xvii – Glute Reversals Spook Alias Hulas.

A huge and in its way a varied aggregation, without traceable lines, divinable direction, effect of composition, the mere number of its pieces, the great dump of its material, together with the fact that here and there in the miscellany, as with the value of bits of marble or porphyry, fine elements shine out, it keeps us standing and waiting to the end — [Henry James, “The New Novel,” in Essays on Literature (NY: Literary Classics of the United States, Inc., 1984), p. 136].

xvii — Glute Reversals Spook Alias Hulas.

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*        *        *

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*        *        *

          Proust chaperoned a hair profit. Ill at odd angels, the ad lib lurid mafia gas tangently screwed, a maiden skimmed in gleeful Gummy Vino Land, and as the angels neared, negotiating newer liens, hives rang in energies cloudier than wreath dew radar, bear cotton candy, delight he fudged off entirely.

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          Dorothy ousted her shutout. She was a plaid yet seamy Sherpa, greenly browed in ribbons and herbiage. “We are out of space,” she said. “I WWV’ed my own stars and closed twin idols.” Vanilla gremlins verily took the naughty tea leaf hint and chortled, “threnodic wimp, to dupe Earth through a long meteor shower.”

          There went a snoring, let out to deal lagniappe at sundry known mud poets’ supple Heathrow.


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