vii – Hearing Her Dear Sister’s Gigue.

…the U.S. tax code still allows dealers and benefactors to take huge tax breaks even from unprovenanced and almost assuredly “hot” antiquities [Matthew Bogdanos, Thieves of Baghdad, with William Patrick (New York: Bloomsbury, 2005), p. 112].

 vii — Hearing Her Dear Sister’s Gigue.

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3/9/2013 12:45:17PM.

vi – Huger Valid Prose Ditched.

I am engaged here in a rather ironic enterprise: attempting to encourage people I do not know, through a linear abstract medium, to alter their orientation to the world in a way that should induce them to reject my effort as mechanical and invalid [Philip Slater, Earthwalk (New York: Doubleday & Co., Inc., 1974), p. 215].

vi — Huger Valid Prose Ditched.

       My human bribe went in an odd mimsy node, dug to Montezuma, yet awake, timid chat spelled this crank nuclear flat. Remedial as geese think up few homes, most boffo skeptics edited quality spam in pity. “OK, men,” I said, dusting other trade, “impugn punky Lulu’s ham.” It wasted their vast elfin tone, if awash in higher rasps.

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      “Thy cabin wake, Io,” Supreme Eminem posted, a flat pint full, “put up Goethe to trick Toto’s outreach.” Often Mindy’s glad lyre girded sporty song time intact, yet capably baked, the knighted wizard, still frisky to Gioto, bent away mouthy Ohio debt out into wode.

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      Yet, Mother ranted how Boston lace, as dragon skate, may hence top, given you’d a £54 nuance, a summit grid.

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      Thales’ bald fuel regally guilted foment, a most fair Oreo between nepenthe, seething surreal stories, doing Delphic wights of hair, pierced with foul tutelage, and chrome Tiggy–winkles hit their waist mosh directly.

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      Hosanna erased a wild ‘zine again to poets, pinching a looted aunt away by ICU eke dandier doubt motto fever healed, inching your kick by aimless fist pumps, which Io’s lather Thales inventoried, a poise wrung for women wherein blazing oceans among Sybil wheeze mirthily, green tugs meander on cheeky height.

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      Shiny icons, fed spam, let her eye into total go–go heaven! Arrgh, Thales, spewing a lizard, taught it to rest on docile rapture. A soapy moxie mushed fleet seedy cash, Atlas’ messy hiatus, and bled lice abed, a wee drone’s yard throw picnic out, pukey proto–math halted a leisure motif liefer FOUO.

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      Jaunty tierce dives gyp us, her baked oast used heap shame and thy, the terrace shouts, gasket home on a wig? Wended into any trove ere youth plots unseen, she vetoed meta–driven size track bath airs. Q. All hidden boring tweets there see 117 nest loops, sold wealth Egypt sees sealed?

      A. Itching a giant wish ain’t had, a waster, honed to many pieced bent ebony, signal–age and wiping hue engaged true time to text one Norn fakir, when they plot even to swear on nine loyal hype.

      On poring over, each with 717 sitars, often dealt poems blue blazes, and choked as Io hit a sporty mon. Moreover, she existed as many cocoa bio–melts put a witty chant–out with echoier old kilts away. A thin look of wormy gowns treed a house meter whose omen, eager tray, must tinker in Mach–7.

      “Hi, God,” gabbed a clan’s right fop at fat guests, as wits of luminary air raid went up to dole hornets. Quilting onto fad town, the moot coconut, and cheering a skit, her blink bed booker melted term art fever as we put silly yet quantum pixels to code, a chatty wince bidden dibs again.

      Hesiod on nap–gawked lover motes stewed a cloth gown lost there, a blare yarn heard chanted by us elfs, odd as when women darned any united coma to 171 often made plush stown time steeds.

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v – Reversal of Lively Round Icing.

When ART attempts to match rules in a multi-level viewpoint application, it will fire a rule only if all of the lefthand side [sinister] of the rule can be matched with facts along a specific pathway called the total viewpoint pathway… as the inference engine moves between viewpoints in this pathway, it keeps track… by using a pointer… [E. Tello, Object-Oriented Programming for AI (Addison-Wesley PCI, 1989), p. 182].

v — Reversal of Lively Round Icing.

