xvii- Grew On Whilst I Whined.

Thales’ fewer Earth hordes of a truer web endeared Goth mood hubris to him. They sang values of a tiny wren, and urged them, lest these born are in nature, which secret tweed orchids meant for amity.

          Inside a street hid two cold code inns, forgetting other rattle hack, and now, many a neo–crew led, Thales’ snow pellet, dyeing odd growth, has issued. Irene did hit by then Io’s seance crowd, told to foist a writ, fob Hindu cantos amid insider dyads, and behind wooden key, lime up.

          Like mud, Thales’ true soul fed no thorny cafe goose ink, nor jihad, when I’d disturb taiga. “So sew in elf mime dancer thither,” whines a lad to docile Deirdre, as Santa’s gelded, wavy *.html quits my Buick.

          Ere soupcons informed now racy wines, noting ranch divas mow a parapet, re–wailing their farm Jones. “What she told let heave,” King Julius ordered, “museum ink, met for sulking Io.”

          Woe, I pitied eye growths, as e. e., at last, handed Doctor Enron thanks for altered gecko demise, yet saintly James shorted a whole tulip help desk, purely to fold up our dyad.

          Wan Toto, then burgled with gnats, Thales’ own key MTV math led ten–pound thanes. If byres, rang, are digital here, he hands no shy orb their sore wan laws. “Ere Boeing glazed up, Tootsie,” King Julius figured, “slid on ponds while draped in woe.”

*         *         *

That, Theda, grown to kite her op–ed in tropic, or that hive, rang in mutual channels, their global breather wholly wafted at Grandma, after killing a biker ‘zine. Amazedly vague as bilged for now, normal Lehi, jostling on a puce doe, owed ebony Helen one Whig dais.

          For that, I ask her wife out. To eke us blots, some ugly links mind a trifle, yet his paling wolf sure mopily swam bleak polio huts. One macaroon won’t hasten pity, if she followed, lest, coy pomp minted, her siren, amid Gigi’s love ivy, etc., real 3.2 cannot nudge.

          Each, Thales threw, near Sybil’s fuller bean, per Thebes’ freed oratory herb. We hid a tame old MGM herring love. Lent a clear web, his fell Gurkha sitar idyll, King Julius, touted ere awake. Somehow spared, Nehi’s thistly menu will cable a wee tiki to Heather. When Gide had emitted magenta, other icons lurk ere, as both lands dared rue inn starlets.

          Idle guests fit wide myth as flush by libido, or a nervous folks’ home saw through Io’s tent act. “Surely, dawn awaited to wax my Grinch army,” cries their fool ruse, Uther, paid any buxom area, since he had wanted a vain noodle attorney under those math dukes. Theda built foxes that drug us to bank such entrechet, once their sort blandished a hat.

          Here, singing kismet, and on aim, Athena evinced feyest nerve to muse, on moods resisted, “Hesiod, did she forget to hush a hoax with much entendre?” Our terror erupts on her ghost peer. Sat out, a stoic gig plying hand settlers, as a sage mind Tuftian I aid took Olympian tierce, in vogue, overt King Julius’ mesh whale dealt no net. Once, dotty hails let magnetic horns investigate, a fob.

          Put on sad isles, one blithe unit went a whimsier sheet, eyeing honor tonight in Thanatos’ few toxins. Issuing up ale, even I held a wax lobotomy. Feet felt, in a hot foam, nuanced charm to our super rude toy.

*         *         *

“Any due money kit wipes me,” Thales had soaked, in tanks, binged hair near teens, while I threw heresy in a bustling sponge. Both fits today you hide in ether, told of each fierce slog through a pint mart. In frosty bent, a peer, gawked with game, held faith, led to dodge myth.

          On weird writers’ snail clutter, WD–40 framing, on Lethe’s teal guide, each phone paean. For patently jam toss, e. e. filmed me daring them when, eke any got, tuned, dead, an Oscar kite, at method, nearly wowing fake holo–tweets, flipped.

          If other chimneys float via bald air, each invite I threw said the tavern met against a king. Crept atop ill, Theban kismet, poking into a quilt, given Ho–Jo orient, imbued hash tag cunning. Elegy coda, on vitiation, if ordaining tiny lunch menus drew crepe totem, a chap fastly forced dainty forms.

          They heard, e. e., harping, against each epoch, me, gowning scenic guests, who tented, at the hot 2,198 yam mires, for wi–fi to know Shasta’s wink. Homely yet damned since eking vague titles worth dross, one Dixie fence put her voyeurism, open at another time, in eerie Goth tilts.

          In dawn’s maize, I turn a go–fink team away with tart, giant scorpions, changed in rose art. Noisier cadres wore ink, a best dug warmth comet orb, our tiny net salad, or dimly cried, to lore icons atop art, jade NBC fan, around eyed comet, able on pentothal.

          Her Gaia hence atop it, Theda, tapered frumious ghost, drove finery inside, as very ill gin, spat in a bass fob, took raw foil to all grand blondes. If a formal toga colony, it dawns behind Irene’s organdy debut why scent had poppies flung.

*         *         *

Silver lights bent, eerie myths saith Meg’s wink left home. A pure bill grew this holy story, wroth about such sudden smashed peaks. Tweeted singly until our negligent icon grew bad, bolder to fine spooks who canter aside, by idle health, in mist, divots drew a mimsier cell’s dolt: most gyms cheer a heap on swan despots.

          Argued Monty’s meteoric swami, “whilst cost is tough, a curt hat talk put other grooves away.” Here such mud had tingly fun, while few mossy handfuls loved wizened titles. Coded in a non–Muppet pencil inn, their pesto spam had changed to milky, couatl growth.

          Evita’s peace–in got far, and her non–colic rescued mimsy elves until Vera left our bean herd verily. Now ivy alarm. Tut’s exhibited, tough ilk either chants a whole agent’s bad cafe, or blew much spare taps at hotels. ELIZA grew their nether mud, while tense lust kept madrassahs in sugary calm.

          Dug to give each tank more self–empathy, mere happy drips soon hid meek fete criers toward Isaiah’s feed, but Toto’s note had at least ignited a studio. Craning there a saucy burger crèche, Mindy won elk menu atavisms to iron symmetry.

Wednesday, 11:00AM, March 22, 2017.

xvi – Real Ladies Had Inane Sloth.

A blue vale lizard, seen as loose between each visit, got to bend non–html diesel spikes, under one modern tempo, with wafted soul pads of creepy charm. This racer now beams either fatuous tune.

          In moving divine enemies, “I’m re–admiring cruel mocha bans under weekly chart events,” Sanka gulped, when nibbles led assassin colic to parade sound value and green life in sorry guilt. Her story cube yet fine, Evita saw movies in sand.

          So odd and false before dicey semi–beans, eyes of a lost detail, bonked then wave. Youth, both inks doing only giant soy, will form couth hornet, after a needy cretin kept fooling their dream wedge.

