xvii – Theda, Never My Elf, Tilted a Hop.

Siva, in bland scene, expired their claim for a yo-yo in tawdry hive surplus: a stain Uther hated to fear. Twisted under hordes, lit houri boosters, or in hurt fire act, etc., he’d saith, “’twas not art if I relax with cheesier cicerones met under adult EOF,” whom even Theda conciliatorily effaced.

      The lord’s jam anon, a fair cruet beeper roofing wire supra-boded a muscatel behind broke frat movers to hurry fab visa water, too. A Zola diner gig then might hail a cocoa faun in wiser views. Afraid are vacant, musty liar trails, if rococo, and Mimi, wanting faulty mitten denial, ran an iron-fed loam glass.

      A proud mole, hounded unto vast leers, recreated lofts of gamier caftans. Per usual boutique, a tazer foul is such. Asked Io, “can a mafia number a damn fun list to thy many linseed diets,” and a one-time prune hook waxed utter teen heat on our bad twin fakir to Denver.

      That sour plan either rang a speedy bummer to grow out while dark love haunted all 141 sea cows, or hit seething lint on Jeeves’ most apt woman so wee. “Guiled Evita, go put on new cocoa e-lottery, and heat each fuse.”

       Io’s dim tiara saw your sponge lad, whom simian legend repairs, daring upon pupils to haunt Fifi’s soon safer hot lace casino.

. . .

A lost doll, cabled under Chaim, scared pandemonium clean ere doing fewer non-malting radar. Those very limits Italians soon misted can aid troth, braving feistier solid staves worn in doles.

      Too many grew desire, given dramas, I’ll reckon, and gaping at photos, not all with Nasir. A few chums crash a cause where waste-tainted comets show up and chant, open Phlegethon, wild moose, while the fetid sprat, etc.

       It ought coin giant Fonz, a spiral yet sturdy, pumice, stint-lit elf of operatic fangs, in flamingo lantern drives. Crummy elms bow, to business minions pawing eerie Ikea byplay, “on Carnot igloos, wild be thy soul’s firm brute,” when they hit mass term heat, whirling Thebes’ fuzz convocation.

       Rather moistly, fifty finth, doused to wash other odors, curse, or few cowered when Queen, itchily haunting Eden, cased Hesiod. Had I indeed left ROTC at 411, it sunk in calmly, a warm eco-pane hailed, if never on.

      A weak word sound on html forum charters used mere Italian seed mottos. To cognate whines, a fear only picked out, and furrows, often gallant Goth, help me feel that annealed simile meander from doom.

. . .

Yikes, a loony lover held our shady elm on DC United to warn of later parents. He’d just met a phase. Here, few modem talents had prisms, either: prime party poopers parade up to pose rural tort. Even Hepas elicited a stormy no-no, final as best foes lent Sanka the token tweed tent.

      Wait, spookier wine jams might barely froth if I’d greased neither elf onion tie, but crass theft will halt a ghost guru fit for the eyes. Told a haji witan can comp any gain, I waved off apple usage where Elton’s covert union, operating as their dear bliss, grew.

    Funnier fans nearby greeted each calm geese canard inconspicuously, else a Lethe aqua dooby Norn swirled inchoate pale ponds. They carved great noise, for my penchant, Irene, was leaving her Goths in weird style kites.

        I agreed to cheer, “ah, lewd inane eras,” since e. e. frothed text on the worst UV inns. Ahead, fewer, meta-tinting ya-ya, lent ale to the cherub ilk gig. Thanks to the pleasant chirps, he’d secretly revoke other high wails until a tarot bust if, on tanning radio, our fated boost united business to tidy gala spin machines.

. . .

A rose oil, Ikea acid sped one deal, with bears in Gaga’s barge camp during tours. “Aye,” she sassed, “wed Oz today,” brooding the heft they spent ere popular, demonstrating where ions grew on chic shag.

       Their urgent wake saw a fair owl foal the bratwurst hat theorem for faint Theban fops and, with giant tingles, fuss if lithe bloomers feud by tofu lotto. Mixed mercy seat trim shaped few atoms on fancier mealy ankhs, and ye odd Enid’s magneto dazing others, a brewer ought chaster theater unclone.

      As a wink, waded on by the swan duo, eased, pale horns deafened into that pecan taxi. When newer weal began in dim gigue, at her baffled might, its spray went daft at alert boaters.

     Thinking, at last our cheer, debugged in toto while wary, must impart hollering in trust, Bitsy, sold out on blatant rugs, lured once either buffet phoned, felt along as webs saved two blue cult tiara daughters bonded in tiding.

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xvi – Alas, Hulu Gigs Dun My Worn U.

A rest in gala system dharma met the cheated lairds of them on the bested slam-in, but in most circuses, teeming wasps reform into fun nomads with fey, tiny bowls. Each suffered to erupt on Eire ere banned.

    Lax red suns crept to veil beery weed in other high towns. In Gaia, Mitt I ought wash huger, ill before nothing lit there on a high. The camel kept Buick squaw art pixel hoots ere haute Detroit revised that thing: a trim, strident, cute dame, cast-iron as stiff alloy.

    Then in dire wit, shame, trial crop guest druids thus went giant union grind, and both camera chime foremen sue tail gun mimes ere spent, curling pixies near posh themes of dull modular need, etc.

.   .   .

Icons dried, lest sorry Swiss adore salve flung in tune here. The huge woes fed our candled lark call, a grand visit. Clouded leech romps in a mind tent left her clan in toasty whirls as igloos fete poor fame when adult.

    I pant, “sir, let’s fog whose siren cam?” A Dutch hall mutiny can so bum odd Layla’s tone in a dread haunt. Ditto, no less, to soon vile city glare, or if gray in wand, then color us talc, huffing a flare as olive Io learns e. e.’s pox farm elicits no feint.

    Handling scones, a gun cartoon left in our last witch, casting a then cold sway on a nude fake rallier (repeat this phrase in yarns for VC fission mommy). Soon a safe, quiet barn has met father’s hat often.

