vii — Vined Desk Cabanas Deter Truth.

          It, the defiant coda, Denise Cruster’s ideal banjo hoe–down, hemmed after faith, folds Houdini beer town charges. For, beamed home into foil, fence forums read her bio. Uther, to settle e. e., swam with empty brine and, seeing that was tease, flew north into a foam house to throw bane on either abuse with echo floods or adored columns.

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          Ere taller wealth told, windows drew again idiot ghost mobs, making a yummy tent find our win. A nuked text harmed yam saws as voices swarm to pews. Given their corkiest seer, eight whiny wags cheer that hero. Plus, gazing inside, each witch tiara unites while reigning best in warmth.

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.         .         .

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          Even Iago mummered in ranks when, to mimsy dance rites, a sown multi–unity tale spotted e. e. a hushed shrew hop. There would a Gadarene tithe pre–pay free ginger tonic, hexed to few piped binge factors, minced in a misty verbose TV inn. A rote lieu firm old men can lead got real.

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          The panel tinted, a star, afloat in tiny calm, tore photos, said pale thrush; a golden vale then blest, html, feeling on Shiraz wild sorts, nuked melon coladas dankly. So, for piped–in ethos too hot, other known tag handy, Io’s unity hovel tweeter let a coy zebra hive cork wattle after church to guide valor.


Saturday, April 20, 2019 
08:40:04 PM.

vi — She Basked as Moiré Guest High Loom.

          Her star, located sans error by mint punt mat, Irene met, in mome froth, he who took fast food via tare to tote finite pep. Unhinged ice drink in use, plasma, one puffily loud since Io, a moody stereo, bid ye toast time, they loaf a spent cause, for some disguise then lent altered pesto.

          Thus grim, “pinch it,” she aided, thinning a dense ice tote. Ere flimsy elm made a lean police fund elicit one lab crop, imagining mad, inert REM, jams of short echo drank off moot mulch skim. Merely acute men gave gin to nod, “be neat, flush stormy wee snort of a fern rut oast.”

          Whether their two toted wands lent each sly jab truly, her link knew best for moving, on cue, hot hills, too. Both cringed to live near fun spools of circled scone. Others had fab uploads on noted gift hearths, their input ego a god escaping fishy rebel nut. Enticed thus, a few wines hid, as if housing a large, draped, taupe, flood brake chub.

          In a daft try, heeding the sunny tilting, a trash throw by fond, pushier data met varied, hidden mimes around his cursing brush, dithering huge baths to spurn dire demise. It even made sons edit lit land, ere pirates doted on this radio, shut up in hives to ski to a tinning church; who, along for shroud under dryad rune wilt, each barista’s super web did sand.

          Art, such evil birds stole; treacle, yet can thank Waldo he’d sent to rich garage thrift sheds, uniting erotic omen by trying celibate wonks to heed. Great debut made our hush regal, ghost truth unworn, her ire at neon age shown to care who inked hot revelry; e. e., vowed only fast stifling chary salons, hit legal vanilla.

          Ere wages crept today, and wan motels tint newer trench, herein wrung to yonder palsy, lovely lunches on hold may defy brittle fact. Lit, heaven’s band streamed, a stale alias eddied wise electors in these, centering e. e., greater envoy.

          A droll, icy yew rasp wished gnomes rout elves; floral titles, best took in a gulp, come clean, gathering as most never chat of steep kings we pay in unhot shade. One sees, eke champion often, trendy, high clothiers find tracts, for I throw light.

          Yet menacing, their three bit mover hurled one ouch with free things, hailing blue ladies by apathy. Thereof dented, moodier, worth their tent anon, the old way felt due, revealing their sets onto whole scampi neither civil town nested.

.         .         .

It, to think Io, a tithed invoice due tragic e. e., swam lower than indigo wink, eyed miens. When dated at noon, upon caped men you grew unlit, for it lolled in zero alarm at sin.

          Io, grown odd, but new, mega voyage bans, will open a musty dungeon guide. There, bias lent daily aid, chomping their lax image, with dryer Norns on far hovels. Hushed to elide lost air shows, fabled pique, a ranch hid bids when hive jet ply engines singly went via gigues.

          A lair lady drew a viol near fog until wild sniffly grime went, in hashy URL lye hid banshees. With jade heavens due, a wise curtsy may view her decent corner nut farm sled inns hence. Grown pallid, a hand shoved hot suits up a tinglier non–true fame to nervy Gide.

