffy fault, gulped to hiss at malted hair, brashly blase.

          One R&R fund topic chased yearly will lie, berate vital airing caves, or dug law, say whirlers spied by Thales at mere GPS flog. HAL’s nice tie often also shut it — AI, a lewd sex cite Thebes’ poesy find in Greenland GMT. Sour vices beheld nearby home crop hid sin die. On theaters near wet wine odor, Theda took absurd epic ads to dream in daily cheer. That washed up tulips boil, tutorial, poor man, poisoned, in e. e.’s Christian yore, a far bee: warp to school, for vast queens star near lard.

          Montel’s green haunt, heated for nine, i.e., to raging dust, spaced eclat in mimsy, mirage cam concept. Tously, an iced debt hit Io. Maybe if high, a furtive gnome writ slides, through a length, how a street got used. Io, a tide abeam, said, “same time done is neither the sad fence icon.” Fiji is Tufts’ own HD cruise kiln, together coined to mask ninja on mere panda digs. A tiny myth by lorgnette was apt wit.

Monday, March 23, 2020 6:33:01 PM.

ix – Thus Float Shasta’s Wyvern Lore.

Seven yews, swept, near merry, rare, cavernous seers firing present amino, dared net Io. Now heeded, her country levers their inane yet rash voices, half twining sapient cameos to fence chill oasis seminary. This guide had odor igloos loved, a couth pantry Mom trod when guests show every team ill angora. Aria faces role, sun must fade, cabled omens commit to fare until gyms rest a noble ensign.

          If on rum, given another cantina, Toto, at two whisks, wrote drays to sling a rural Hegel bible canal pan. A way of nether beers awakes a tribe world to hamper tinned heaven camp. EDT comets belied thus, e. e.’s toast for 1892 had then toiled to ink Io’s wordy draft. So pursuant moguls built it a wan movie grant as danger flew west. Alone, I aid Timmy to free a Neptune rover.

          Left a mega–cow decal, many droll shapes cheered Thebes’ famed white stage under chagrin. Another mob, left formal chest pommels, put most dibs to hop a nether tilth curing no–nuke pipers. Nigh on worm, indolent, modern age, mass dross, celerity, rhymes, by wet egg nog to omit air, wipe flux. Why a zoo mob touts how MTM hooch made a dank hoot hit my lore.

.         .         .

Had time both caved one entire musty radio frolic, until faint, a shy room, in fog south of nard choirs, e. e. entered.

          Many curt ‘zines cried, “go, Khan Omdrumson,” and keen horn din, sold divine tofu, built misty whims of already few. Sanka is civic, donning heavenly golf stash toga. Men, worn family cheese, a kissing van gaped merrily. As cranks try tame heed, Khan drew a slab of high doubt, and taut fun on Io’s built moxie band told me of pure works.

          Aiming to dot when spring had tepid wit in the notion that needs no thick poncho, Giap floated more nicely to comp empty, enamel kWh. Many whole hordes fell, “do Thales, Noracyl, and Dekes think a pride burp they fled wins no wit,” 3½ hardy doles streamed? A great mosh state fattening other taint among wider tube, tentier cloud models threw royal fate.

          Night began: cleanly shaped, lest dittos haunt to cute bounty; flaps a tiki salad man had hid in Tophet. Thales thus garbed smoother hauberks in Idaho per mudded warp, given in code with Theda’s Lethean screed. Worn so there, when noodles brewed a noon toast about inspired regal cheese, crack cabbages among menfolk, or most hounded Noracyl. It, a cab meter making TM town, calmed Thales, who caught the modem fuel conch, a black truck merging on with ladling tin.

          These viewed, then danced prone to avert pines, hexed toward rinsed gneiss, rather serious fog world invite furnished Thebes’ chanting house. Hidden shafts did fancy troubling form on bright tent rebel, i.e., yet even a tub odor might fog a hunched ghost door in Oslo. Amid third zone, sere airs remind Thales of elk guides, while OK is its genome eye lens spot.

          Noracyl agreed to snag any Lethe herd lest newer, pinched glitter she beamed behind Thales wore them to Idaho. A needy cantor only limits tag until a cygnet shed inured hope. Orb–lit folk in home TM freed few: a hive totem kept when Thule lay astern.

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viii — Land Solo At Hand Held Start.

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