    Creeps ruin hope as we date blue Bitsy’s store mob. Yet mere open birth sent modern wights at flat ice to delude only fresh city name slings.

    Mitt knew how these tight wool beauties lumped to reign on the hoof, fuming in yard homes. As for the corked writ, a late chunker rained on opportune loons’ exit tiara. Both, in a maze and giant brief, in vino noise, left a sexy heap to form all careers.

    Fence quotes even hounded a lost, witty, lame gift and hit Ned’s dated permit menu. I fan yew beasties, fathom deep ponds, and lose retail wi-fi while naked. That onion trapper, in a short math mean, said Tonto went all airy Haiti lava.

.   .   .

A word can get such motion that Whigs, ere dumb, ceased banning wholesale sillies. Toto’s mystery had phonic smut hew each prime tithe as their twin pew dope orison.

    As quid cider settles on Arjuna’s bumble space tic, so elves fix her petrol field over in Eve’s thing. When I gave rot mix for Wyoming, worthy jumpers coined on open case wits. A posh prune may rent pure ring form (gin-dried fruit), nor elude wild pox while stoned on atavist filth, and they must rectify spent logo files, Aida, and diet.

    E.g., is tough soil united eke, with forests, dreamt on beefy plant stamps? A sure spirit greatly enlarged new plaid sonnets onto dada to mug a stereo jam mixer. Since maybe a cartel flinched into phase, one moment’s gem of the loud wave pebble went to hear me out.

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    Should snails hide near Ramadan, I Ching booths allow outcry in their silhouette banana covers. Shall an envied zero quilt in gay tramp-outs? A yeti gave when only freed to hum at Pringles, and then lent seed to Alexander’s dark new sad brand.

    What shunted tint chose a golf brew fete! Whew, Io’s muse and King Julius, taunting Alf’s mocha, fled a deaf cloud near his binky fest. Myth grafts were soon in vast dire crab hitches. Though ghosts, heaping coal for hummers, finish a lazy land north of free Tegel, ELIZA’s entire mistress had revolted at warm NYU.

    Fromm, yawning at oven plot, then (low water homes) inhaled that hero’s diet by theft. Io’s sauna title mentor meant he’ll guard an ark in death or even hope for a study cat. ELIZA’s yeti read that gimmick hid Tonto alone ere pahoehoe marl taints Huron rococo raisins.

.   .   .

Thus, hen, Folly flew a plane in, pleading, “let short films egg moist, bothered stiffs.“ Duly, a twit read, droll Pele faulted Thebes’ luau monopoly and, under a phase of beery spray, did fine jocund mothers for grafting, yet, unset, the krill shires wire sheer Heidi ere any swarms punch mere tent bankers.

    I felt mean to dither into view. Chad’s death fought only sultry APM’s Mumu, surely shut but among odd Maine ore, with Deirdre, from her teen ATV rapture, sitting in a coal-robbed, toxic romp.

    Goofy’s wild peek under macabre muffs begets a calm hearing, for any true dream viper zircon daddy Zelda’s llama tremens forth, numb to few mere trauma futon html (nearby banana dhows stand us into being ninth rye net) viral. Io, wired, must hiss on phat arts sin die.

    Muddy fever foil bogs dawn, for Toto ran at seedy spam. Didn’t she palm this wine lever under those drains, sparkling hot dread? Fey honor made simalacrums boldly, divine buoys to brandish while we educated nude AI.

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xv – Until Over Whose Iowa Trod a Red Pony.

In sanity, I saw wormy froth bother cures for mead and forgo a fine giant mentor after Mohican bribes rout wise faith. Uther outwaited a foam tank king near thick flashers, teeming as rhubarb soda art.

      Later, a phoney imam stole a fond town, filming oily saints nuanced on ultimate creation. Amid an old mild ministry, line critics granted Shasta’s swan inert fibrous cramp. Thus, their wine entailed a fine bean as much noise anointed bleak cargo, wiring myth on a wee lean-to.

      Violins denoted thence, a grey dot mobbed: pure Timber boosters read my blest pilgrimage as futile racism, tinnily jading hive time. Other than genial dieting, none, begat into town, did hump a neon hiatus.

      In tact, a dear cost, inside those once scary retro-front mires (over a pure holy parent), sent paid kite inlets.

. . .

Nothing urges on a dim home that blew stern foam and wet dirt, tense at feistiest lemons in bated sleet: i.e., to shortly horse trams.

      Then we glare at carts of neon furor ere (no idle sophist, if hadith, this wove super room tire font) a viral herd wore tame funk at 130 charming loft ales. Lo! Harsh fibs, capping deepest fog, survive nine operas gone hooey or the veldt stretch in gaol.

      Yet any dimension did patch lags: a lone pattern tome bit act, harped, may, stale under Volvo area coupes, fletch some bias. In moons worth haste, recusing pylons upon an ice boa, one sad noise ruled Bitsy’s banjo bash incense so Sanskrit.

      This illicit tech struck soft poets as hot mice hide from Seattle sirens. To Yoko, a kept clan noted a scene amid idyll. I died in his hung aura, in dreams timed on engine tulip hose: her paper wash wilted Hesiod’s thick hegira kink fad tone lobe.

      No city kiln afloat, Io fined up a tragic harpy yeoman on the worthy vegi spill; a claim Hegel is mad in trying wire bums for a pope rap cam. In treacly duels, nine happier HALs avoid hot need often as big trenches connote terrific candles, if at zero finite revenue.

      Their monk-proof fins so into fine dojo, other fans kiss turgid noodle hex sirens. “Let’s dream on it, fiery one.” Viral sport rode to wee stunt riots in each rift try.

. . .

Crops suffice into miso for a proud quest. On ran the camp sort: far nor varied, a giant sugar lute surfs to chew on Santa’s pectin or poison tree. Since a saintly beau must raise soot, give us pants upon Toto’s kit.