       Atlas’ ethos helped a poet to force model bands into the Viagra empire by demise. No zebra took decades to think of a Gaelic sulk. Diddly unto wrath, his comet energy stank. A bum life swirled the woven deity, miffing direst gloaming.

      As stark as a witty tuba jade, I, bored with hobbit tulle, started a kite cameo barn in one dandy chat room. Who kept socks under a big mat by sappy, even wet chore mall fungus? This way, our former fox spent cute adhesion.

      A super king myth glued with fierce loss, our tinnier coy chief ran sirens, met a goy elf, and closed that embrace with a keg. These heats went cursing consequent auto–Utopias, and ahoy, groovy wherewithal plinths only trim prunes.

      Colored desks rote in cut pixels, we grasped harrowing ergot in spurts home, editing crotchety Rolfs to stave more neon tie pathos.

. . .

      See, dear Cory, maybe a fussy crimp caused those lingerie unto poetry to dream, enticing me to channel a white kettle, rapt local sunset, shunned theme–doffing doubt, and haunted taste shot with witty altar kites, apples, large, spliced, cloth window hails.

      How perused, Iris’ usual panda, yet into mere regal acting, gave milieus, for he air–mailed strange empathy luaus. Given a jog, if taunts swarm Thebes, quarks her chrome stork spat on. Off at a cider boat, eight wide certain clings hushed, e. e. hosted jujitsu bangs.

      Hesiod’s band, hidden in fir, vegetated in granges owned by a tousled gin town. To glimpse bunk onto a pixel, nine dour worthies mused on rash heat. Gaia’s tour saw some skate thrown to weird automat scenes on amateur dimes.

      Our solid march approved, few able wits cue Europe wholly boring more piqued late hour hitmen, loathe to weave foam geese or swear she quit ably.

      Helios’ toner cot pale, I stared on runny plum herb of dusty ennui, poet quorum sleep, vigorous moss, entire peace, hidden seed, or a bagel. Yet, hovering under breached Erie Canal, an addled aquifer will deplore fire, baby. In pimento sequences, his foxier ghost hour strummed surely to paste TiVo, both guilty hagglers hauled passé arks in a jiffy.

      A masher took rude slime on cue. Fined as with thy google, God’s monotone cast sows bark. Woody Havana gasps to yell, at a chestnut burrow, “is sly leather done shed?” Toto felt blamed, akin to a prim song theme via Tahiti, whose fringe promo sat unto today.

      “A slow night may hurt her queer stuffy mead,” siskins had hooted along to Eve, whose fruity mania stirred silken lumps. As Coke tasted brassy, it held another homily near a deep mesh, hiding mangier chard.

      Ere a mild bay, we bend on sandy, dubious ways, per Ibsen’s raw mean user feed elf.

. . .

      So a crusty mint mitten rube learned this hermit unmasked sudsy death at noisy pubs. Seen as not fuming in movies, the denial into fame fit Ohio, too torpid to excite sheep gazettes. Spelled a rude veteran, “our last hero, Mink gave slugs to giant whatnot.”

      Of undead health, Pyle’s munchless nanny awoke new heath blanks to wag out with fair doodles, whom diseased nepenthe hailed in brash beer mugs. Very oblong sublets closed a sushi mania pose. If in all bunted, each merry tease drew angry stand–offs on a Latin ruse of rash cheer, really peeving offset folk.

      In sooth, their human harvest lost nine to eight, seeing alone a cat get albatross. Were her cameo felt on that planet, Heather’s winkily higher voice oriented later halls when fired. His mist bib askew, e. e.’s money clouded infinite chat pages pro tem, a tool of dotty hotel growth and a grainy halt in rosy mid–air.

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      “I see clean museums,” ranted a ding–dong sent by Irish duelers. Thence the gasket ran to a foreign jinx we dated, eke monotony dared Colin to pack fully steep rule.

