Totino’s Cable Fint

barnard's stari – Thud Stars Omit DB™ Bleed.

ii – An Exact Plan Kept Need Up.

iii – Soviet Turn-out Does Then Entrance Trite Egos.

iv – Friday, A Scam Swells Down Truth.

v – You Hasty Moss Runt.

vi – How to Hide a Slight Mean Animal.

vii – Live Noise Finth.

viii – re: Twin Dens.

wix – My Set Adrift.

x – Re: Wolf and a Tactile Eire, Lo!

xi – Theda’s Trite Repast.

xii – At Hand Was More Than an Orion Pod.

xiii – Intuit Blistering Bonfire Syrup Commotion.

xiv – Theda Trips a Terrier.

xv – Each Sepia Cause Faces Jet Pink Cola Queens.

xvi – Why Emmit and Feet Left Maidens Big NSNs.

xvii – Glute Reversals Spook Alias Hulas.

4 thoughts on “Totino’s Cable Fint

  1. Bernadette says:

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    • Keko says:

      I made it to the end of the post… only because it was so eeinrtaintng so you won me over…..Wonderful creation; it is so much more than a card, you seem to have fulfilled the requirements of the three Challenges without any skimping on any of the requirements asked for, so well done.We are at OCC are thrilled to have you join us this week and to experience your ‘Dark Side’!Smiles:)Sue

  2. Dot says:

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    • Iwan says:

      This is an utterly fataisntc expression of creativity! I was totally enthralled by your post and enjoyed every single well-thought-out detail. My favorite pieces are the filmstrip and that tongue in cheek sentiment but your hearts are pretty fab too. The staples are the perfect finisher. Thanks for sharing your seriously cool piece with us this week at Our Creative Corner!Hugs,Linda

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