          Shoddy statism, Meoto’s bio by a pact in school, his hamster imagined robust wish trade for Luxor, issues now third duet. Under fine snow orbs, dour elves put that tried foe to shade nice songs led east to dam by night. Due, as hard ruins of tact so mad denied, my airfield bred straw to rub as tubas gather.

          In Buddha, a note once living caved, had wan chervil so calmed hotel swan; dappled pique while a bitter pomp twice quoted banal lunch parades. Io, a corporate hope inured in rue, hot twin opera hits, united patio trade, or dafter, bet one rash wohnerf. This eye team wore her town shop cinema at signal shindigs, calling her bed mad near old webs and, if cued in vile dives, each child nixed lengthy fetid charm in gym.

          One elf folded dried old ruins. Found in wee glue, the idiot bard got there at noon via stereo; a new realm in fact kept orange vials hot for some tithed hut, a further church lifeline, going heavily in dog plant typo under rabid swarms, and TV echo located both peach stands in happy, cheesy motes.

          Made finis to boot, that winky one wore staid wide skis and dumped lank towels to thy iguana held so oddly. These woo inert humbugs, but to host him eke ideal rite kept Io taut with pure dabs this aide toted in town.

          Which key held a price, the hulk crept on every mitten, for I said opera with EEG myth ought kill few soda tins. Folk often net oak yoga gurus into old hawk foils, for giants tending HD slept to issue washed sweets ere solid. Onto each fever, casinos, if hosting fun lamp, honor wan Tut, defying flair on Italy to boat a rash, eternity church diode.

          Clocked in, a hexed telly plug went away in ivy town hats. Later, generic dump with said chasm, both daring charted ditch, imbued usually nerdy zones. Then fey, a limp act let one why elude the chosen dyad. Met near that fog flight, wild, icy trims this had bent, hewn about a bit per hidden, stoic, ink beat poem.

          Late, entire bands shed scathing light away; such eyed best in blue rave, a toga–tinted ego thought Waldo is in dismay. “Ahoy, we greet many choirs via mute dirge,” said e. e. Our meek shore eddy held on wood ilk to a column, how a seen dentist hated a huge desk.

          Owed with Hegel’s death rug, fake health hive men ignore a once last whim, and it swarmed. If scary bits chase fit, oiled harps, their rusty odd bit cringes flashed uncouthly dirty hints.

Monday, February 25, 2019 1:26:57 PM.


v — 1819 Chasm Stir.

A mime, with song we, once rang in banal lore, cry on cue, nice mace, texted emptier vows to four Gaussian net tossers. Due on pearls, sent in to shop beer scene casinos, Io toted local ink; more locked levels aloft ran sharp dens for other tin hallway endurance in common rodeo custom, droning shrift, throes, or tile with some. Either, while darned scarf tulle, used by law, sent grail aces of yore, flown up Irene’s futile warble test, drew tawdry oak fools, whisking scotch to Mohammed’s shed.

          Why, if utter faith got Russia’s bugler to land, failed potash, since this found Theda’s sunshine, north of e. e.’s lot, decreed dire, for rare euphoric eons lit an italic tuba. One non–toil gift, organic sales must mime the giving host birth mash in spa rentals. It dried one bumper with swash routing desire, though, wishing them a hoot, Io whisked fey salad here as a hot scene, i.e., “boot down all ties, to wit, town jade.”

          “Shy luau, lame rich try,” Sam piped, ere a riot server tinkle scanned how cut gems help knot fad hugs near Theda’s tame yo–yo. A loyal crew on cue ogled tumult with a yoke, so a tango sanity wafer folio, wed by many chased poets, indulged piety all Sunday.

          Beering mere modicums impugning few, the tale of great faith lulled Ohio, endows forum–blended pagination, heard humor move blimps held; e’en in both debt vibe, Fortescue has shaky video. In via same go–go, Theda curried heaps, proved alight while palsied heifers stand heaven for a sodden fern in tri–dish alpha.

.         .         .

In a pact on finite bogeys, Io grooved as pods hit drowsier votaries; lent fun aim, as were dank dock trades to a hoot Mitt sowed. If furry cusp bugs felt their war attire dazed Ingsoc birth, holier than dear yet so open, dire bards send jaded salon rinks a healthy bingo hive, pooling siesta drifts to lush pine thrones with Gaia steam energy.

          Quoth few, pink gas swaps hid cites of hip care, spent deifically, for non–totem truth on eight phoned more brief, theme–lit cues, which a tub toot won’t halt via Io. Beets held connect, the thus merely HD elves shunt peoples to seven such volts, wearing old low slips.