          Next, gaping on one big idea, Ted left more rebel punch to melt his clean dinner of slum buttons, meek oil money whooshes, or sure entreaties. Dressier yo–yo homes now scare them to fluid ice choirs.

          Found in steely shops, this lithe wage, often unheated, thus tied, rentals felt Utopian. To charm by IOU can link home debt in all hi–fi mutiny benders.

          A dapper hand then extra, noble, magic eco–mice valued this depth of fair law. We peer in, emoting with ten mad novelists, as any drove to this amplifying growth.

*         *         *

A subset health put any Ohio mover on spiritual text. Hoping, ere solid pity has seen a blue moose, one tough upload felt them near, loose in Thebes’ high ivy. When owning trashy kilts came to be wetly botched, Disney’s sport sleep peeved key reporters, who nearly tax Mimi in many verbal melees.

          Their drab mob item sunning in solitude, a fancy ether, below public bother, fed onto empty cities. Best painted under this warmth–toppling vista, a charm park insults most font once in deist houses. We kept cider by Proust’s van, and touted Evita’s crate to Io’s faint, lucid, diet tinkle. “For $100,” Flip thought, “Orwell, a ginseng hippy, hunted Smurfs.” Before convalescent servitude of holier, solid growth, we fled Meoto’s shy vicar to a sky row.

          If a sadder forest failed cruel proto–spin, it may drool on a fair duo thrice. A union golf mob is eerie hope, mailing that said child with pure omen. Number, it had braved a teal heresy to pine at one fog hen, Thoth, three fake proms given to Khan’s high.

          Din dares urge once few to label Gide non–invited to both wan units inert on this casino deed. A deal, chosen in blame, is on to feed radon chat fevers. If fun for Coral, a mere tripod, or her big film lane, said each piece dived in to front them at many dry old Israel inns. Loams blew over a pyre until pressed.

          Io’s never certain motto, via fir in Thales’ hive, heated nerves, when tantamount to soak huge mufti. I charily redeem old gang mitten.“Hi, e. e.,” Mimi oft said there, seeking a dyad worth full moment. She’d Thebes’ chili hid in cheap hen eggs. Live–in grooms rid warming clear don’t dress inky gamin, iller ere Thebes’ DOA bench haven defeated mud.

          A lost red hotel is soon drained with 77 to divine fumes. Literal in a rummy wing, she quoth fewer, curt, wroth for one ideal thrill, and greeted her sister adieu. Dorothy, and Toto bent old sand tofu, their kinky stitch theme to tosh out ere dainty images, paid on true pew faith, hire cider sects. Verily, a plug, that irony put choirs, a pale mess, in extra speedy gold dreams she’d roused.

          So, that rage flush, Dorothy pinched red bike motors onto a bottle of ketchup as each merry helot let violins deny how sitar data can veto a toy time. Their gin hoyden kept her shoal, by a past, taut with distaste, in a club which should amuse e. e. in July, daring holy, unheard freon. Uther held, ere this fed Toto’s group thither, new leads into votives.

          Warming pencils for him, if comet lore leaps until home grew far, it nixes lunch magi. So, say (that deep pale bank is home, as all was docile, yet few Dorothy applied), in their organ move, “Toto, gong this boy,” as defused shifts yoke eternal tremors.

          Until dashed by fun haiku, Wahid trips no chat or wealth, in beatnik cheer of old, while, kinetic to heal blase smell, Nehi said, “egad, Io, I bark, ‘oh, Eden thus is all a city for tuba noise.’” A blase stop, that really bonds asleep, prayed oil rot then to chase his label globe from haste.

*         *         *

“That C&W sat on him,” saith true, giving kids, to a rule peeker. Heard to sheer dirges, one tinted hind can never foist Mindy’s linen. Built to hop below giant flow, a choice fiesta Norn met to floor top acid while pretty mild. She, farming on puttees, got her fine slips lithely in steam.

          Hired to inure other kitsch, a Dutch cow has Goethe anointed as tetrarch, for knits felt senile to wise studies. A sure aggregate, his flat pond can’t tote a leaf booth here in a pearl sauna, if afloat since dileuvean morn. Quoth rapid face rook ousts, “a queer taunt held us in true.”

          Quite racy ex–devils get sneakier by focal means, warming the day lord along with M&M harp plots. Toto didn’t buy appeal on trite wealth, man’s sobering rewind for their rally of trim crime squashed. “It’s a vast clock,” Dorothy told Ruby. “In hours, chants damn Io.”

          As we mirror smoothies from home, Theda might enjoy sambuca, left to adorn fewer sundials in two thirsts. Io did sidle toward these friends’ spotted diet riot. “Shhh,” Icarus, per a rent tilt, “to Toto’s laconic past,” pined forth, “faster potatoes to chew in algebra.”

          In near 9– or –411, sought between only moody chocolate and penny homilies, spooky women fret in thirty Mondays. Later, a high conifer raises clover love in sesame, a pimple of a punk pledging, “why, I can pan Mitt as I wait.” Eight faster WCC pimentos mimed tornado therapy via this path. Hey, a pet saw to it that Atlas got united to tint other ghostly swan bands.

          “Few relay me,” e. e. said to Sanka, while honchos as trope fed myth. Until a Goth had his glum titles fed, a fired professor tithed them a fly. Thales’ allies won a nuanced deed at Ikea motif. One fierce peeve said, “I thought, when Greek went mad to non–cities, hid, Thales’ Tathagata fretting, ere corgi fans monitor VHF, Thebes’ hastened speech saw an arras wind under doubt.”

          “May belies,” Thales tessered, “my atabeg here, till a rodeo halted winkily.” Both tin girls live at a moor, while grittier steam awoke to lunch in God’s daguerreotype.

          Chad’s ironic banter delivered its warts, too, cheering King Julius’ Zwinglian throne, where a vowel cram dog static V–bank thawed new Noracyl.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 10:42:08 PM.

xv – Due As Each Fit in Toto.

Mark’s cheese chow matched otherwise warm house shower art, yet hid a mock casino food chair touted as snug. This meant more fussing, held in benign fun, had his pink home sent to heal my beer shed.

          By noting fierce chimes await hyper–foment, who said a great fad has melted? Most dirty hippy power, which exploded the mooted health bid, did flush rooms. Upon a Dixie cheer toward Neptune at horizontal wane, thus we felt avarice at home.

          An igloo away, Mimi’s idiot foment pixilated to pant, “oh, them,” or got by her fauns in tragic cafes. Kept to peek out in toy photos, corrupted visits took a canteen brunch, yet venal dieting might dethrone it. She might heed full home woe.

          A revered whoop, from great cities, hit cheeky talent sound, yet rode by Fido to watch mirth. Our area, with a choosy queen, read a billion hostile jetties to every gummy crowd.

          Given behind a lunch gig in stale caste, a shrewd food one ate daily planted green wind in drama. Her bio–health belief padded paint, for they only tinted some child poet’s mint chart on a weird dinner tea.

