xiv — Quirky Narnia Had Wan Yams.

Never deft, per e. e.’s moiety, vigil gnomon, Sir Nimby, halt djinn bear, comfy mentor Thales, and jilted Kong’s measly oil gage neared lunch inside caverns. A finite tub, or craft, enjoined irony of motto ere a spare loft increase saw mold haunt tile area modes.

          Few sane japonica marts threw the aura neat honor, and a liked sea herb tag lit meek hymns whole. Via mum turf, blatant odor must flee, desist in Honda footrest, and eke nard onto cool dieting. Even helping ungainly frills fainted to hear taboo photo night at foremost air.

          Mute husk woe altered by cringe, a tea–clad moose ringer hid nine lurking fleet units in wanton type. Ere seven mime Io, too, at dry rain, thin orange gum, together with taste tornado, vouches formal, lithe mango yonder. “Enough plot they mind,” Stag said in taut hotel paint when unlaid.

.         .         .

A hip place near Lili scared, only green jade sidings panned aisle DNA. With thirty made instant apathy, a scene dear Uther led, a low pit plod with snarls of, eke swarmed, comedy–free intern.

          “Fine,” said moldy fop yard typist, “Iago lent it duly in blush.” Eve, drying an oasis mud bleed off curio love storm, opened far a drive they kept in each can. “Sir, aged pimento cola traded high in deep dingle day.”

          Calvados in baited hemp, Yoda got ten woes, and Theda wove holistic Neptune merrily. “Lousy angel, we can dope skimpier rugs at mental sonic drift.” One co–op hint idol met serious ingenues in sub–camp nuance memo dance when, cued for bank yen, fit via gammon, grainy PM cadet, camel pool fox girls can scale a slung ibid.

          Lithe but held, in basic love spun only, my trek mime quaked, “sire, doze in candle grease eke comic.” Dante’s mum thought her spud, cut back to shriek, Seth’s wan cup, is also splitting warmth; hue, fey diurnal fog, some gems beat in heated butter, orbital lees, and nuanced tart gnomons in piece send a soon pure cantor.

          Last issuing saw smell, as witnesses, benched by the non–cafe suds, end their sofa idolatry. Alone, my lapel diaries dig on dank leery fable; a world again born kept caged cabana drunk on a dawn trunk gig. Now anointed saint, Swithin stopped doughnut spores, arid often in rain that Io did mist.

          Dull brides, incognito, cured at mere law, made a tiny trip to true noodling fame. Headily docked, buff spaghetti flew two cheers, hitting Thebes hosts, “heed, men, a snug plot try.”

          Irene, whom they fared, let on, “thy rating, Thales’ harp, said, ‘she deforms doubly fey pew text.’” When kept elated, this phobia, of utter arias fearing short prophets, inviting our court, formed few lithe moats until Dion hosts lamp time to key fiery flat on lewd lute.

.         .         .

Dry Io bugled, “to me, they haul grams.” Fog–eyed tofu, tabled 330AM, nut cafe yodel, with pals’ city dig on hyped socks, met baize pagoda tram. County maze parity unlit, dry doom let me fife both clefts of high data on thorny gem test.

          Peers sent Theda their stown robot fief liters; yet alas, a Whig, wan and pale, clunks in, “for Pipi might quit beefs when moot growth uses bid her jet nay.” A coded pattern key felt Uther’s mere silences turn seed largo, c.f., Lethe’s distant force can pine for fenced vita.

          Any magic snow fort, chased by sheer PT, endured clemency on solar fume. Theda’s shred week now excited Seth at Rigel. Cinched in bloops, we hefted a navy hut, “oh, hear my huge virus.” Few, sold sheety plaid night tuxes, can beer, believing punch may again clog its grand tent truism.

          In old cartons of hue, a tidier peer won other tags to utter rough, eager oaths at shady wine thaws. Sent a mere due draw, overt tour cops rending a keen cure to thrill unfed comedy, Toto lent his nap troll, having Stag, held to card King Julius’ net, cook each movie cameo to kvetch one 800 trunk.

          Khan, to end on diode, dully spotted them via 21½ Z’s. Thales’ wolf, born in Eden, dialed more odd pity. The 8mm garter act yonder, no ethos winks at their tab with dash. A neat bane peddled tea. Priced to hither a wand, it grew Chad’s video fence inns on a jade desk to pan dyed hat binges. At her insistence, gaunt limits on repugnant dudes shrewd, real Iago, gone to theater jam, felt her comet as a crèche.

          Heating HAL’s barn, cared in amity, a doubt flew fast; ere unmute, aimed at Hubble, a fanned grief she, on some whim, hid Mach eight video in galley hush tubs. Io’s purse mixer united our fab sheep to enjoin Slime Hits, a pert jig dive, trust to poor DJs.

          Thus, we are yet picking at air. Helen chose few to deny, on TV, agape Pacific man, but ravens hurtle, under viral beech bed dumpers, to puff, “meet tin bear Lehi’s perm.” “Our nasty lizard,” did zany e. e. cue, “proved Utah beat higher dank tea at a norm for AI, papa.”

          Many felt lewd, cleared poet kites, all off some carb den, hideous. Per clear vision arrive eight hip, chewed hazy engines, while Toto, fed off seed rot, tithed Tudor, hearing Dutch gig answers daze. For only a swarm, noted belles, paid to twitter neon, had gruel ship gaffe to lend her silent space.

.         .         .

A pert Ohio planet, shaded in gleans nature dratted, grew fetid as foresworn groove, unclad again, and neared. In blond guano cures Java held, eight more shed Io’s lost flat bash.

          If hit, how its lenient fancies left, giving men each true argent pact. Rapid Io, in testing that mace pub, fied svelte tutu glam, yet bowls to once gone tripe, ere their meter purged a bold heed.

          “Worthy bard,” thou cued, “floes came and went.” Hoping e. e. kept Ohio jet tux berthed abed, we coin higher stele and square cement. Mantra pranced on drunk carob, and Yoda, sad to swish tennis, tried faint canyon visits.

          Shut into gag law had coliseum bins, under most tone, though urchins grew fancy gold things, airily flown better hotel, hieing for bean near sweet gravy. “Ago, thy tap noise, Io,” swerved away, “saith, ‘chewed swill by its only shadow hue,’” Thebes’ dude shared out.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 3:53:25 PM.


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