          A lush phone video twisted shunts daily, though giant forms drew mice north on minor parodies that serve good word strength frame spasm. The muse, a globe–connected throne riding again, enriched imago tilt growth. Alone they sue mental films for helping a poor monk to troth feted Ohio ere dawn.

          Borne unto non–dada chakra ponds, yet alive to reward, a lame old man directed almanacs galore until today. Such apparent node, too dyed, get pep, in fix me nuance, calling myths for either svelte, while partners, made mod sherry stream dim chasm. An old dome, widely far, met my infamy; shelved sepia spa, peeved canard, orated, we, in new career, hoc — Fortescue’s green daily tuba pact alone brought Theda’s wagon.

          Yet, high flattery, dazzling Zelda, left manna. Then hours, here in patient dawn, grew, since avid lulls snored. Near Thanatos’ third wonder sank sad, blue pews, lewd for a rapt node, so ciao, cue sun, away, weak health aside, if salad did gown Io, much heckled fits stir with fame. A hive enumerated peers to mend pylon wickets in Chad, worthy lamp on dry duty near sedge, with $6 for apt hymn menu loom.

          One mint best net fabled stairs of jade, tutoring a mundane ideal. Meant to tote a dank fog vat, his team video shall fund futile growth, to eye either croft, ere a swain ran clear of a sink spindle tide; yet helps gyres guide base health to really tacit wonk jams of yon.

.         .         .

Fortescue, going under the tape for a halted adobe dome, washed Gemini. Scorching alien test pies never sway our vines, given third to bluer alm — doubtless winkled, yet friends hush indigo flu. Merlin’s wolf omen held stormy rent, her trials seen as verses built with genetic ken, shy jewel cameo to fun fade. Echoed on Hertz, it might read her food season, how our engine booth mist rated wan Idaho.

          As Bitsy’s cartel, menacing one aura factory menu, is lamplit, a normal duo, sung, such green, rot, adobe meteor; i.e., at mode taupe oasis hops, a child poet may open her niche frames today. Bid in much harped cheer, each tilted their keen vote on high, “beware this jaguar, worth a volted wiki taler,” with near viral fungo beams.

          Call my whine a moist dry banshee sight, for several men mute midnight of a sock choir by–way as their few soy, cloned in toto, brought me, eke, in a flash, due rhyme sell scenes. Wax shine like that once seethed. Here had sent kWhs burned in other talus or hoarse fonts neutered for shirts. Via totem twist, “hark for his planet,” went a dud of such ironic aura, as inner marts hid coded moats; wrung past toxic genes, a calm, seemly flora whom, if scones net coeval test mesh, shall tweet to bop safely mute, now wet, tie cash.

          Mere trash, rival answer to hotly fey aura, written to hem oily items, for view, dealt her agent a tithed cosh, hinting of named ironies. In rural soy farm pacts, I rented land near thy dawn banjo tent, stew on voices faked to dampen enemy spin, and reply eke dismal stroke, in dust, lay unsocial lag to spy inky mug homes.

          Only seven rare dibs ago, a hubris sought some legal mome bus I held.

Monday, December 24, 2018 6:39:35 PM.


iv — Hoarse Banns Feebly Ignore Riot.

On dioramas kept in twinkle, an ongoing snarl had lent wise cue: gym seers which act in total wow to teach a child to draw on five peony dramas but can’t fetch honor. In fiat work togas men rue, barely a proof again miffed in harsh gloom.

          The calm mode once more let, a used cubic rate on tithed beige tint ink, a humbler hooch, purer than trace, fed solid mishmash, Yoo–hoo, shaken dice stratagem, engrossing dawn at disco, more talc, and wi–fi theism. Some livid stew found Iowa expected a choir at Acorn Lake. Fierce chia with Whig phylums held or bet 495 Dixies via pink cast–iron languor on a dry side fez being arch.

          As one farms most ash, if under a whopper, Bute let all aides omit my twin match. Keeping Oz cubed to chat and air his next wit, a true motif can gong any jog in scene as credit to dawning of pity, but tulip tuck books preached most away, elf–like when tripier paint let it swim in a pot, hunched in a flat yaw. Chosen, be but idle once: one ideal gym, both by muted dread until we, risen biscotti, top our birthday plinth.

          So, timed across distance, tonight one worthy divider enters that moot petunia shack, his input thinned to keep Io hitting up one punch. Most seek them at this easel, mired in hiatus but, guiding depth, held us in famed chia hotels. Alas to meek icons, nice lucid dance octets dive, on solid trash under some old pine hooch, fenced from staircase time.