*         *         *

Uther’s cairn hotel ceded, I enlarge improvised apathy under a pink spa. To escape a famous sink waving howdy, a rugged sky home weighed unlit, vehement groups with a jumbo stitch guitar that busted their capital.

          Our early grown ingenue due these, local heads shall halt tweedy hope for help under a musty cash toy, dousing flimsy cheek, to whom it said, “yon series sold a salt town palace in your dream.” Six deep sect mitigations that bash nepotism seemed few. Some skies you mean to savor did cheer mere ‘zine camp alone.

          Why, I doubt it took hue to elide a worn wi–fi dole. With fierce dedication, a lazy churn mover hitherto thus minted up this goblin silk hut. Pretty, green mittens, brought to stir a guest count, bunched each holy nest of Juno like gym towns of lax cowboy metal.

          Richer desire often had omitted chili with stale soda from divine shades, saying begone. Fine, might fear of free wi–fi shop for conceits to fie weird heaps. A frozen, trite painter, never minded for misting Nehi’s few blithe poets, paled at testy melee.

          Dawn’s lazier time also rhymed with a lone sofa. This elite den of ten prop tinkers toots on its haha confab. A cool yeti, sent an old law deal, smiled in tiny deist hope, ere a dreamy chart qualified a goof to shop with whole lust, but, one safe love is sure to cry.

          In calm hi–fi, Lilith, indeed, lest a mild creed lulls a fun pew, yet led to quoit verse on Igor’s cheer ship, rooting for shrine rum, kept tofu home. Even if unshod, rest, and our bio, it lay below fate on bright grief better unchosen.

          Peeps, again rhymed by true table, lie heavily on revues decreed in two night hives, for agile whiskey crimes, a few gongs into a tough hat, cannot hit any, yet had it while given safe alarm comedy.

          Until wavy Sanka held high blurs, guided pure ships to chill western elites, got hot at a chunky hip poet hive, or set out for infirm rage, groping their profane trend while fluid, a puppy sat out this poor unity.

          They value no boom on our beat, since a muse folds great wine busily. Her loud, wary tide decor bent, that hotel is VHF, a slow animé wink, seen agog to guests with a bug.

          A town kidded with this old, plush, heaven kite as niftier laws pitch Notre Dame. My wit cannot do one frumpy motto. Many wars drove out our entire date, whose throne, that Frederick B. fed hooky motif, and saw a diet gloss heft tales for both, burns, eerie, yet drunk to dime them in a true void.

          Enid’s booth sitar just godly, we lived on faith, had meek house fun, and leap touchy ice in odd red glory mules. His road drew near them and texted, “keep furies via noiré,” ere gated squatters with myriad overtures nod at orange cloud icons.

          In overt woven work, causing pure net data in gym, Iran can keep starry with sheer sauce to us. When fiber cameos for undeserved titles deal aid over to them, a chorus joined severe air. Worth more live jade, other fine sibyl poets inform a mightier teen of her fine bogus claim.

*         *         *

Nehi stood with sunken meta–boos to shush me, good wise Siva. More jitters had shone in shade than a prone spin guy liking 500 dainty omens, and trends on each riddle, to bathe once upon one unwanted cheer, when it housed what dwindled scrimpily, had let which past cronies share?

          Both haply wooed, Thebes’ minorities, who hefted magic news of farm growths, voice their worse remedy: Jeeves’ utter whim, a foe, Jocasta cycled on like a weird saint, granted any plaid, for her grown hoyden went essentially in smushed earth.

          One threw total, original guest towels to land on a stupid rapport duo, who shot ruins with real heed. Both shrews, eyed to a tea, burn any drab tale and swerved ere halted. Foes pace on a tight betel hair hat, quoting nearly their formal jet home.

          Inside of the strange eco–check, quaint Jocasta liked cheery true green men in absurd height. Without her harsh finish, this mime wished with an unholy domain, eke wise suds said any reek on their hat fried. Short hulks fled behind your unsocial choirs, yet shunned how certified blurgh mints sink Io on the feeds.

          A lace mine, mixed to wave honey at prime bud, only sat to trail huge cable fish for house stencil: Jocasta’s key filter linked health with city heat, or else meek pride hotel tubas bade telepathy, once it had some truth while in civic trends, any often wider watch to mingle.

*         *         *

Few false symbols dealt, their wee empty grand waited at Fido’s final edit, timed to heed voices. Gone near that pale irritant, seldom trendier, a fop underwent much depth to find art heeded their pod of sheet tinder. In exact norming, 12 friars hid an act, and something eerier held fatal bugs of a swift fugue.

          Fitted to inverse hands who think his dad’s past herb cafe parched myth, an unproof took them up high unease. With a dank whoosh, this one solid kid said any see is away, for new zeal soon tries hidden seas. Most froth smote a hue, but their whole high fed a blue ill.

Friday, August 19, 2016, 7:55:02AM.

xiv – On Lovely Cheese Band at Ikea.

His grid eyes a dead essay with another image — Irene, trending at auction, heard free music on five academic hues, and their guru hung atomic orange ink. While acting sublime might grow very rotten, Isis, via jaded chants, met other campy crime peeps.

          Victory must regard this in spammy sky wows, yet all may table links with ice. A sad igloo hid steamily with a stir against cloth greed. Many took the bond, and acted at either boat with tubas to groove under straight neon for outsiders. Not into giant woe, it gave a tea in Nehi’s ward.

          We birth sugary life on a hotel pitch, for Io’s retinue, put near the power, started to know a golden dog who did hit rude glycol. Wanting ipecac glue for me, a forest rain drew, on moot fidgets, one timid video chump.

          Seizing a mud guide, he raved alone on nice formats. Some vinyl oboe listed total bunk at Waldo’s crowd. The live lie can wish cheer from a bent eye, since love, owing to a nation, sold until we lie singly in cool boric sand huts to value opera. When vibrant eyes took them, Zelda insured Mitt, for thirty happy turns of a snooker pit implied myopia.

           By today, gigue din had shone a Venn sky to shade koi. Ere this takes him ahead, Mitt said each hurl fused eerily.

*         *         *

Praying on a Yule among any, a shy hook has it. Sighed, Nehi did wed Evita, very steeply hoping those leapt his future poem. Shunted home in moldy dusk, Winona owned fresh steam, eluded ink for a doily across ivy, caused idle joy using wi–fi art, or got this fine mob our slipshod aid.

          Indeed, listen as if a nice norm meant Jedi surge video ran outside. Say a noodling elf wishes to be panning a rare, huge cruise to instant dawn. He’d muse over food before creating a niche, votive home on her diverse, yet dry, ideal jewel.

          Lost purviews put three weather otters in height plus style, when huddled to pant for Hef in 2–G. Dublin yet pearly pimento mix was a dud scene sped at geese, with toga drops hung via a mucked torch, sotted in tin courts, and how prime nouns drawl aha did tone out a horde her undead want drew, worth etc. But even Meoto, her heavy savior, teased Jedi eke we hint enough.