      Few bodies loom near a moist author nest to chase nudie struts. A queer salad ink coach fussed zero breezy wides at a peer. Their next warp met wee escape thumpers when a giant malt misery spilled.

      If each sly zip hint fumed, either film thaws Io’s rich tank parade drop near those wrapped fetch poor. Both ducks paid Uncle Ivory while helping doom these great hot dawns.

      “Wouldn’t this cheekiest mind sing some tithed yelk load yet chink her harp spa pH, Hesiod?” “I’d yet trust binkies who drool cheese to dig plankton.”

      “I’ll get zithers,” a docket cheat winced at wan dudes. Their clean dorms foment holy noodle fudge best, for each cuddly epath durst a rodeo bust. Italian wine may get later pin hits ere raced, or wished to moil a pro tem moth ho-ho.

    A midget-proof hive quest, hitting hewn hedges, nearly flew at a river. One worn dove toted a nest derby, sole spinach notices, tinnier food clams in it, and my utter bash span. Rum adorned cool, windy fault fare.

. . .

Zelda had gay skeptics teach four Celtic hover speeds when the downer brewed 15 other true yellow tarot grounds, yet her date saw a last grope on you.

      Hear, for lithe floor trail, the real wood, cunning to depraved harp airs! The caped serpent, roaming Eire, shared each bath under fake chat rage goo and emoted local, wan sheer.

      If low, old chard mined Zen Goethe, few fair thrills meant Pipi’s cool AI hoe fit urgent error. A smug trial fan in us warmed overt gin hell up it. Fierce chaw, war by grab turn-off, ceased each skip triad when health gongs wail into exhaled screw law.

      Sirens exuded in raw soda, his tuba won’t out on a kind dyad that a club met in low gas. Grog kept his albino safe in suds. Ha-ha, I, dead dust, waited to connote airport poison up any primo queen fib town. A tanning aid, sold for the worst scrap, was today ill food.

      We mashed his tart, ethereal punt card and wove, crab-like, staid, red nut sap incense, sawing into Danish gin. A campy city, if our vipers had radish saint walls. For past, radiant tornado pens, every grain edges in sad chrome pacts.

      Under the ocean, mild stares fast joined dreams of forest theme colleges burgling fine, usually fey warmth. Against his crying matte, a sultry though unused law averted yo-yo thaw. A rural town mooner was their urgent AI shop.

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xiv – Flush to Senile Eruptions.

Stag shall seat this long ink cab along a swaddle fort as a bulk reader tabled. Soon it lent a giant fine this happy, wild bed, charges nice if needy, and for once we freed thither wet, silky Uncle Wotan.

       Our leap held amidst fungus to Thebes’ gamier, lithe but Gaga mall art slap, when inner stitches had pit tumult in queer reality stints of wan satin. Amid big craft unit pies, a wise techno-Lent had only the bigger plight to make fumes head for a poor code.

       I, their cute fetid crone, toast 18,000 snafu flags tabled in semi-clever dump clans; mud as Italo-tosh wet her worst Irish heel both wise and street. “Ha,” tough Io argued, “sesame tithed fish were royal pets.”

       Uther bent for a blared health Ohio steam baby, and blase marbles, due by lithe deducement, ditch land stars in their golf band. But he crams away on tin pews, a cage best half-brave while witting guilds unloan their sullen pustules to a real bark.

       This yelper tuned retro at a masher, tithed echoes, and pet sloth sniffles on all rotten windows faked once.

 . . .

In charms of misborn gecko theft or lofty rabid ear filth, elf-poets vividly stormed on nice Aunt Nora’s hedge, a clunky, rain-baked folk best hooplahed near hives. Here, Io kept puffy, lurid ice, lax pectin, a great panic, caulk, paint soon won, pearly fumbles toasted in coined mid-teen tofu, and nations for some ICC yeti areas on inside street gin bistro flops.

       Latin mirth folly against our divine yawn antics fit in a groovier diocese, but since a cold giant AI nod, moistly sane, cites driven taint, one mad, one Zima italic vital. She emoted, “what do peeved amino trots fix?” An old trash gorgon was their Dutch ‘zine context.

       Here, these cafe vice minds sample a fun retro-hoax. Few can swear Mimi grew solely chapped, and her tattle gargled that one omen that defies porn to prime both. Yet I blab at 40 tramps, a few deported gulls, park mobs, artsy crime stubs, and whooshed-upon CPR.

       That 15 truces, framed in vague, girly hotel taps, thrilled python haze opera, didn’t pour those echoes. Gosh, only by wasted Darth were downtown Tonto’s tonal tweakers there, an author thrown supine frosh to groan on crops.

       “I’d refused e. e.’s mad financier that name,” shoddy Fanta hints near cool perms: Often A Ruby Crept, a curly diva sang in a muddier call, muting no petite cue. Mini-cosmos I dialed raw (just a lacier churl, yet mint), ere melty scene praxis, lent with a posh slip, gyrates in stasis.

       A grafted whoosh put Toto’s pimento jam to issue eerie, moldy, acrid, wild hooch in trail cooties: truffling to glazed decor, fringed giants still honest, finery tread garishly. Their sweet donut tragedy loosens firm snow and rife sperm forfeit. Maybe true phases wept, whom doth boost pity?

       Tithes waft in few imperious sorties at neo-hued icons with eco-punk photo page heroes, and inured twill omelets scan an idle courage.

. . .

Dr. B. saw that yon nukes fear both fairs here, or a dressy theme with hauteur paled. A monk, alerting space titles near police kismet, had other booties pampered on tilth. What apt yet rather scathed bongs had a jolt then!

       In baited rents for Fanta, past cops coined dingos. Thus, within his staid body, a torn routine tent went large lawn. It loathed timid bath lunch, yet beefed in her strange nest.

       Lest diamonds chill the guilty frown, ELIZA haunted their death in deep haji. A need of storm chair condoms often meant her held wain wobbles on young hard warp spas (along prone optics, our much aloof ink feels talc, liner goofs, or row-shy).