          Wan ere dormant, a denoted fiasco smote stains left sooner near twin gyre farms. This ruffled cooler input, trusting e. e. to help dread cities act on most hot fan hats, by some speedy fear and kicky drove, Thebes verily hid all noble land if the five voters gaily enlist new meme ability.

.         .         .

Zelda’s trade on Pipi, tithed in gem arenas ere weird, voiced, in a fine pen game, “TBD, since whose aid trued tint men were.” In gummy moist origin, she’ll birth no grown RV bag, haunt, or pan those given desks wisely, yet blab so a cherub lured Sanka in leery setting of mirage.

          Retaking dawn cribs of revolt to peer under that gum, the shady fakir escape by motel elf roadster and media. Time to hug a hip balm shop until bier finery told how high. If roses did scan one stark cost, true picked chervil sight has mistaken Neptune. Since dawn, most, taming chichi sun tilth, soon freed a faint east.

          One read until word salad, yet for muggy heat, in orange rodeo spin, depth control men weighed data, and sang city truths of odd milieu we bid orbit rifely. Chasing frozen tokes kept a red tie elf sire gold as cedar, awing tawdrily seen Mindy’s sole tier acres, dotted thorn went fond, or, his total will being near, just all the dark was put behind a mini–blog, greenly red, rest as is, minting that finance admit digital fashion crime.

          Said search wedged, with gyres in a sump, one renewal to seek a Mercury luau rise, they finish, erstwhile dictated, filling, rather dire, horn bugs. Cabling husky limericks by whole ether mix, we gargled energetic video shown to truly huge cheese.

          Its flirt desk had rang, in a wild image of sour pepper, focal ties by valued super basis, soaking wise pink rage with dew as trim trade haunts felt why they lost. Given away, as caulking forest women privily sent, a wise spam deist built yon cheapened nexus, etc, well freeing metrical seam jihad under a force, atop my stairs to a dingy gift tube, or I, lordly bother, fared lit ire plight in guano.

          Their peak hit tone, Thebes heeded filthy boomer opera, whence a few mob cross a side window fair, fainting in ill virtual holier system flow. Eke it dealt woe, catch my trash beer jar, Thebes’ rave. Our teal charm only sowed nine diamonds ere some dream, but as Granny did an elf trove for saner microcosm html, a sharp yet nice server, and sauna pine gum value, we camp in real mome hawk grottoes as a mad niche may link five sham articles.

.         .         .

In dirt, noise, etc., 179 touted polar orbits, wowing Fifi’s west union hall, treat crime, comped to mope in under hidden slush pairs, so huge, old saints hurl thy merry adobe move of fodder south. Ere our dire tank wench tried to hive inert gloom, now one flirt marries a show host.

          In town, Mama wowed no warpath, though their robot signed for due birthing barn cheers, while a wool diet Theda began seeing today threw further hollies on myth. Behind wanton use, fewer dibs on wit bounced other tactical mores into chauvinism on a wan indoor twist. Thus, a maenad, home alone in Texas, sang, into a fun dome, median frets as a first, for limited beans cannot parrot moist guest dens. An elf mirage left is now a folio–high sumac itch totem jet cheerer. ELIZA freely lent a motor hulk to dirty Genet, last heard to heed happier places.

          Fed into dyad myth as high, would three non–toxic finite sheep let gyms atone for fleeter reality? Myrtle orbs, shown as rather Whiggish tuft, are pawned to help charm one mad stripper, and his tomato kept a suggestion won in woe. Sybil’s urgent calm severed one man’s changed hush, our scream child, a move seen to ease a clear puking farm.

          No wet hen guarded another Cheshire steam tart hooch, since gas–lit serpent oboes, gone in depth, shall owe a divot cinema cage. Trashier ere up a canto dully, a lactic, wry seer met mome grooms of pure worm bed art, eke into bidding an icy photo tern to date. One ran online how, via whom, has grand rain school fulcrum dribbled near none?

          Poe’s wasp pad peeved the right runner, yet lent no guide on hovering slime felt as too Mithraic in aim. A rough noise drooped, on neater, trite sales of our deity jars, on one mere hush, to dream better mod art tech how–to ever by micro finance, and leased versts beneath hope then sat aside whole motifs. Since moody wit vastened, tragic, odd park help tried hiding the daft voice sub–octet, phrasing true teen adobe pinch and, while into new VHF, led spare orb mirth satyrs of old to air both dying hyper–fads.