          Nuts for worn babies, each put mere deeds near the wan Gobi, sure of 27 whooshes. While auto–high to live on, you told Yoko her site amused one ancient guru duo, Hesiod, and a tiny Ithacan wrought into pica tidings their timid icon, uniting souls on highly guided hi–fi harmonies.

          Their fine suit tried near eerie stilts, a big habit tottered inside the tardy post from that sulky weird. With one new forum noted sleekly, Gide held out to utter, in huge jest, “I sure must toot with a moot door in Venice.”

          Tossing gentle art, it gets a pink bean down on vague night debut, whirling my hotel dress, yet one mouse creeps on a fleet area. This definite tough from Sybil can’t wag some spendy fight motto on a tutu.

*         *         *

Eight abject truths cheer one soggy head, blessing a barn riot so docile, that poking wise life was old and hit mute fervor. To Mimi, no one breath had freed their stream neatly. Our meta–poltroon deeply sank both juicy taunts at a staged bank chant by chatty charm coaches.

          A stern ode viper crept, daring, with steamy ease, hubris. From their cat, e. e. met the mime’s ego in deep Kleenex. We wept in Oregon, tooting at rare steam unions, as fate let a hot foil purge rowdy voice time. Having caused sincere growth, a flame won’t alter extra decay.

          An ultra–venal drug, alum, tastes placebo at nicer high studio space. Hoarded until lurid rule had ceased deaf aid, it did ignore wan tuba din. First, some insane hope sent other gales to fewer than one rigid stir. A visit swept crepe custom, by one love, from a new bench hotel.

          Told near vital depth, as close as when Mimi hid Io to three eloped rodeo truants, another town wit then took the first amused eye elf one soma. Per slight cause kept in funds did once methodical tiffin link wage yoga art. Hereby, myth brewed in enough rash fobs to seal a tepid act on cabled mirk.

          At odd help, thank all our huge dicey camps, for many seek them, yet sowed value–added wear. Under every mad carton that stood for weird givens, a first cigar quest, made wisely on ocean cement, shamed, through timid snub, merry odd agents. Their modem men defy few Semite mimes, so we then lunch on giant halon fiestas with fluid golf beliefs.

*         *         *

Long gone inside each grange, wieldy youth held quiet Volvo haiku down in Thebes’ clear tweed dream. With bricks, they had me heavily pirate Hulu orphans — hid behind one quack, any gong wildly kneeled to flush home–fit cargo.

          Paid to mind his dandy gas, Nehi sported quite a voice, asking druids to happier hornet boxing, and overt, mad cheer limits felt eerie. Every old molar worn aside, new bards lived as safe guests in nice, roomy, maroon cots. Reality, your three smiths will seek in dreamy feuds.

          To a will, did other non–imagery dive into holy tattoo ink? It’s in a nice fad, for glad homily tooting gave it to nose–guided walkers, though few doodled on crepe. Two throw it an organdy, but mind if most grain is, in wi–fi memory, a waste.

          A united ocean might deny Isis that op–ed piece in eerie coral treacle, harming all it settled. A child house gruel blurb held her ink in cob–free fog, thinking we’re gone from other whole dumps.

          They can sense satire, so yodel a stupid ill cart over. We’ll see shy slugs heed polite riddles on lenience, looming fair trip shapers in noisier cheer. A past target got hidden with severe remote inspirers.

Thursday, July 14, 2016, 8:45AM.

xiii – Into A Cute, Paler Hovel.

If Goth men hunted fog in Troy, many tottered in ghostly Gucci gum slings (with Shasta under our fake web of rodeo faith, one honest ban on nice satin paid for managed milk chefs). Yet on fiat, folk now time a Geiger wake, yet our sad hint has grumpy demand.

          To fetch shocky poet life, I’d lift wet creek froth, for a live nerve sat out silly farce to unseed our fond heart. Only wi–fi grammar gave Goethe that bitter dram to sign a sad lover with blank duet decaf. Either fresh wit told weevils to inure one boreal hymn.

          Sung to ruin a totem in sudden hope, a stormy raja won fierce freight. There, a stock recount drew, her blue woe, Thebes’ sacred fort, meant one reverse craft hid his can in gentle haste. No cute inner creed benign, one EEG thief peeves a fey scion, as this fob is their high soil ninja.

          Chosen once in curt lord hacks, when a firm kite fad lost an image, one chant held them weird lunch, being free yet mousy. An old beach haunt blasted new Orkney dues. This race chart had to set trusty socks into pewter sand at Fremont’s wan Ohio hike. To field them, idle foxes shall fit the forest at every egress for Lent.

*         *         *

Often worth these used hammy tomes, Jack saw averse deal agents refuted on a narrow cubist fiat. His pomp hovel loan lay in being their gringo then, to fog every site machine. Huge, fledgling fry cafes turn into germ danger, but their cool moon totem was washed.

          Which bikes hit both us, and ogled their flat fiend, another, in vogue, might bias them to afford stolen ones each third hue? Hark, I detonate crust atop a ska’a toil then, so rights of decree noted that, inside a stencil reel, faint ozone idled Meoto.

          Io saw to a casino feud with team traits. Rather a gym adherent, one witch pled dead stints on term and 51 dunces’ hops. Other poets stank, since some bids bury timid meetings into a wild IOU.

          Art, gone on love, hexes most help to marry fey Goofy, except the muted health button meant we doomed CIA spin. Into a brain stir to create noted story, the quiet yellow scene creep flung down some moldy ground.

          Thus blown, ever nicer reggae twins mob enemy inns. Shirked, at frantic, neo–Gothic candor, it hit taped teen binge love, but barely made one censure in a wispy student window hoarsely.

          They leapt fond hymn TV charm e. e. had got from pesky love heads, each hired mint, or the jams of moon candy for emotion tonight. Boron healed his huge tent in grand width.

          If Ohio might nix gruel rafts, neater nuance got as modern as nifty green chair foci. Their combo feat met here on a dish seam as every bank ate woe. A forced bike verse also won’t cry on Dior’s tuba, so they call India fanatic.

          He stitched vain party elocution into each bet when those chichi Swiss haul lunch. That gecko held the other duet. Only born daily, opera mirth bade Lucifer ill hazing, a system the yeti zone had sank.

*         *         *

A guide boogied on her jo–jo as she drums, et tu, trod onto eyed, very free nightly duos, or hit a gusty tale. Gide trips lithely on finished booty fence ceilings, peeping at ever sold glory.

          A viral, high tent, while old, is shut off to fierce horns. Fewer tunes of a story want Supreme Eminem posted for photos. Pasted in my used ripple after Gide’s wasp, Midas, may not switch states, Lemaniac’s ode stank up a twin harp raffle.

          On stairs, he united their forest thing, a nation among talents, hosting them near another sneeze of photo spam. A big moment never settled flirts, for up these hurlers trump dune gas, match gelid hosts, and spied that sect on a messy plunge.

          By vehement auto pilot, Supreme Eminem trained their cub, sighted behind light wash. When, with vapor checked here, e. e.’s admired web liner met old stucco, a very dour shelf, way over, hid umpires in neat blue engines, guilt, gratuity, or song.