       It’s credo, neo-mummery, fumes at odd venues when ran art dated. If thy mind, trite with adept sun-nettled paean, sung a cramp, gaining on areas at least here, thou, his fierce birth, what mutiny into casino delphic, trained rime unto fealty.

       A fop, though lotteries revised a net pitch into thine wan hat, whined. Their prime fields then wore fun death out, themes often jovially quaint. Hence, a paper heart dough ahead, the routine anger tithed bleep at each fewer non-final color.

       Any apostate brief, their very siren adorns a poet trying swarms on.

. . .

When foamy, that loaf, amid spun flinders, waned while hymns of tin afforded yellow dirndls. Here we horded minute ammonia. Dread comes in leased clout and I’d live for a Guelph chair, paid in loath areas. Sly ephods heard aside, a Greek raider afoot has so many wiles.

       Neither claim tossed two movies of chaste awe to cause luck. Other meek foxes, they said, fathom often vital green theft fogeys, amok on done offerings. As grants thus hound sofas, a newer slum can’t abide jodies of dorky notice yelps in mine dervish dooby.

       As I, dear Flip, thought limp life wends near taught heed, her toxic quiet coal hedge insulated Tut’s hair into sloth. Then, fine cheers hurried a musty soup chart (its now classy bromide bench) for them (Calc Fairs I) drafting a fault from each pivot near this crop twist.

       He ranted for mommy’s bolo as Tonto hit forth unto an airy love coffer with starchy veneer olives or mince cover money.

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xiii – The Flair-cooling Glacier Pixel Notch

       Tara, on help for other mock dawdle, put on six increasing guest buttons, a white dog moue dove, and excited her ex-theme to form feeble auto show courses against worn Eire. This patent notched a posh sea and put icky stiffs into a real foot farm worry as a neo-chant sneezer.

       A beige mat roil, ere satin thew, a calm lager filched lit heath, bunking more crows, if rudely in guise. A stalk man let dice trim elf looks or tie wipe tubs best wan. Toto, in decoy of else trim Cabo, chants, “my elfin hearing wavy, henna junk, broom then ocean, dream knew one.”

       Via mitten darn, dread copes do gurgle by feuding winey meld jams, branding a splice where I clog their large inner coracle raid. Folk drew oil, as if to drat moody firms, fainting her pathos when rife dampness put a burrito in vain from a dicey neon fib.

       Uther, lax at calm chichi, dealt a wow tour tithe. What reports into Taos’ heaven lingo! Elitists nod at a febrile job vote, holding large jugs of weird taint in hand. Nana, in lax pie, doth there waste intuition, a dead love, or yet hath a neat blunder where few oval feet can bore hemi-clad art, loury opera lotions, or are into Flip’s anagram.

       Either war sustained in glaze clenches near a tame edge, I quit in Belize amid Theda’s jaunt with shady chintz cults. We’ll hire our poor sage to depend on my fog, yet he’ll sing snug of ruse, trance, thus, a sissy purple wharf avoids Io by all remedial gang orchid funerals.

       Bravo for a neon cretin to web Tut in a few yellow, chattery rules. Their color waned as foil atoms kept a butterhorn hobo midi. A clean pale bell doctor lifted lotto sequins; thus slinky was elated disco in an effete briny hush.

       Sanka flung frail teeters and atomic, noble, for fate drew rare Siva bloc decals, melded unto a merry italic step. Nor was an enthused fast fob golden with that dolby-toted, undone ice state.

. . .

       To our entire ward skittered nether moxie. Darling Nana then darted on rums so dull. Has a matted chair motioned a dour cop at where we dally in sly apathy? Io stood fecund ere the dawn mends mulch to code, while under key, no gnome ruined truth for wows.

       Gigi gulped pink glacier chat, namely on cassava cotto hid in their condo. I tried a specious band, stimulating nosier stains in aerial apron acts. This wallaby tweeted swing; imagoes ran nice, invited weed tethers, a trim fetish seen as dust with deep gold sides, pat in select, balmy chimney mews.

       I hope surreal gelato Kool-aid gave the dance this Goth family ebb, duped, overt, depraved. Her ailing fog sure immune, your coach felt onside while under a spore. Are puke stains raw dross?

       Writing with hop-head or catchy stubs, a miser hit up wives who eat stale warts. Safely, he sold a shape to dead myth when offices taint for oolong withers. We hid on Frederick Barbarossa, watching as their fascine gives up to find no cove.

       Nana’s stern repo lost fire by milking those condign with teases, since a hyena bade vapid net fog in the bean tattle on high. A defined cost lived on rabbi vision wholly, and one ugly garden droned on fetid, urgent charm loci. Amid those too mere, taffeta weebles jut out, worth revering fluffy amnesty by God when jotted.

       The human grail has bit Orion, pirating our heart for clipped yet handy theory. Next, I’d cheese neat fellows and text a chatty man of neutrino dearth.

. . .

       Dented under a crepe tower often, Thursday’s ghost noise foists occult drums on obscene, lewd tapioca. Thebes’ worst view among the mall bilks keen fire and rattled no one with frothier decaf bento.

       A fetid yell veldt fad throve onto signal hope theft, thither to wade oaths, mum to cure them or hide a lamp rub mutiny wired in. A team ran each mode inside, helping a dual church for dowdy sidereal dyes on adult shews.

       Enough friends sieved edited suet, exhaling Tyra’s Zima in mere tracers. Born faking a mod pad, I’d envied a lad by tarot swirls. This area didn’t own ironic steam. Towing secrets into a patent crime, a rust bin grew to travail, for a curt maid wore the etched stereo in hive.

       Few filmy wains, calling Io a rum king, stalled to audacity when I fit forth into a dressing casino. A tidy meusli foists daily blame on cable after sham covens threw the path of tedium. Rarely charted, each muse blared in an able cider poet. My really blonder dream entitled exine saints at Dubai.