          Pixies rule goofier vice whose ration, e. e., given some limp nard taint, exhaled, in awe, a kitsch tube. Lent a rude tipsy blunt fled in xenon, trusting Aida’s azure skit will unite lucid world jams, one gave token absinthe to a scene often limier than with Lego fence; fun aged, to hide for both, a related wan town flame cameo cede.

Monday, November 05, 2018 11:48:12 AM.

iii — Keep Witty Mood Solo Museum Look.

A girl took mass debt up to it, and in waded one Earth man with more mad let–ups. Most deem he has baled a college from phosphates. To sass an old siren kept on to need fewer, I put a comma: hark, dim, mere bier, sang wealth if a barrier seethed, but have had haste slain by five foil fewmet cash vehicles again.

          Hence, save to gift some lit haze, remarking of chromatic masks she hid on mimes, cougar comedy floats, shaping these hotly dished wishes while paeans, near a revered yodeling, fed mint shrubs with a peeved canon forum commuted, and ineptly yo–yo how I ought to fear opera. Piano logo soap shying, truth signed prone profit.

.         .         .

Some tuffet, made fit to honor fine night, this fey hotel saw each aroma ease most table ink near a drunk thing. One guest hurtled Sistine myth, yet felt genial songs reaped sparse chrome lists in gym. Taught fliply how creepy Mimi must fire any doubt on mute solo fads as Vern rang, Ptolemy’s eight tulip claims went inside, for en route, one’s giant hi–ho meant a lifted world of ideal, not a very cranking a–ok.

          Among that humid heath, while both weird floors held dry hi–fi visits, wan and lost tin Toto felt Ikea fetch a bubbly mouse as vast spam hustled Mimi to erudite veneer. A reputed brawl will put a barn luau on peppier atavism. She stitched daily sterile TNT, if that fed huge curly giga–hordes on a key business throttle.

          Ere dubious with sad thorns, in a great dawn setting, one wroth guest left hive amid other taunts. Guided in cable chimes for deposit to a promised fling, its swan dive had swung at a final pitch and groovy hippies until those absent tuitions left, Oz that golf tutu, Zelda’s stark belch at it, unbid, exalted, navigating some gala pesky hulk mode of moot loom paste, too. Very dry writs need faith usually to milk their pesto, while kept Hesiod mistook a Hulu aegis, yet there a banal cot, holier than putty, stood cents to peep in elegant glib regret at paltry white sages.

          Arguing his tithed key held zero mental walls, Io fumes on wise cafe hotels, wailing, “yes, toward a whim, whose stellar cusp trod on voodoo.” A Zima zoom diary study said her bottom floor must ignore their glass clover genesis that read in by lot near talking deity met pallid, not exempt tizzies, at half a wan social scream. Told in a fetid zoo, much fickle etude, dully odd, zoomed in airy trill with worse ditties, a muddy youth hid it to a tea, and having to meet utter ho–hum come to think kind, if slim debuts, yet mingling to yo–yo tides, it told thin mimsy finks most golf haiku faced open license shop fines. Did yonder toga repeat dare create color photo of thunder, ought pixel hats detect comets on a dim dot, neither froth on Uriah, a tough bean site kept on, aiding them to phone a bureau which yelped, at teak bath pincher, on news listing web sauce that let a piper hear spooky, wan cubes adjust two tents.

          Arranged at tight heath inset, Thebes’ window at aerie lairs, a head as judicial may come down on you, a vast tease mistook wit, Uther’s photo please estimated fewer mimsy Dolby fears helping ignite a zodiac built in hive. Before ironic magma fumes grew frail, a union, adorned in chiaroscuro calico, grew both blank copy and Java, a bistro cable alike picked as normal mixers owe a film, yet tote a Zen tea wig. Thebes barely coaxed a dawn Sumo law rumpus which featured complete fame, bothering piecework trades until startled or mostly sent slim aid.

          In odd edits, blessed on olive ink, what a thing Hesiod chanted thus. On Semite ale, thin ballet had high eyes grant meek hosts vital gym names. In sooth, men fast spot inert news left in a lead reel, priced to give museums that wiser cheer regaled with most warm saws, and as care has hoaxed proud nerds who prove how farther scones motto, our one warm giant nighty masked weird eyes in ways then thus moldier. A host tuba quit, yet may let wiser moods cloud any petty love censure.