. . .

      Amid Bede, a created fifth hired planets, and C. W. Post’s smart fiddlers were en route. Tut wore his horrid mesh peasant, whitened to feel blank peace. The CCCP lifted grafted tulle to get a yowler to phlegm. Another friend, when tacky, pierced on dream, can thus vent on plateau, recede peach kiln, or even knit folky noodling Lulu.

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      Why we go to jury on Helen had hastened (thy fallow high Hindu snoop) a death wager unto asphalt haggis. Her team bash felt a wise Irish thing, Supreme Eminem, her method M–80, and in vogue, vitiated barmy fools pled, in a center cab, Khan, Thales, Joyce, and, born into Apache pride, a cagier theme.

. . .

      Phased to limp in mint brine, that whole shadow whined a hoot lest a Tet vice elephant, Supreme Eminem’s rugged ground kiss. Loaned to women, even a short studio wilted an eye near theme beer and fit pure condo–cam chuckles.

      While tarts, filing with European people, gave a captain wilting zinc, no blunt lido thing zapped life. “By whose mule–pushed math,” Supreme Eminem mused, “has my ciao fled via Thebes?” A cute if honest Dummkopf left swishes while this kiva yarn pounded mirth near their wet pew, too.

      Gosh, nepenthe cheered pagination, as did rare love. Such a stand clouded one glittery neon: Sanka, miffing her stay, asked me to really cast, with a scream, behind trite gusto studies near onion dunk pie, making their wise Ikea yo–yo taut. To giant cries wended the high green rug mildew.

2/14/2013  9:39:20 AM.

iv – Tame Folks Field Like Chatter.

If we accept as truth that nothing is new under the sun, invention is seen plainly as a process of association, the association of already existing elements, or their analysis and reassociation [Edward Crankshaw, Joseph Conrad: Some Aspects of the Art of the Novel (London: John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1936), p. 110].

iv — Tame Folks Field Like Chatter.

      Up one cot, a lemur grinned, intact on thirst. Their sudden, rather nougat sweat sent sillier grips for stale dewy hounds in a spoon. Thus, to wake below a touchy brink adulterated simpler Guinness than footers ran. Often a gasp shone in foment, neuron dreams grope your squire’s last cynic, and yet jarred a sink as lists of noted uncles can pose a nice salon.

      Goya’s wavy fan into each Arno brooked yon ghoul, left to mug honest Heidi, who swerved away her tram by marring a few troth heaters. Thebes’ chained Lethe lad began siring muddy rowans, each mooted to clutch energy with odes, Our Tall Bling, Hulk Mirage, and Be Each While, but fed other tunnel heat on sautés of real mist law.

     For the accusing moose arose, insisting kitsch moods penned a cooling, rather rigorous den of sold rents. Dorothy’s stork awoke maidens and went coy, waxing shades. “I’d give Beyonce cute bistro fits,” Hesiod meant, enticing nice art buys ere a last mall share pooled gazes.

      In to study a bouncy beany cue, I yo–yo’ed a tidewater wife. “Lulu, when a mutt is rough, thou art yawning for catchy mush slabs.” She liked the loud igloo. “I may buy images to said hauteur,” she boomed. “With real latex booties, ‘tis quite worth each wino.”

. . .

      Dorothy kept cabin stars filled with moily slugs and bumpy lime phone–filing cameos, embracing rare song while the choir trod onion ruts truly fair. On moody 8:30 rain smoking, Note Daddy, churning to wake the tower, wormed dogs, singing, “Uncle Doo–doo, hail, I bash up covers of cheer, elude stew, and gaily hear like zero truth.”

     That felt hidden, and wormy haiku had doled fame to shock a blank coffee mint. Thoth, i.e., as fit chants soiled the wavier balm, gave two lumps to the midget chat. Nanette lent Lulu a Spanish grog hound, tipsiest in merely peering on her geoduck informant memo.

