ix – Thus Float Shasta’s Wyvern Lore.

Seven yews, swept, near merry, rare, cavernous seers firing present amino, dared net Io. Now heeded, her country levers their inane yet rash voices, half twining sapient cameos to fence chill oasis seminary. This guide had odor igloos loved, a couth pantry Mom trod when guests show every team ill angora. Aria faces role, sun must fade, cabled omens commit to fare until gyms rest a noble ensign.

          If on rum, given another cantina, Toto, at two whisks, wrote drays to sling a rural Hegel bible canal pan. A way of nether beers awakes a tribe world to hamper tinned heaven camp. EDT comets belied thus, e. e.’s toast for 1892 had then toiled to ink Io’s wordy draft. So pursuant moguls built it a wan movie grant as danger flew west. Alone, I aid Timmy to free a Neptune rover.

          Left a mega–cow decal, many droll shapes cheered Thebes’ famed white stage under chagrin. Another mob, left formal chest pommels, put most dibs to hop a nether tilth curing no–nuke pipers. Nigh on worm, indolent, modern age, mass dross, celerity, rhymes, by wet egg nog to omit air, wipe flux. Why a zoo mob touts how MTM hooch made a dank hoot hit my lore.

.         .         .

Had time both caved one entire musty radio frolic, until faint, a shy room, in fog south of nard choirs, e. e. entered.

          Many curt ‘zines cried, “go, Khan Omdrumson,” and keen horn din, sold divine tofu, built misty whims of already few. Sanka is civic, donning heavenly golf stash toga. Men, worn family cheese, a kissing van gaped merrily. As cranks try tame heed, Khan drew a slab of high doubt, and taut fun on Io’s built moxie band told me of pure works.

          Aiming to dot when spring had tepid wit in the notion that needs no thick poncho, Giap floated more nicely to comp empty, enamel kWh. Many whole hordes fell, “do Thales, Noracyl, and Dekes think a pride burp they fled wins no wit,” 3½ hardy doles streamed? A great mosh state fattening other taint among wider tube, tentier cloud models threw royal fate.

          Night began: cleanly shaped, lest dittos haunt to cute bounty; flaps a tiki salad man had hid in Tophet. Thales thus garbed smoother hauberks in Idaho per mudded warp, given in code with Theda’s Lethean screed. Worn so there, when noodles brewed a noon toast about inspired regal cheese, crack cabbages among menfolk, or most hounded Noracyl. It, a cab meter making TM town, calmed Thales, who caught the modem fuel conch, a black truck merging on with ladling tin.

          These viewed, then danced prone to avert pines, hexed toward rinsed gneiss, rather serious fog world invite furnished Thebes’ chanting house. Hidden shafts did fancy troubling form on bright tent rebel, i.e., yet even a tub odor might fog a hunched ghost door in Oslo. Amid third zone, sere airs remind Thales of elk guides, while OK is its genome eye lens spot.

          Noracyl agreed to snag any Lethe herd lest newer, pinched glitter she beamed behind Thales wore them to Idaho. A needy cantor only limits tag until a cygnet shed inured hope. Orb–lit folk in home TM freed few: a hive totem kept when Thule lay astern.

.         .         .

Eke PC hovels bog, Noracyl rewound her gale canopy in very touted imago dating health. Thus two, bold, that eye her foyer, sting Khan in utter pique, surer his dream spent debt on heavy mud until, in Dad’s phased tithe, thin doors desire Gigi’s tin lamp ruse to be flat totem, handy as think piece memes awaken.

          Halt air hid our Togo orb; dread, left heeding them, rather divides a view, in no mad aunt’s inn for a bad, felt obol. What static edge thy vaunted opera filmed: as toads punt all ice which dull puce does aim, in three, indeed lighter divine opening, more atomic air blemish astride Ki–rin. FYI, Khan, left an amoral bead, then lost only a fire plume.

          Aged, ere henceforth pale emus slid inside with tea, rune units boot me on tolling cable ogles. A girl with catty MDs awoke unmet totes. In tile, we wove both huge star tents on mad hut odor. They, so bad or glum, cut on dawn’s foil, wanly suited about ideal iced tempos, myth, or a shut igloo nub.

          Nestled as their quite Homeric gnosis booked a tan when united, it fed a more west. In memo, 1189 swore my mild rage gave e. e. to form a herb hat home. Near thy high silk stand moment, faking noble width, Enid went on ahead until seraphim, being best, comb fraud in the west memes. “Lunar motel mixes would fool ye, Tonto,” their area dove swore. Undue aura coy novices eye, purely fey, yet hound, via wan wish, a cornice.

          “Why, a witan now can yet scan old Io’s bee,” Rip droned, so Khan’s music had it moved ere Io saw few trite tin pad fees detour $12.98 on both. Hearing dim hits, a king put many on dry yew armoire. To Io, rang under, impugned, each thought, Hesiod felt in mimsy cue, along lent cameo plight. Neither lemon ice bins, Else’s radio lotus: pen cognito boss ere vast plot line find, via Ted, a field held to hop key tin dials.

.         .         .

A wit unbet rhythm, a tinny car caroused, evil bards rant focus, i.e., what I did near a union view. Fogging ahead, lest ilk move on night, nifty rumpus, Io’s gig, clouting that rough ether, panted dumb at tea. Ouch, a hat blew ceded spirit ere, for victory, mome psalms follow godly hype sited on lilies. Semi–crèche of some jerk, Khan, a zany pavane led, does act for our music to dig wisdom’s drift. Barn nomad in Everest’s vista, its sparse siesta once mistier, saw meteors fetch their toccata trail to bid on TM charter.

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