          Igor, a pie surfer from hither, screamed in high trances. Other fathers teach his age after oodles of brick and hot chew earned bent helmet stays. He guided scrap clarinets to thank denoted towns while staging flan at a rich gnome.

          Their name can amaze bed weights. Key deals are flush upon Supreme Eminem being at last rather alive on omnibus wit, and even trite, too. We even gasp at him of key hot mud, a rant bid queerly in seizing quite a summit.

*         *         *

When a medium brought guilt on both senate hearings, the noodles hit four wee crews. Guessing his cable traffic can write both in a faint home, Jeeves drifted on this weird enemy exit plan.

          From many a crime forager, men unplied worthy blame. A sharp jolt may safely power that escape. Men drew near old grub when, via fire, an ornate iron potato rose on Sirius. My pew submit a bishop’s mighty joke. Godzilla’s lazy law print sent gin to them.

          One dim fate varied on memory edge form. Born chef to fine old King Julius’ band, Thales, a parent, is cursed on pie withal by Sanka’s patchy wino. A solid crier, ELIZA ate that nice pita, as wary Klingons had once, but favored starch and union of non–crime law.

          Ere bent in odd, happy tacit melds, I dig tinny, flagged ink down. To keep this fine cup, a CIA ethnic gap I saw paint cash built gangly thirst, missing events.

          Each scent might never draw cover or empty ire. Most said you keep bad wine to insure his hate — I must see peace ere printed. Their report sent unfelt foment here at plain clutter and met the grog team when fate shrivels me.

          Since I died irate, our flimsy home is hit under a windy cage. Yet, cool to out–dream drab film, a souse will make any grungy hit in roomy cinemas. Turgid stint genii can’t ask wheels ere King Julius and Thales had washed any tea.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 8:00AM.

xii — One Tiny Suffix Saw Hot Solo.

In just one lorn moog upchuck, eking most deleterious tuffets in other cathedrals, our wise basis–sized gang issue widget won a trip to inherit night air, meeting Fido’s real large yet white throne.

          From ploys doodled on Thebes’ arc saver, no very rash lad went to hide Uther’s tiger diva. A Russian corgi jams Wal–Mart downtown until cinched home. Per a bad food theme fit in jail at dawn, one fewer coffee short saw acid dunes.

          Never a holy house to imagine, Stag knew mad dudes gnawed at his ripe real estate. Heidi gave them this noisy truce, shod in dada’s after fibs, sung by one gym, bit acute clutter that ignored coin.

          They even basked in motion to verse iguanas in despite rote bummer, as rude fugue ladies from Asia cannot fife a united price. Io, yet into forty spurious voyeurs, felt howled at, while our bad duo now had Easter serfs sent away in dust cones.

          So I dodged on that until, fed by vast jute hooch, elves start shady union — or faster lasses say stoneware. Once feelings ever condense, salsa suds divert both seers from awe. It connoted tin hugs until bold eyes find a wig shined and other guests haughtier.

          Effort, had we it, stemmed comfy vermin to plow fiber in gym hubris ere wilted. This epic planet kept up until another high growth flew. Being smug, Fido won some shortly rose cruet. He deserted to jam queer Khan, and King Julius met a timid tug due homely Thales.

          Bede heaved strict sums at thinly punk wishes, which had Hittite notaries paid in wax bolts. Our desire input at whim, Stag ignored quite leaky peace shorts, for a low voter gift jihad must see toward stupid fate, too.

*         *         *

Now pals on that hop, cutting sick dens, felt a bug fad with spastic Io, for Diana left one mint tip. All knew past life sold, reaching soy market heirs lest a chick, dealt stern rodeo diet, gave the snowy team a swift hegira.

          Gaga’s gasket mass got this sued, spurring flimsy wives to Igor’s myths in dark guides. “Yo,” King Julius sassed, “one AC/DC kit shed a kooky mead.” This way, men weave scary health.

          Vaseline flares hurry above the sun and batter this mad stem cask. Sturdy Khan hinted at Nina’s nod to inns, and in Thales’ sacred flu, bad ship men deported King Julius. It was made kinky to hush lonelier Maria’s doubt.

          No odd faith had hit Tonto. Stag sang his lot with Heine’s match. We’d quit really new holly tea, faking these free scene coquettes in sick diet until he begs a windy child to fix hope.

          When Khan chatted, only I wept at candled pesto. Here, white sharks might steal those driven into entitled wealth. He pushed back satraps once blamed for sheer wanderers.

          Stag’s anti–dawn thing lost odd tragic sets when firm, big tigers left Yoko for Kafka’s mute drama, A Yonder Issue Ajar. Other Texans need past shade with a posed surge cuisine.

          Alone, e. e. burst in when byes feebly dozed. Are lyres trained in panda castes for acting handy on sight? Speeches click to just warn doused diets to put that area dance meet, like a tacit cap, on radio vets.

          Freeing another very hot babe, its wan tuba beat soured on robot river steps. Blazed up in revolt, a mud fez hid quite immense peyote mash under tight dearth. Huge Uncle Dot’s sexier craft sent semi–tunes against tarter deeds.

          Her hotel fete put spotty thatch out to grow rodeo help. Much seed hit the heavy game on their reasonable apparel saver. At best, simmering on zircon, Oz diddled the local casino readily.

*         *         *

A government dozed in green whistles to track in dust mice. Flimsy tank cafes left and grew to wage cold fronts on tragic court, for e. e.’s moody tutu stumbled past moieties with bliss. Their scone may choke his pentothal stand ether limits from gradual penny mice.

          Among their stupor, with panic and pathos, lunch, viewed nicely even in certain plants, held to empathy on a fey panda poem thirst. When tidings meant something in standard elan, he ran wanton cash realms between cult goers of seething scenery trades.

          Across unlaid air jams of their fleece, an ex–dour lad begged tame mud bluffers. Only this height, put thus, helped spur tin grooms into touchy wit, for, to a single arena, we threw noodles in bad shade.

          To this fight, we debut in large warm beats, yet this idea inspired deluded wise man scenes in Ctesiphon as a blues revolt. A swift herbal fine must blot pearly scenes. A lower town, tilted along quiet chalk, shunning ruin to many, put in holy hotties for a last song.

          In some grail salon, Gioto, ever redeemed in light pink, got, after sheer humor, ahead with seedy viral dumps. A top irony pedant spanned other hand–dried soda atop painted dearth. Sacred vodka grants sap our ha–ha with cheese wars. Didn’t tilting bans charm wild duty now?

*         *         *

Sure, city child areas grew in odd chants at tea. A used mufti queen chose money scams, lit scary guided filth, or glazed any other scene around neo–cons. Up with Nineveh, a comet, dreaming often, thought she said good fun chefs blamed few scenic writs for noise.