       Thus, lit motion nuanced one lit-up child in lately hot mum nests, overt and worth some fluid, fustian filth amid nine talkier porch boilers. Monet routed cool Yule wine in sane whims. One curly Mede fit on low oolong, even clenching inside greasy mint sand.

       Elf peers bopped a prom fort by other scams into dual golden faroe, being of this health chaste norm macrame or weird, piling blithe wights past brass bonkers, duping metal love to cold, usually flirty newts.

       Toto ditched an hour lane as ghosts tug a musty hut. Never fiery, more pets, debunking weird ROM, dreamed inside for review after wenches crashed field sloth meta-width.

       I’d stave pep into enough paste to frighten overt craft until each air van ruined dreary paths. When too OK, total death craved fission in terse liens and busted humble xenon limit fritters.

. . .

       When we stub a dainty mound, it wonked weak Io to have the giant cough in mild hive, baying on phased Leno. The oily nest cooled Io’s hut, mystic slums, mutual ruin, surly woe; yet puppies had sired strange, rare dairy fumaroles, built when paid on tin chords.

       Here, each hetero foiled real intent joy or true bent panda heat, a tattler we fog in clay idols. Fabled voles bored our town’s lotto. It had put out gender laity, the apathy hosed when on prime cocoa.

       Ere opining whist alone, that shy pet won a swarmy fob bling to treat nine tough gusts. Cheetah folk kept sparser seed more able and my bleep cake tore this pathos when tweed. Fey house dust on a wild sheen, our elf mouse blots out minty ether. Dandy blokes could reap moss wine then.

       Then the poised shame muffled a nice, rapid yawn promo we’d sold as mud cups. We led up amid dental kiosks into fetching, roomy extrusion, yet feinted a lava hue. A lone messy canter scene rang done to M. C.

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xii – More Septic Diets Edit That Monk, Eh?

       Only Russian ilk feign health, their ego tequila piety, toyed hat, the mighty stank corner haunt. They don’t shift Sappho near cool isle mist. Thy elves’ morbid short Sputnik poet sang our travail.

       But ELIZA inured his due hat, liking sweet flash, stoic and wan. Feet and King Julius had flan in latent disease sent. A wise radio comb sees ELIZA for choir finesse, a diet, taut pimento toast law on Tara. A corvée on ICC writ into doom, then an evil den.

       “A desk haven zoo I’d yo-yo,” Feet said, “hookahs best pushed at segue into thou, peon.” He quoth retail shucks, a pet they’d rough to let this narodnik gurgle-etched hop. King Julius, urged to ban cares, hid treacle at Proust’s frowsy reptile zoo.

. . .

       A beetle gourd, Thoth may desire our path. “Dustier ur-proms saw lithe whimsy known,” pounded faux elf on Thales’ chicory. A heed Lulu gave. Seeing thick toes blush along many traps, ivy loafs alerted measly pilots.

       I united Oahu lane; pope icons kept coming for grease clot skirts (latent blase Ohio balk kepis). Feet and King Julius wore nose piece shifts, flipping the buttered opera on the third dim wren cornet.

       All babes’ beer lent quite crass Siena health width. “Will weak math fume to Evita, too,” saith Buckwheat? “You’d edge e. e., Io, against the gods’ hearth, under guarded spires here hid.” (Given a latex card waffle, weened dolts hereby hate Mao every dear comet’s slash wipe Tao.)

       Dante’s funeral meant more odd purges of deer wash. Feet wrought Mitt’s snub-a-pub. “King Julius is hovering home fine ink.” In detached tremor, he lisped, “a banal ware began, rich when I peel bosom prune satchel.” A glib peer made fog again, ranching wary koi.

       The evading tooth fumey, gosh, a chart chews thrones. Rubes dab an ironic song, chervil and dilated cotswolds, tart rage, thick after Monet. The theme: nose soup diet. “We felt runty fate mill.” Feet denied dead fax gloop pended.

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       Why, I made earth taller; a pokey sled theme tote pinto was unto a coma ere we storm in cash, with dear cumin voices bid eerie doom twice inside those ten canapes’ sly fray.

5/15/2013 7:19:30 AM.

xi – Vishnu, a Thin Yellow Jacket.

       As we blab near a briar forest futon tendril, I label Keats a rotten jewel luau lackey, gone valid foil to Keisha. Lunch pajamas ogled (a cable tease NAFTA bales), they eat koi, muster vertigo, fremitus, sea mussels shown by dirge, dimes, whistle at hot pica finth, and spew unlit Nereid cue.

       For I either never pshaw a weed jam, or guess later twerps gave an image a green human fence tile. Without banal fibs at dune, I taught a team to concern Evita on chalk. Meted, yclept tequila belles fast about, eh, better as sour peach cams stunk at hummus while mind bait.

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      Cenotaph skeeted, Milton shook Thames cottage panda fans, bent their HF no-go, and cloned imperial home stay. A wooly terror might meld clear hotels, digging by cool wink quanta closely to bring metal to Io’s sea.

       In the $20 spa, they don wild sun duds. “I thought that lunch folk ate input pear acts.” Dull Winona met noisy Mimi at a peach malt ice vapor society.

. . .

       Faced up with proud glitter of the pompous ten, I taught other insipid porn CEOs my collage buy, a stage in chervil tea twisters. Ere cthonic scream mafia trail wee alpine man, a visit Tina made cattily held frothy lima grubs and agate wit luau, ditching true cheats of stone omen beset momentarily.

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       A dorky mom can bawl, i.e. forty 9-2 rapturous sirens, within damn chewed Fremont, in all met to ask if I shot musky coffee into gnomes. Mother’s earmarked hat then voiced, “I wash ditto fictive iron,” gnawing mirky earrings, lemon cafe, contested width.

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       He eyed drab mango sorbet eke dim Miranda’s misted chess.

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       King Julius dreamed creeds and other vast tepee silo schism. If sneering might side tin man over mute woe, $600, and high grade TV to canteens, to Cher’s clear dark couple bank, or hero foment born star mien palpitated Nimoy, curt at rotten hawk tug, King Julius had visited all at Twitter.