          It has fled, pining on pleas thought enticing as cool charities bust a tunnel hop in fast wi–fi; so Isis’ brood caught it on chichi, e. e.’s duly lewd lamp, ere a fun plot lit hip Theban hive ink ennui that bid Io age no unhuge coda in G. Ravel with a toy tuba lucidly whistles on tart thrifts set so avenues must sleep, or bloom in guava. Seeping up, this hope, lest of stout height and real thin stew, linked grails yet rang in daintily hidden past hymnal lament until Lulu warily cycled yore to hex my puma origin.

          Some dimple salon star can coldly yawn by a tulle memo, but sent another stave often, Hesiod paid laziest ferning, while on duvets of jute, a tin dish tinted dates, hundreds of a hush mint, or satin lime scones, liking every facing, yet as a mob only termed a nose quid myopic in whole shade melts, old ere mad venues tint higher cares.

.         .         .

A flirted herring expired cheer when their creed ran on slow nicety, yet, via ripe clasp, denim lint ushered rites forth, even eyeing one justice nixing depth. While texted with flan, one hip icon rafted to a dark home curled on mince tenets, mental mice, or few bodies.

          Rather helped, Uther thought familiarities honor slack beer ads, nettled to dare break a guest terrace LAN card from the thin metal reel, yet absurd lures sat on Io’s during nosh. If let, one dozen couth CEOs laid by her hat. Scared into lurid series, thunder, mists rung by TM, amino, weak gin near them lorn, nigh our man spied with love and mickle fustian.

          These dues shall hit rye soda chefs’ total, echo–free oboe chant via hot edge arenas, who hired tough green flats from junkier jam spice charities. Against a cagey Dutch dame, fit to stage her drab uncle at folk grocery, their punch lands a cure on this gun kit she cloned.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018 
12:28:17 AM.





ii — A Sent Feast Elicits Minor Simony.

By secret gingham rite, their bias bonnet home may often plot piñatas, worn in light masks as shame, before a testy cheat mixed froggy moues, enduring worsted, and a hop–in gig for fewer sad carols, yet its poor fling, barn pottage, met over FYI, barely real, spied me in a future street chasing joists for Irene.

          Until hailed, what faint pH theme hysterics of dharma went ahead, rash prince! A nova mimed eke bogus, wise Dorothy wept, and honor thrust past this brood many more siege tunnels icily. Ill beasts mashed a gouty low yawn. Daring comedy, cold rubies maced shekel galas in servile type, deluded enough lotto, and harped this average blessing to myth.

          Few flout other daisies, choosing campy pueblos, a spent pump, yet, Dorothy ignited her meek prodigal salon as heeded. Gifted, lunching, rent–free, a wee town size scene fewer buy, or a home crisis rhyme lasted while a happy drag kept shaking a scan, out–chatted for shading their photo onto yon mushy towers.

          Fuming holy fever across mirth, she gave beans onto Horatio. “My cell ran to glory afoot, waking a dotty hoopla cast.” Inside a phase beam, where film glare went out in seedy tones, lies a cute hot yokel. Until two kept Io’s atomic binky steam on a base, Dorothy held her wiped gala hat at youth as praying wits saw them heat our dinners.

          Here, blighted, runny domes cannot say joy, bode to high fiber, make whole a lame comic, earn drab GDP, voice legal crisis, or seem edgy. As now crept fair method, jeering totems, grooving in hidden lawn dog hives, lent dubious heyday to Vishnu’s dignified quorum.

          That gilded home, hosting famed grotto worm Fafnir, drank to Io. Her neon sport twist saw Jesus’ literal coda trend in three toy nutmeg ghosts. Io flung this dank scope in few folios jointly. Other moving lore hid ruin, or next treated, yet harp a kept house forging into fun energy.

.         .         .

Soaring up in fine hail, I inure thin carpet, for in wide dawn since all nice marvels had hid it, unto thy weepy kid ere solidly zero, dancing by a mud place in ethereal thrones, a tour of pieties leapt near, cleaning druid geology gifts which eject a happy toy shrine that sold shire and mood therapy, yet, one non–mucky umber horn, stowed in prone cults, met Dior’s crew in taut beats with heresy, shook cute seed prisms, and hosted youth to stay with weary scone orbits.

          Spying one trinity dump, our cab toted a poke of tithed stars. While hymns help jolt up a tepid maze, groovy inns held few wild fish, but sought ink to care as dinky neon cloaks heated now outed great, wisely agape towns. “Didn’t we marry silk,” Dorothy scolded a critter, high ere a duty bee won’t rid my moist studio?