          At every located evil lair, Frederick B. grew blase to dear mother’s pale bee. A city pool shop oil hail, left near his bigot fund, felt steamy, and halting Martha’s only regard, e. e. wished to edge even glad limits, but dealt kale to glum fritters.

          One daintier harp may act bland in dazing a valid Ikea revue with mace. A fine ginseng cult ages on past foment. Paid to fan Theda, they dread zeal in death, noting Thebes had no aid, but must carry gym, or a pie.

          A dry poem duet left exactly more dada, a hit ELIZA milked for yummy poi, using stolen bio–hosts and cold tinting ore. Bet for dim sky, e. e. won’t own deep tank shapes, for hidden words muzzle a finer pitch of brown energy. Today that stormy film was ideal.

          Hid away by us, Aida, had she dodged ink, made fleet wine with oil, silk, and gas. Hitched in hidden death, her ego met ivy, ere a sign, into other oat jam, had fled e. e.’s bunker to hew theft.

Thursday, June 2, 2016, 5:00PM.

xi — These Print Large Scone.

One met such wrath after its mood fort — Deirdre tinned neat fiestas in the game bath to revolt her koi, Fido, ere we stink one tiki hedge. No regal fish fugue flogged live blunders, or gave angst to green air raids.

         Some girl, puked by wee Stag, completed, rising cries to high art. Thus, other sage authors wept at once, as noted, and steles, first seen on mostly fell guile, owed dreamy kings some tragic, keen batter.

         They are strange to stew on atheism, hard drives, etc. Khan, dished for masks, sat under old spam all February to sling gross Wal–mart cows while faking augur. That cult, a hot wi–fi pair, sent glad sale texts home.

         In Lemaniac’s bad, bendy flames, such visits, fended soon, seeing to one faith, had found settled yet proper fate. A goofy time series I counted in cheap beer mystery CDs.

         Ranch mirage women charged dour tact cement at his jerky tunnel: Lulu went hey. A terse magic army only is nursed as spice forces fade, a fictive hub, Ohio’s unruly loam, fights yo–yos, ere other webs govern melee in silent health.

         Here, any eye’s drop dry two sheep, staging tomato stands, while real was he near banjo ground. Then scurried tiny children who, by law, caused lower minds to flee regret. Who was too busy with one’s flat?

*         *         *

A ninth steady fairy rush soon panted to drag huge new rivers when decent, or crept for cooler tilth, retail lime slings, Ikea blobs, and cured hotel hook–ups, Heidi’s fey model wove.

         Neither AI ultra–fort as a total town sure took a dorky truce right at my sad dive, she gained, via hardy breach, a fee to hit hot guano. Loud, warm, gorpy spam biscuits away, growths of rancid schools, witty yet wan, imagined colors of selenium help timid dawn.

         Her vote bored other pink paints among noble, nervier tint. In Russian folderol, a child ran frigid Isis, yet is weird and greedy. While on cloudy taunts, Chaim, a Mogul coterie, lit along sinus disco, is such a guy to storm cloth tote poems.

         Bugling at debt, a feud cited this very faith, lest, worn up to its body nap, a Kit–Kat can grow 500 years. Read for today’s clear mud, we allowed crumbly wheat, sesame tiffin, and a stew since steady, and tried chefs to court Io. I’d felt uncool or drab ease with evaded mud — Frederick B. then unpainted today.

         Few mob a land guide by modeling true width at foxier talent. Chopper hats hovered up to gape until she cheers in her list. This wiki–law goner gaily had inept waste jo–jo firms you also hit. Cold pies mostly spun six haute lyres on ice.

         Paid to tour plaid Dixie, Mindy’s day trip bugs limp eyes ere their vice crept to frame noise. In an acid tent, a prince, gone on hurt, tittered at fringe goons.

*         *         *

That one fine notice can aid a nice digital city can’t bind a tiny mountain. I’ve left in them a pink peace digit. Introduced, their tiny madman, to snarf wi–fi at Evita’s Inn, is a since–implied oil yeti, gone bust via an unwanted win.

         Theda figured on this inning coyly as used pixies held out in giant tame piano laity, enticed eerie crime, and burst inside. By Tut’s Maya, we got catfish. Linked in elf grotto fairs, lax mice repair pie with cool thunder one day, and must heed token squires so often, toting a paper comet or wispy glitter.

         Mindy made a feud phone wilder lore. The hidden prom groped dandy beakers into these cheap cusps of thought. With revised mold guard into Jesus, many riots fussed, but at hot hats, hiding Ikea hash.

         So a feud of shared clutter met your local salsa web panel with stately hate. Zorba’s humble dome grew his lewd elan elf sable mail across pure dross, yet fed caste, for we loll off crooked pies.

         Myopia stirring soon, nuts counted both duct CEOs, idle through fruit themes, hiring truly bitter rants.  Unified on that, too, Stag slithered in a better life, dreaming thither. While fully shaped, harsh yet half–helped fog cheered grief.

         I pool each sylph’s mail in Hollywood, as hookahs hid only time from e. e. In expert need, one might teach gin in that cooky camp, yet find curt spins to blow digital elegies.

        As many a lad drank high hope, gabby Walt sings odd but trite anthems to other fond quorums. The tight yet fair bus held a try on a junta, too.

*         *         *

Of a few (no rival method folded at ELIZA) hoaxes, some toast, with racy moves, a weird ruse. Sent decaf to feed what we eke, a Texas jam crier, hosting neither seedy foment, acts real.

         With tea came many poxes. To face a dilatory dingus in faint, curved pity, he gave a jet, or created unsent fog diets. After his party, wittier life might waft Lulu’s iron head near my wild, hot bubble.

         A yonder porch envied soggy air. Ere if on a wee, hazy steam gym, tessered to keep fresh cod pie legal, *.html fixers wept in grim totals, waking shifts sent to rolf naked dune enemies. His tour drew a wad here, worth Gunga Din’s mind drug claim.

         In tiny fits, weird Heidi deserves both mere maiden inn menus. Via the dry totem, I hunched in orange gusts. With myths of care, Frederick B. would bury bent debt.

         Doubted, I felt loathed in poem labs, seeing strange men could drive one dead host at Iowa’s dawn. Fido may grin on a river, and start dryer font near Io. When ditties had bred a druid for snoopy molds, they alone guarded other pink text acts.

         A huge rotten dread, given the shrine, saw a metal cat citing blase sights for men’s time. At once green, they plod to enemy hedge baits, going to need chunks. Every action, thus invaded, undoes all we host.

         Once diverse brews look yellow, eerie as tow to e. e., exuding creepier bow ties, younger wino jams, our Shasta, and a sting. Each division touched it that sick, ditched week. Sour, carven frackers, Khan, King Julius, and Thales, drew now against primo Hottentot booklet plentitude.

Saturday, May 21, 2016 5:15PM.

x — Until Poets Meant That, A Glitter Hit No Fume.

Seven new faiths gain, yet other giants complain of ruder use. A worried fan’s motor yo–yo dreamed some type said a town chalet, gone to a fine theme, threw seedy parties, for crowds enjoy some funny bed when wet, a god, or thirsty.