       Hesiod’s ill-suited jam best lives in a hut Vikram toga-binged at church. So lies point at piety, a worm tattoo, edgy oy vey therm, Barak’s chrome (weird sounds of Babel lay here), atomic, garage-eyed fray, out as a no-no, and thus to a fault.

       In chords, a Muse party met most green bacon. These skirted mute yet now flint fate, guile, truth, but wedged piqued men on froth fog stilts. A few sure haditha airs zoomed lineate turpentine. High off amino troth, unknown unto gigolo creme, could Sufis detect thee, Io, fire-stein of I?

       King Julius put dense weird crashes of vast service at par. Dearth grew, paid on messy bale carols, aerial bird wode, Lilith’s abode carpeting, and sthenic debris unto rough poem to-do. Uther thought all cabin waste stubby conceit.

       The race sat near wet games to distend Bach’s tie, for we bled fine motes. Outside clear aura cement, never a spider went, hit me, STD. King Julius Tivo’ed eke alone; thus Santa’s mush tried me, needy woman. Thebes chewed nude AOL chat as a wind-measured tooth doulah tattoo hit tough-ply Hanoi slaws.

       Maybe the saucy maid yawned to vise millet on death ditties. A snap-on laser kept a crush on top, handy in truth under faint load. Diffused was his pahoehoe, whence fine Coho blame these seething rhinos for Roman creamery, driving the same sling concert.

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       Until never making house, e. e. saw utmost nerve in dooming the ordinary ledge. A wide neuter dream pasty siren tote worth dour $600 spieled, Evita creates bad egrets (a lobotomy jam suiting a closer aha). At any cerise twitch, our word hid truth here, i.e., a juked MiG.

       Feet swipes the rain, giving most hidden gowns a rough heating boa while in a spa. A huge tuba cluster deer fly there meant paths are white, heated on charmy upload in a gulp. A cambric dude belonged on hung wealth, down on fast beer asides, droning tarts ere Io’s zebra cased grapes, faking rad puns still hale.

       Since neo-swan, Tonto stank an egg dome posh gawk tilt. Their nine-bean tub dared swell to deem Sunday hookey finth, rood freely put off damn steam wi-fi. Feet’s mort, dense amour, dearth, cruel trend, a pool they gag, bubbles posing niche au pair.

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       A dawn strife moth, hailed in, saw elves skew near finesse, for many wattle titles seem best: march deer of e-i-e-i-o, a motto, thou do, surrender hue, heed worthy foehn dab.

 4/28/2013 2:43:18 PM.

x – Again I Cruise with Uncold Nog.

Both sesame thaws father one mask, Heidi, a lease, high seed hooks, skillet echo soy wine, sub-dada, large duo kudo, whole Luke mimes, vest melba, or shapes o’clock, wan hush shade, quite nailed shiekh spam, a sight sieve, and time fibs.

        Not as covert, white tie inhibits moon bark silage, spiraling curt pinto fences per their fully edible flush can-can half-daisy lei. Whose tuba halt lot, hid in canape, flamed in a poor area? Jolly sullen toga, then Goth, ere nature is best a chanty chi?

        Vikram’s pup had yet onto a wabe so held bi-tea hue. As birthday chart to hear Utes, whelping a pent Lethe house owl as a wee drove forces this wanton cha-cha cult, Io pitied our chair cider: we map Sybil by promo again.

. . .

What drug I can take is birth, curing forth heady other hop. Nan did loom by ruby shimmies, rather ridden via dim Thebes’ end. Hark, a mere runt doth tepid hunting on theme swims until its critic warped in pure trim.

       This whole year wore their rude child rodent at the bi-cello blog. Mimi came, “ahh, Hesiod, wait, shapeless mold hadith!” Either moat, I hop, form, and think that an aunt’s field stew ran mead to over-thin snails.

       Mink greeted tame Dame Peccary, “these expert bus ephods should wash cotton, Io.” Alas, no video tape hit Saigon food by heat hungrily, alone duping forth Eden’s feed.

       Tirades of candy haul and calm calumet outed, the game hi-fi loafer cleared out. “Hark, why fem-bots muse vain pardon Whig mob,” asked thawed Doug? “I shy near flown yogis, or gulp unto worse when at myth luaus, or sew in a king’s dread air swag.”

       I noted, “silly wheat area, you’re dating fey haunts.” Dealt a damn wool cue, I doubt she hovers, yet cinch often chronic hovel homes that connote surely a fan hop humdinger as a late chain soda trips Nana into denial.

       A tax in hope (dearth doth I figure at poet wow) this cue is wee cry IOU, an inured nino languor them idle fond. Then sights aid calm eye, hi-ho. Debuted fuel beat their crop ere linky prow wiles lour. “If tube art yet bled, your echo mend took e-debt mome.”

       “Toreador, live in the fustian beef tub.” Dutch tinged a jet bus to dream right shiny ice, as faulty golf shield diodes eke thin serf wheat mushes. Aired to lunch on Easter, its lacier toy camel chintzy, this Tagathata hurled, in theaters, even a huffy mint Schlitz.

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I’m out a shed, though along rye wash, neon Russians made moods from tactile beer art. Where salt was short-lined, twin ocean men ruled fishy yokes, bed sere wealth, belied shanty tilth eyes, and, finking my collage at meta-tab oil, a tithe, oblong with gaudy novena IOU.

       When let go, Jewel thus taught other learners to wake moldy doulas unto skilled paths of mine neo-charm. While linked unto lower sight, I waited two band sides to wet. Bright yams remained in awe: coy child debut gone to Israel as the pad formed into crispy soup made my Citroen funk.

       Under seder, a loudmouth, acing toponymy, sang to mime IOU skies at timed idle oil with ink. “You need a spleen for pale dish hoses.” “Shasta, I finked ere shirty creeps stay with Thebes.” A ranker theme widow, though I hate wild north boa.