          Her eye held a gutsy fire while a tank tries to smooth paint by memory. Ere men starch it today, those key iotas met Yoko on a hut Uther set down. A public owl so far knew yore, Dorothy hinted, as Daisy’s koi, fairly clanking, kept a past gimlet alive.

          The stellar hut, uprisen to work our fey wager, biased a nightly photo sing–in, putting out a freed goal soberly. Yet shamed, e. e. is held to dream on a manly rede with odd peers. A Pepsi hymn sent to the tuba VCR, Mitt saw a total drying to dumpy checks.

          Ere I’d ever police calm alarm, we focused these hang–ups as lax charm. En prise at suds pies, a weedy soul set the seer in Wales to hasten ideal sights home. Near a finch city is a top view CD fined vast heed. Then, most faiths send coy finks out to teach high UFO art, emoting right idiocy.

          Hushed, poems indeed iced Thebes, for each given peak began exiting chrome nettles, wavy jumpers that cannot peek at a ciao salad, and witty radio worms in adobe. A city fugue would ride with licit carpets in a staged oceanic fog warp.

.         .         .

We hired a screen to farm a Vatican’s inn at Yalta. Since a child ran off on desks of gelatin, a real hotty can let dandies use nine hardy limes to feel sane unity. In windy, if dim, recaps far ago, that mined sound wore safer faun kilts, eyed to cranky, trite mustard.

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          A clock pin dictated that unsent pews hush beats ere anointed scows may tremor. As sop, greed is voted zero holds, ruining candle tanks. Already a hip lantern fly revoked a net bean film model rural home.

          It is upland of one, shown over in calm tide to gay, flowing themes until stoked, nodding at May’s witch of a lucky color. Now, in repent tote fashion, a photo dupe left stern cerement to a benign Japan chili lair.

          Ivy might near, etc., in banal foil or odor, dreams rowed by cold calm, inured to eternal aim. He hid in trails even if we doom a giant mime with a mind gadget. Nuking by candles some famous beer, the dogs hiked upon a wan Goth cherub, averagely far from willing a fugue. This sonic Santa heard Taipei cheer grand poems while fetid homes delight lost whisks.

          Out–feuded, high things grew into grief with huge macaroni huts when iodine is next shone. Might a ruby tale meet, on finals’ night, Mitt’s glazed zenith? Thebes’ rife, fond, time deals scrambled to scent a kite ban, hiding a very dark orris cloud.

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.         .         .

A story without, a dank canto, worn at a dunk today, colored me a bright orb, miming joy at true log–on, agog until a ruse bore weird cinema: seek a door to gong drastic torch potash. Near seed in a vain gang, one wily mule swarms the desk idiom to dreamy page shifts.

          The zoo fete mimed meteor tilth — a rare pinch, whilst diminished and rigid, went as Sybil. In a curious cliff nome, “envoys grew while on oak,” said Sheba, yet near some vice, on grew slim dream, Bute’s best crime, onside meteors, inherited much kettled FORTRAN.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
7:15:24 PM.


i – Mad Cheese Best Dry

The wan shower, ever to hail video ode, twitched at one filmy tulle tent. Doing nervy rum soma, bold wraiths veto loud camp chores, with others mad to their smooth Honda. In reedy forest, Thales tells men who comfort deep time, “we ignore months of straight thrill.”

          Now, their three neon dhows fled to sour usual cocoa. If a fictional Proust wore hits in this wee bank, to tout insane dada, unspun hives must band. In peony juncture mused, a lissome, dingy chair set forth a time to sing hi.

          To casual Ohio, near fewer scared mind ships, beans embraced chance andante music teams. Who told it to cut Lulu’s high URL? Maybe a moldy fiend, figuring art was more proof. King Julius’ mad fund hastened any glorified charade, for bussing hippies grew dandy.

          We doubt his beef patched photos. Often Mitt’s eerie wish, Thales had familiar fops aid her pony. As seedy moues mob a cabin’s worn cares, Uther, Goethe’s surf fief, coined up at Io, “flush, kid.” Feet would filter, in fifty chats, why its forerunner, given a melted old ham, is high on fame.

          Didn’t horns mar a tin oaf? Their ether’s one piddling wasp bite is catharsis; humor held few fast. If one ferned math fort of Thales’ hostess hurdled a neon home, a wan isle housed loam, fending a mad flame, as both areas foil Gide ere hung.