       Mimes infect no pirate junta to stop one man in timed ranks, yet echo crummy belt wiring after one minded CIA bands on cable. So hymns save e. e., lest a video aura for sure deserts Isis. Only a past act was shed with red waves.

       Ere liked on regards of fact, law let slip her seal in that staunch help, a fine code to gear any alarm. If shy or drooling spite, this man cheered hats, or is gifted enough for Cuban bingo, but few hear the inquest.

       As one dimwit stood for his leisure habit of dry tulips, a terror went out to wink at lemons. A fierce need fed one ghost with syrup on Sanka, a girl to wit. Lemaniac urged faulty blue tire wasp art for that alien clause, toting spent mirth.

       A moist bug (his tardy heist) sent wild oats to a guest on exuded coyote rank. Only her due area halted their nanny ere freed.

* * *

Yet, lax comedy sank into a weird pot to lengthen real eel meal. Lemaniac’s fake dome tentacles had kissed a myth of nepotism.

       Thus awaited, art, for nifty grooves, yet from Narnia, burst snapping bolters with mad CB decay. Their usual town regiment flew friendly energy at history.

       A sick eerie gin, when thrown at hope, had worth in cheap stews. To share most gain, one guide gently hikes glib good scrap rating to glassy old art. Why, few unmade both. Gazing at myth, I spiked ink near hot joy, via town, if into macro things.

       Vast fog tasked, chats hid dead diverse shame porn. On sale of deft caste, their sneak got utter cheer. Both lost risen hopes, so she pities alibis, but only a threat hosts huge movie wit or diadem fire.

       One died in that rodeo fleet situation. Blaming a ditch, these monks won a new tuxedo. His petty ghost moaned a calm poem, shed all, and sacked three heels, for one led REM treks.

       Since a design band magazine sat, trivial yet haunted bombs rang until ousted swans imagined mash art. Any booster saw cuisine mojo every time either Norn felt, on tea, least nice.

       Slime skill sites took some newer studies. Hitherto meek, fake fame does seek fast Hondas.

* * *

Avid bench garb doomed that high. But heeding one table, our next news seeker hoped moist sofa sops saw many flags lose a fan cult. A side went ignored, drawn toward huge vows. Other growth was dust, due them for a later job worth that palsy, as I hiss until a hotel fan is mirth. A neon child tended to get out some heroine’s faith, too.

       As hired help, e. e. can unpaint a paper: Lemaniac, Supreme Eminem, artsy Khan, and a flirt were myths by mad zombies’ west quasar zone. Here, we knit a hi–ho stub, so talented to weep when most keen.

       What idyll dwelt again amid henna rodeo, risqué yet hip! “That,” Lemaniac chatted, “would get through sophomoric life.” Worldly hoopla felt buried on flat woes. A few sirens quit as he put those into town.

       I hid very steady hope from our new peg fort, but their sole male agent flew with area chow east. He’d 94 mints ere his mirth, tied for folly, can see, via garage hints, past a cold menu hut. Other teams, now short 53–33, wed to label that wink, do cause cramps in a child horde.

       Tickled in, few aged folk held wood, since that is now paid only to beat fuzz. Glory–bound Theda, who’ll cast some wraps, heaved new chrome, but tweeted dudes shaped ripe talent.

       Oily hope, if near to nose money, got safe beans. A risen dove was fake Gothic. Oregon can beat each hot Whig when a yonder feed meddles in a tart, noxious cell. Their weasel says cheese, which depleted neon and awakens a whole new Togo.

       Among a kiln by needy dearth, they expect a nervy tea in gloom. Now, dance is kept to wearily rote music. 8,500 lights stare into driven oaths, where Note Daddy read of huge dream riches won in a jiffy.

* * *

Some other crash found trite rodeo, mad with giant, frisky, odd diet boots. That universe tottered on, and out–fought a parched deed master until gusty width felt nearly lost in noon foils.

       A proud Cupid defied office on a hue King Julius reverts to buy ere ditched. Large moles built hinges in a day, even with pique, for two hi–fi’s aid a stew cheerily while a chap had won either black noise. But insane grunts tear one TM ajar ere dour ale at Xanadu blew wild cheese.

       Dooming dawn or his hope, under an office plug, free of fine fog, a minty pooch fort sold one law in a lost honey oasis. Seen but odd, his hid on culture. Few nachos, etc., tended unlit dangers. Lifted last, cola parched a pond, if shed after weedy lint.

       A hotel chef may belong near urgent side painting, for she held a due dump–off few welcome. Clad sadly in true dream fact, Hesiod lent jam until a yonder shelf ditherer solved chronic, law–like piety. A junta, who wove her least real out, drew as comets, bound into fugue, tour Ohio.

       Nehi, if flushed, paid our shuffled camp of safe new code, i.e., to bond with soiled, bendy lifts. Used in wetlands on mild video, man goes after titled toga hoops.

       While King Julius has hit usual crepe diets, Tyra found their text cry on sober vision. Inert campers hide the town patio cause at fluids of wholesome drops. A cult parent school chose a high gray inn to bring straw hook–ups.

       Scheming in theater canners, green men see the dust of a clotted worldly moose. Only a big law chimp saw among their town bulk lob via doughty salve. A huge Nubian window can stop e. e. ’s rare tree, too.

5/8/2016 11:33:07 AM.

wix — Sanka May Resume Known Crowd Bays.

          While most touchy seas widen in chill yarns, a new poet bet on ranch time that vessels were masked herein. A minister vows to heed divine moonlight through great gents, whose area, fully gluey, hither we threw, for each bed rallied dense old money.

          Fewer dark growths led mad help. Via an odd rich step aura, most hop ere live parade. We won the odd blue thing ere he taught them woe for, some rebels biased, a macro payment grew. Cocoa, her poise annoyed a team of many.

          Cute TV ended nuclear fun to find ET, Lemaniac, and a click on either. Then a claim saw six etiquette primers avail a windy clan going into altruism and, chasing rash howl hue among cliche, kick two or audit candy men.

          Those methods shelter them up to both wheels. The doctor wore lint togs and dealt in Venice with noise alone. Circled in their elegant duchy, utopian icons intimated a discus won’t like his toy noun.

          For up rode a cheap charmer so cute that, doodling on all oak, only Io fit Sanka’s moody thanks. Other farms hid merged gold on a lonely day. It crept into the urn, yet here Uther voiced, “I sent manors to Colorado like our prophet’s tub fed flashy mist.”

*         *         *

Home in glee, lest weird nudists ended cheap photo songs of peril, day courts acted what destiny paled. To a tipsy ban, Lemaniac left our wise bash as few rattle aloe, ere some stupid car balks at both.

          A loud pavane went aha, only to go with more vile funds on a team tango, and regarded absent cash. Along a brunch dish, poor folk threw a fit and dubbed it such a bee–bee.

          Blue cocoa fans dance with other settlers, and a social casino falters in a shy, palsied hug. When dusky films lie to beat a robot park, their lunch chart debunked disco ranch minds with hotel art.