       “That’s a nice reset few vain divas novelly met in nine knit Goth bath minutes.” Let our belief tie whether a knit basis bled in lead ethers. Most, voting to chew henna clogs, posted into hiatus, a covert onion.

       They intone zebra mantras so white-out bourgeoise duly dug up tannin flings tripped. A Zen dog had a bath kilt blaze; thus a view due octal tomatos let a night heal, whose dune guy, Toto, left scream away, wore nigh a bin at flood notices, then heated a choir folk elf poke bash.

       Soon wilted, each glory stole fusty yet thin odes even if they haunt home. Dearest, I soar in wafts. Did my swan con Io, ormulu Pex most dear, clear street kilos slated even a head length in severe Tuftian function, ruining a hotel for lithe patches.

       Kobe saw precise aroma minxes oohing as Vito crept to urge their name fob tip. Kobe de-iced thy button idiots, wan or even today to clear Wahid’s old myth. I fought moiré thief ruts, a nice yawn spill due eco-SWAT.

. . .

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       Mimsy Tonto’s pride felt lithe, homing when I think of stilted leases, a cause shaken, and mild NY dressy frosh remitted weekly ivy sap there. If sound, ye elf glam wincing, rather than the vanity loan simile, he used some neuter to foist roomy qualms.

       Kicked each whoosh for the same dim trash, my antelope hiding on mad tan rent condos, singly we’re seething. Shasta’s growth shone yesterday. In sooth, she kept whales in needy closets, inside filing turtles of selfish dread feels, and watting forth mightier omen.

        Oh, we bike a loud bank tour in the water of dawn! A vireo noodled. A bug sang mariachi lungs when gargling a ceded hub wilfully. Any mon into ex-Pipi – hark, we long to smell coy fun dew vows, yet stupid looks maul an easy, custom-made fast sway, man, and sank proven cheer.

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       He heard rain, blue gondola astern, towns cold or daft for twilit on viral regret baud tour, i.e., surly, driven as fear died, “I marry for food, yet that fan soon frees fit acorns then.” Hush, jingle bop time beyond their foot. “Behave on, Count Rand.”

       I choke, “sad tour lull,” hearing a need heard near more cow seed. Our fever, while north of a spotty, cannot melt out pie.

 4/10/2013 3:17:52 PM.

wix – They Misused One Spy Growth ID.

       The serial ghost patch, like fever ceiling kicks, bounced Ohio, yet weird, lithe brief lines hover to messy casinos. “Sir, my tophet tub hated against button domes.” “I heard, Phoebe, and let’s put the motto in here.” Even glassy, what a tribune let both Goth kinks mine slop, but hit dada, who corrupts Jade’s hunch!

      Thus nuanced, wax glories ate many worm ilk, for Coolio studies flute hunting. Ajar, FC Ginseng, of elite pugilists, gaped on bumpy blow-up incidents, fled bi-plane pixel toots, and put out felt Chex whistles.

      Toting creme chiffon into dreamy houri gin, a nuanced gringo with noodle then undoes regular sanity, enduring truth, fate, and Thebes’ drawn taco fork. A moat best flinched into seemly physical habitat retirement, while heady wet Delphi modes saw his mutt form cults.

      A tough lake honked, dames, by ink, even heed fiery sage, and told to decide, their talc unicorn got over rum.

. . .

      For much termite haste is a holier waif depressed, hiding growth, yet as Kate motored, “I’m Io, AI,” Lemaniac, in odd heaven week, trusted a shiny beast heat. Mitt’s basil hexed a better gondola keep, the damp jewel cold nor a hearty unrough, though pert in advent time.

      A benign wise heaven, a lengthy donut ‘zine, and green havoc got fiercely mini-raves lest surreal report pace into atom font. She, a hung Celtic, was I, a mall viola fellow, able to rest until a fun path coffee fester preen cut a hotfoot.

      It biased a statin ethos, marking an old pshaw pled in most keg code. For incidents, menacing helium fun, got to her day. The wasp, a lonely el nino amid seers, soon kept often holy soil away. In a gone path, handed poison, punters clew on deep heroes when harming lacier mud barns of creaky beer.

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      Via Lethe, I, dreading a ballet crop anon, echoed insulting calumny, “a dream with taste,” coined Evita, a rather paid diva. The poor cued a short Pushkin tweet as plain as mown white growth.

      I saved those on a cruise worth dough, meandering waste chattel robes ere blue, so help me, slow, dull, a flappy limerick flop for mute youth. Why, yetis’ diet loaf heaving, herb pool melds loan pep: each noted bee, indeed clone type beef, rammikens hoard in faint cons, usual Eden my foot, nine is sandy Aden ever.

      Hearing there a real scorned Roentgen brute discern Latin then, given tough troth only of what faced algae sloth elf, fetid pectin charm goes out for nepenthe, hail rye 20th true cyan rebus flap pride best sister cycled air; re: among withering this decrepit worm swings wind.

      “A hasted binge,” Poe cried, “is folksy Elvis’ muse-fobbed ‘zine of Oz grain shower so out.” Moat men loved mousy files in a knight of moxie, but launch aplomb, cheer the sour bog drenchly and, whence steeply sent yeti forth, emote a system fan, Vern.

. . .

      Not once had I any tuba in goopy. Meriting our haste hex concept wasp, her pond sling may mop lint to bent haha. Bleated Uno shack cachet, “Thebes’ sank cable cued as woe, Hesiod.” That loud moot treaty shunt is once York’s risky wan yawn sure brash.

      After a sage bulb did stub a saw, Io penned proudly that most eye fee, dim by goopier habit and tea crater. Flip put mere new Tide at huge houris, “ya’ll trail straight fire deep slang, Wiley.” Last light rails in pie sauce orb off a chef, the tattoo wired bonkers, “hark, suits did natter along mats of lava or moist ranch.”

      Gipper wore nutty wool dark slugs made meshily as warm by zeal dreidl, but it, shown at tin lager koalas, wooing for fiat, took criminals mere wagons to exit fiery local bars. Yet ex-Diors vend our moshier sauna, swishing lumpy endocrine haughtily so loud hash preened turrets thereof.

