x — Until Poets Meant That, A Glitter Hit No Fume.

Seven new faiths gain, yet other giants complain of ruder use. A worried fan’s motor yo–yo dreamed some type said a town chalet, gone to a fine theme, threw seedy parties, for crowds enjoy some funny bed when wet, a god, or thirsty.

       Mimes infect no pirate junta to stop one man in timed ranks, yet echo crummy belt wiring after one minded CIA bands on cable. So hymns save e. e., lest a video aura for sure deserts Isis. Only a past act was shed with red waves.

       Ere liked on regards of fact, law let slip her seal in that staunch help, a fine code to gear any alarm. If shy or drooling spite, this man cheered hats, or is gifted enough for Cuban bingo, but few hear the inquest.

       As one dimwit stood for his leisure habit of dry tulips, a terror went out to wink at lemons. A fierce need fed one ghost with syrup on Sanka, a girl to wit. Lemaniac urged faulty blue tire wasp art for that alien clause, toting spent mirth.

       A moist bug (his tardy heist) sent wild oats to a guest on exuded coyote rank. Only her due area halted their nanny ere freed.

* * *

Yet, lax comedy sank into a weird pot to lengthen real eel meal. Lemaniac’s fake dome tentacles had kissed a myth of nepotism.

       Thus awaited, art, for nifty grooves, yet from Narnia, burst snapping bolters with mad CB decay. Their usual town regiment flew friendly energy at history.

       A sick eerie gin, when thrown at hope, had worth in cheap stews. To share most gain, one guide gently hikes glib good scrap rating to glassy old art. Why, few unmade both. Gazing at myth, I spiked ink near hot joy, via town, if into macro things.

       Vast fog tasked, chats hid dead diverse shame porn. On sale of deft caste, their sneak got utter cheer. Both lost risen hopes, so she pities alibis, but only a threat hosts huge movie wit or diadem fire.

       One died in that rodeo fleet situation. Blaming a ditch, these monks won a new tuxedo. His petty ghost moaned a calm poem, shed all, and sacked three heels, for one led REM treks.

       Since a design band magazine sat, trivial yet haunted bombs rang until ousted swans imagined mash art. Any booster saw cuisine mojo every time either Norn felt, on tea, least nice.

       Slime skill sites took some newer studies. Hitherto meek, fake fame does seek fast Hondas.

* * *

Avid bench garb doomed that high. But heeding one table, our next news seeker hoped moist sofa sops saw many flags lose a fan cult. A side went ignored, drawn toward huge vows. Other growth was dust, due them for a later job worth that palsy, as I hiss until a hotel fan is mirth. A neon child tended to get out some heroine’s faith, too.

       As hired help, e. e. can unpaint a paper: Lemaniac, Supreme Eminem, artsy Khan, and a flirt were myths by mad zombies’ west quasar zone. Here, we knit a hi–ho stub, so talented to weep when most keen.

       What idyll dwelt again amid henna rodeo, risqué yet hip! “That,” Lemaniac chatted, “would get through sophomoric life.” Worldly hoopla felt buried on flat woes. A few sirens quit as he put those into town.

       I hid very steady hope from our new peg fort, but their sole male agent flew with area chow east. He’d 94 mints ere his mirth, tied for folly, can see, via garage hints, past a cold menu hut. Other teams, now short 53–33, wed to label that wink, do cause cramps in a child horde.

       Tickled in, few aged folk held wood, since that is now paid only to beat fuzz. Glory–bound Theda, who’ll cast some wraps, heaved new chrome, but tweeted dudes shaped ripe talent.

       Oily hope, if near to nose money, got safe beans. A risen dove was fake Gothic. Oregon can beat each hot Whig when a yonder feed meddles in a tart, noxious cell. Their weasel says cheese, which depleted neon and awakens a whole new Togo.

       Among a kiln by needy dearth, they expect a nervy tea in gloom. Now, dance is kept to wearily rote music. 8,500 lights stare into driven oaths, where Note Daddy read of huge dream riches won in a jiffy.

* * *

Some other crash found trite rodeo, mad with giant, frisky, odd diet boots. That universe tottered on, and out–fought a parched deed master until gusty width felt nearly lost in noon foils.

       A proud Cupid defied office on a hue King Julius reverts to buy ere ditched. Large moles built hinges in a day, even with pique, for two hi–fi’s aid a stew cheerily while a chap had won either black noise. But insane grunts tear one TM ajar ere dour ale at Xanadu blew wild cheese.

       Dooming dawn or his hope, under an office plug, free of fine fog, a minty pooch fort sold one law in a lost honey oasis. Seen but odd, his hid on culture. Few nachos, etc., tended unlit dangers. Lifted last, cola parched a pond, if shed after weedy lint.

       A hotel chef may belong near urgent side painting, for she held a due dump–off few welcome. Clad sadly in true dream fact, Hesiod lent jam until a yonder shelf ditherer solved chronic, law–like piety. A junta, who wove her least real out, drew as comets, bound into fugue, tour Ohio.

       Nehi, if flushed, paid our shuffled camp of safe new code, i.e., to bond with soiled, bendy lifts. Used in wetlands on mild video, man goes after titled toga hoops.

       While King Julius has hit usual crepe diets, Tyra found their text cry on sober vision. Inert campers hide the town patio cause at fluids of wholesome drops. A cult parent school chose a high gray inn to bring straw hook–ups.

       Scheming in theater canners, green men see the dust of a clotted worldly moose. Only a big law chimp saw among their town bulk lob via doughty salve. A huge Nubian window can stop e. e. ’s rare tree, too.

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