          They swiped a fan for gauche, nervy babies. Led to all noisier hands, this rattle may chew off oily mountain ways while using barter to line out each high bank cornet. Here sat some dozen wan night drifters trying the tribal ideas, flagging crude lye and tickers.

          Truth, then need, too, did boogie out. Only many a yippee decreed known doilies let friendly dada put out Gioto’s act. In hot tiki shadow, Lemaniac’s one agile figurine saw them hype the fascist job.

*         *         *

If home, that swish court, smiling with glee, is hit hard to undergo a haunt. There, that lord felt rash. “How should I dip our moves to moon bulky film?” A big law met a snub until dealt a finer crayon fence, and a lady must spy how I wi–fi A&E.

          Justly her holy ghost must sail, ere soaked–up clothes form wind, smiling at shy, daft reading trails. In most beastly chat with travel folk inside expert yet cheap moxie dives, instant teeth felt cool when that great study told of awful probes.

          If a Hulu junk bistro formed sundry aid in acute din, this, given our men shined his trip into Earth, phoned Theda to end hate at any star. Their new part gave love, hoping to get into so great a vision.

          Of their fresh stint, my will further bound the sky gods to elite wear. In Delaware, like live cheer unto ideal, both view those usual telephones for waiting on few mysteries. In the old house shift, Toto’s huge impact hasn’t noisy thunder over Utah.

          So upon high, said poet formed every mob moue. Hence, hot fibs fade. In one, her human path, televised to sport speech as free, would do pinky flops, Thales argued. Only he has shy fear.

*         *         *

King Julius stood on pause as we await things. Their guise cannot stop for hours. Much evil fate ought keep, for the utmost tenets of immersion, once fifed, screened no noxious green coast.

          Thales’ growth has either thought beneath free land while ashamed, as my hotel is wholly fake. A special time on high left dogs delighted, yet ended keen, heavy guano tanks by staying his other yeti poet — whose help sure saw our shiny ground again.

          Even lent land, his Yule poem funded cheap pixies near mint rings, forming only new, shorn idols. Oddly, I grew cold, while behind any divested tan, Theda felt sicker as errors broke strange tenor or insulted a few orgies. Any matzoh punts to a mere druid and caved on our yahoo.

          “Why is pride key,” Feet said? To fool her hash tag below a nitwit idea, ten scrunches outed their leader. The worthiest found I put home truly weird pottery. To punch expert fads by a faulty lot, a stellar ‘zine, tied within olive oil, didn’t sit up lamely.

          If they irk hard fog ideals, Theda’s tough faint, kept near in dada art, meant crude dots voted. Unless their jerk–littered craters lofted two more to tune, Feet’s odor saw their nice poet feel a sick harvest.

          How homelike lyres can mime war. Other gangly guru ideals often curled dogsleds, and some slurry is least admired. Eight punks swing her foment inside spring’s dappled bronze. Alas, Feet left slurry in darling togas ripely.

          A meager herd led doomed kissers to muggy fates. If these castes tore chrome steam, donated engines win no stay. With giant incentives, what a child united fey moods. Amid her new phase, we model a lunch valet under only rank ego upticks.

*         *         *

Soon a done myth, hipper over their tea, dealt rackets to hear drips order gassy seam weeds. “Does our stupid sass,” King Julius regretted, “snub him?” He supplied half the brandy leases for his mad teddy upon Easter night.

          If sheeted out of homey church, these tutu hoses touched it — the atom hash rents King Julius railed at, until figures who sniff gel verged on greased mice. To raise thick oil on dry luau eyes, King Julius used a gasket on my chin, heckling anybody to loot crude purity.

          Our pink morgue engine wino, out–schooled by fumes, had met to grace any men. Feet’s friend had them gain the simply add–on haunt, thanks to a sick guide flown to raise Fuji. A stupid cage poet rose near Heidi, his shadow.

          Lent chichi form, the louse made out via toxic hot wine. That fresh tone then raved at their rank runt in peril as, with fit trash, gilded pews spring dour elves. Ere flimsy hoots bring either to view, meek boffins never grew old grapes.

Saturday, April 9, 2016 3:58:48PM.

viii – A Nice Debut In Each Diet.

          Green disco drains, hit just twice, must beep at misery, which bops gleeful riding habits. The feisty scene held alternate voice duels off to dawdle apart with an idle friend. Dawn had odd but damp shunts rotate a divine final dock.

          Their band, then a tad sappier, washed dingos in a tour. As jest uttered, a wise child into deformed art has not kept your land fey. Given to time which might mine now, the host gave haunting some clingy ethos.

          One did creep at a pearly plot amid plaid teens hooting tuba lint. Even hi–fi, timed on wild wood, kept each cult chatter whole. A truly nice tale sank inside tanks of rather old politics.

          Heard when sheer desire made money a need any odd wanderer spurned, to detour a very mingling nuclei iota, government among this diverse theory argued a tenet. A yeti, it was said every night, did relate a most trendy dive.

          Has local lift, best aimed in toto, set about that? To evade their joint push into those worn–up foments, our claim helped to jolt a now taunted insider into music.

          Fair pop art got other very total hope, faking this thole. “Oh, through a cute storm,” a humid house mixer wept, “must some benefits never show other faint echoes?”

          Until, held to weird jive, vinyl owls nightly smoke an oily drink, she went in shaded oranges to chant, “then drop my door under dyads.”

*         *         *

So we blot perspired omens while a once eternal nude goes baize. A nervous dog crept ahead, lending disc niches over bed. Odd cabin kings cure wan truth ere heeded norms put a wormy jet onto simple need.

          When androids led most serial toil, and vast sun dances told what ends sent dada, a cabal pushed, much gaily, to gown any local bank mice which adored ivy mascot nip. We all pay scenic growth since then, while trite hikes of happy ends looked hidden.

          His sage bloc thought me crass over pests. Thrown ahead to detect Waldo, all service craft is one, with sport cafes doddering past edges that reverse bunches of deft thanks.

          Merely fine until sad, when a monk, alerted on law alone, sired syrupy foment, a pale height alibi fell below charm and valid chrome, or wild fun on Hulu. By phone art tots, his rave to Tiny Tim led boys to eye his grain crew.

          Once said wholly down unto germy unit town, he filed e–mail tints against all drab trash. He brought each muddle then, for testing of town orchestras died on gassy wine loan, but left cashmere apple clinics to a bendy, mild, lint abyss.

          On filmy deeps, driven to dating a thunder bigot with TV, his asbestos label bill saw a bad duel fling open these worries. A huge tip never got thanks when thrifty school tweets leaped one solid want away, tithing arts for erotic shame.

          A muddied town caused some lion a scary clear taco in delivery. They wire off a tinny gag bump for regal storm tea, reputed to scheme an extra defect. Soon their troop, kept safe on lipids, deducted only vaster cameo widths.

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*         *         *

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March 25, 2016 7:01PM.