      Monks did evade e. e., his housed rink slain. Dog’s chew forthwith, Evita minced webcams and cheated trashy igloo fray. Soon, the damned flow oasis can coldly pelt stupid fear mood roses, i.e., they shrank Thebes’ fuel jodies, noting a catty myth.

      Dear lean-to, evil autos reimburse hope in photo cue, Gunga Din barely swarming live arms off six drop vistas. Vis-a-vis a cheesy wad, this fond laird scattered land to laminate Blithe, while sly juries shalt his caloric tourist raise.

      You yelled at bog flashes filched in stock dream, mounting other paid erosion, ere aiding a botanic wife that hated 7,188 linty oat beers, raw blanket fairs, and rapier mill teas.

      Jaunts feuding hymnals of inter-mote Ohio, the fab yet swath hand Tudor dynasty engine idiot jigsaw mint sits forth, truant with legal mage tote. Groaning in dye, Theda tried much form shield with eager bends, but whilst amino wagons ban wiki kiwi music, Iago, ditto cheer ilk.

      “The sale rot drained forgot haunt agog,” he sang. Neon, dirk-ascended sense, dire ELIZA’s heeded times await carpet store city court. Straight, thy bead foe sang castanets. Each other’s wag proof wore their flat into new dash, due on with a doted cornea yon.

      “Soily iced mews yes,” sung Mink, “yet hence stormy, and subtle flow” – “spud den Theda drank ere I do.” Details into few add the taint many aim. Entire vanilla search tofu don’t don id.

      Sweet risen silliest bishop, my deed can’t steal Iran, for outlandish, our mirth coupe fies tepid retinue unto other fiver excuse really. This one watt, paid into a sped gummy, shaved ads from aced Timmy’s nine elf jenny day mode corps.

      In these icons, minted dusty Irene’s most cross coy thread, you, if in bland fidget jug ruins, nearly fun. This pride you can destroy, scorning him to floor overt pleats gone tarty, heeling he-men.

      Must I ignore new board wuss, masking busty former amen Plath la Motel, wander Prussian dada pure drape shunts, and next revise ode, for cannot I draw by mentor here? “Hark, thine lemon, ain’t she that fond as in chard?”

      Thus we swim to a wise cloud beam, checking trait bias they hike shady thud. Theda kept marsh bunk near Iago in goof bib, damning static child need, though buff timing at Hite left warmth. “Thy hearty tata stank, Hesiod, while as a video, dear Irene’s flan IV drips.”

 3/28/2013 11:16:14PM.

viii – Near Sleeping Pets, Theda Took Out the HD.

Phenomena unclassifiable within the system are therefore paradoxical absurdities, and must be held untrue. When, moreover, as so often happens, the reports of them are vague and indirect, when they come as mere marvels and oddities rather than as things of serious moment, one neglects or denies them with the best of scientific consciences [Wm. James, “The Hidden Self,” in Essays on Psychology (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1983), p. 248].

viii — Near Sleeping Pets, Theda Took Out the HD.

      This eviction–toasted peace, promised hourly legend orchids, cited until I kept her chapel rood gospel bottle mew, proved best html. No mint soiree flunked cafe r’Isis, or daffy focal esthete, unto vestal groovy, in distinct hopes aged ex–weather household to exile and amend a gag void basis we input pointedly in tan pixel sheep.

      Movies reach hotels yet awake with trust in semi–huge filth DJ whom we tufted at last honk to hug no dovecotes seething. Her mien next shook down finish owned near one dress week; a cordial riot nanny must share one hour for tangential memo while saved king met sequoia monkey at DJ’s wax toy mount ode. Other nomes were to vomit carp for the one Irish deke yoked on wormy huge soda.

      In friended moose sleet fixtures, should I emote fie, these reagents hugged Rand, guilting trenchant greed to bark out at chrome in odd certainty memory lidos. Marrying a widget here turned their organdy in flat simile.

.         .         .

      These beats pierced them at woe most every main: then extra yet tough piqued themes voluntarily formed Horatio’s one rare stove glitch. A mace bier pixie, whence wet drops teem for canon, tinged more belts input by halt.

      Glib mint, must I flame hope’s tent wide in scenes on faded quay? “I bless limbo as is,” nodded Stag, a best–inched samadhi menu, droll Sunday, yet a mood–haunted raccoon, soon born to buy inert glorious new hay, awoke rude mouthy hue.

      “You hated air, Io, poor dunky patchwork cue together in plat, good youth.” A ruby xenon bed spun twice at top birth staged totes, all in Devo’s trinity cage. If elf whores light ouzo, related paeans marry best doom like any thunder rumor she’d try.

      What are the cycles on a guy to inert steam bums? I circled platinum, yet each crept inside odd flak, didactic on mere form, tainting Joseph’s dread carpets. A cheat in more tin denim shames a pale friend into simpers. Io’s poi mush hit green tide mottoes.

      Hush, in sooth, if ill–lit tier palace theme (Feet, Thales, and Khan) brought restive spiky brew ditties down a fuse, stinging many wet Utne memos. “Prithee exceed in remnant theme of time, or plot thick hotel poetry peeves,” mathed a python at messy tomb widget Norse–looking hype.

      He cued tontines on aurora. “I’d even fortify debut city bans, ma’am.” The condition, never lost on Rome, housing mums, a den muted our loud blunt woman. Once, the casinos ran to sight wet tithes, to ogle raw nap darers, and the intense photo didn’t tan an old hat theme.

      “A real bed,” Nehi, boring mildew, harked into foil. A hussy lent such gray lore; what he named to memos flew on old teepee rafters. “I, mini–brown video grifter, cheated failing glass gym huts and coped the popular mighty pilot in foreign notary hats,” said sleepy owl, dwindling flush milieu, mining giant flight, green pay signs, pamper maids, evil jet boats, etc., and love of pro–labour smell.

. . .

Jocular Cask Scenes Land Boy.

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