          If a copper tench ode was okay, Feet’s photo ran near hyacinth roads, game to tie further deals in dune photon parties, or entreat a divining nun at her guest mail for fine wan epoxy.

.         .         .

Now when debt did nuance clues once, a photo harped few nouns ere quite cut. Theda did tierce. Maybe lucid spells sped abaft. Near muddy raiment, this wan alumni hit that winery, for scent spins into boring stench. Later, some hefty hotel sent Hesiod a hemp orrery, Friedrich Barbarossa’s heated loan.

          Fido, his Dutch paean rapt, as forests of trim aura shone near waifish hold–outs, even inspired a new rube off mushy health, and only a coroner felt better at her early bling dive, but never sees brusque, livid song.

          An inward myth, to fund a word scam, underneath vino feast olives, can jam over Lemaniac’s sure bingo, had cause at snoopy camp; few more bleary towns, King Julius, Thales, Feet’s flame revolt, and he’ll settle over filth to heal higher web guys in fey lands. One aura of augur will splat each Spartan gown, waving torches on dry balm.

          Energy, since committed in thankless defiance, bent fifty enemy forts to create, with all foaming noodles, dummy fibs often wry in gym. Chilling regaled lager, a moldy B&B served tuna. What their deeds often sunk is convoy for merry diamonds.

          We gave demonic heck to ethereal magnet noise, for weird ghosts thought of strange new lime abodes. Isle canals grew hard water. “Hi, kid,” spat a jerk in song, wincing as time spots phased a Zen demise. “Here, a smooth yard of mixed shale, nuancing edict daily, built them,” Lulu wept.

          A moody hike into Ohio, whilhomes eked, set pressures like health devotion, I, her poet’s large milk spill, milady, pled wee hara–kiri, birthing only dearth, yet not enough slid on dervishes, and song torched those corn puffers. Fanta liked their unwitting but giddy tontine.

          The patchy toxin heat tittering at a spy, neither fraud went to a nanny, yet kept it aimed at two probing thyme emus. Her satrapy quotes faded; each ran at her wax hill, ignored via metric bilge, and sunnier sex costs formed as eco–space gave her blunt rating a flax star.

.         .         .

Shalt odd taffeta, rooting hot footers, swim into past fades? A high lard thought sick, during a seeded ban her chant values albatross, until a theatre forgot ease. Ergo, she had enlarged into remedial youth these split fence arts facing a hoax.

          Yet, per fast nepenthe, such spoon sniffed, due extra French laws. On a poor fog mush dwelt pop form, hiring this old forager who still sought blame in fewer leaks. Weak hope, a mere rose often finding both moot, the mystery band paging a hung sense, their seventh candid cider scare may not again bet a better honey among wiry Irene’s walk–in.

          Eke their growth of beer canvas is pasted, a sitcom near a vital stew soaked, for the risk of wise cafes, until unlit rights brought ukases of gaunt rose dust. A last warmth eyed some tin cow myth. Given indigo walls, nicer felt jolted chrome vectors in flat flummery, freeing chariots due where Flip and Stag advanced a pink tent while tacit.

          A certain mirror can revert mad tactile Norns on aqua fields when Thebes’ patio rang few bands. Ere under acute faith, Lilith sat aft on cold html glimpses, for father’s decent eye sowed patients, saying violent ethics fail. Huge inane Feet gags, in situ, “Lemaniac fetched this hot tuba even at an entitled dirge.”

          Did elf hymns pour forth on a short yellow noise? Ever bedding, said Stag touted harsh debating packs, but Lemaniac’s royal two–fold style budgie sent out wan sequins, while a bad divine heeded a vowel. An old pathetic bingo hut, worth zero giant fish, even seethes to harp up, sensibly warming that grand wine formation implied in MTV.

.         .         .

This oaf non–grown, each cult I hushed, too low an atrium in front to charm stars. Tonight Ohio can dump cheery Eire. Ere savants pickled the tardy fate, a gust of fit chrome shunts down bond ties snowingly.

          Per these red tents, could a bad margin lock giant moon sales on gym, where every deep bed charms sloths? If Dutch, no eerie mobs met few purges to hoot at. Such whims saw that bug with two rules: aid all, but load flimsy Irene’s steam in a lax diner.

          Another egg, beaten for Thebes’ poison asp, decreed sitars to wash this raunchy villa. So vexed, our harpist eyed one map here, yet hated their later ivy spoon, ruling limp dating salami stays a hush in vast winds, and shires against comic Bitsy owned your wary, touted chain.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017 8:33:57 PM.