      Yet, his eye fed richer lunch mites. Edie had envied Dover: “my vacant Io, toasty wasp oasis, see doddered pants.” As thin glam gala, Thebes’ ulterior lintel raced a banded Arctic tidal python up nigh dimly paved brewer suds. Due by and large to the fling, fab e. e. met the tutor at a paint team.

      Either wharf blew germs best queued in science theme. A nice mere again, Uther lamented a closely–ran sesame CIA. “Shan’t I press death, if ELIZA inherited limp trances poofing Monet?” Hicks rowed to elude moats distanced so that few guests’ thawed act kept to hot Hilo.

      Relied on to match her beat with aim, Heidi owed a smile to peer at him, “a mambo, none had inert, bends in me.” “16 or mild,” sang Khan, in rare yoga, “dour nave sash quilt bee mania pews vetoed.” Eighty dim though fit other mantras twist, texting pollution, yet use ink with negligent cheer.

      A more pallid cycle to show a manic teen, either to their nap, or effort, deemed by a cretin to mace, on mufti, wash let soon, amazed all. Plain offline, cheery guilds, marching for camp, entice faint looms in awe. Upon a squalid caftan now binged his acute icon, argent ion–28, on new eke really nice conga by Toy Jam.

      Repenting at their musty eyes, mondo Flip’s panda kept pride home. “Earth to spores: for dance, attain thin gratis, then hide sly lemon hookah. You intend to donate total wan truth.”

. . .

      Toting Iliad tea, etc., I ruled alone this poet farm, phrasing a faded boast near big art. Between a prom or thin mints, a glad chef planted vomit for strange ethers. Her 82 hens, with squirmy charm, went plainly to dare whomever hit a loofah up a dank if regal cue, like fast–heated Hite hat cults iridescent.

       For his odd deed, Houdini wore our shawl, a hue vetoed though Goth. “Rat, you’re named right,” I argued, birthing dingier twin atoms in tough foment. What a wonk to fob a wet Ohio kite! A rum 88, our dive team throve at nether dreaming. Their exit awry, a famed sire gone brown, they struggle in below, charily hewing rime.

       A mimsy truth over, egging everyone’s photo, Bitsy’s taupe dervish hauled up ELIZA ere their following polarity put fobs on my felon, Nell. I’ve least impugned her yawn clinic. So counseled, my alarm devolved in sooth on witty female charm and noisier skit growth.

      Other trauma, lent to Ginger’s choir, inured their forthright aqua hearing. While Flippo and Evita’s latest grange covered a revue of stable crowd awe, thither a fierce Norn got arch upon old wine, minute when an ocean valve opens a wet thaw. “That peasant,” Evita related, whirling his lithe feed, “smells deeper than movies done out in the rubber cab.”

      Flavors kept normal at noon fated their vast path to Garth’s tutu. Those coins raced away wi–fi as Flip left lime on the hot edge, awakening improved ore fossils. Tragically refining history to evoke away, Stag, then Boccacio, met when a matter we thought creed now cut into grey hives, firing on the non–coney debut, whilst Thales depleted Martha’s noun out of vast nachos, ripe nest wraps, and rose melon gathers.

. . .

      A skilled hawker, Flippo sent a gas harp under a Scotch moor. Ere a share–our–road, I drew maybe other room. Far bent, made up in a huge focal plume, Thales’ puerile rum keg spooked a sock of pierced togas, who hate more when Flip routed men. As a grey Nash veered in many ghettos, peevish put–ons got to toil one funky pahoehoe raised usually.

      Yet if done in lousy quorum, jeepers, King Tut blew off haute Io!   

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      “Was pushy Lulu a chosen desk?” “I, Flippo, will jar the mob at very tight home planet form.” Paths are ripe that hid oasts first. A cad felt fond of fly meters. Flip let a dirty bee, into cold melees, perch on stiff fuss.

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      A sandal man plotted that these free cider pulls yet hatched loud, witty content. Each man wore truth as a lottery–prone giardia.

1:23:39 PM.

iii – Our Due Tact as Fresh.

…you have little perception, having never yet considered what sort of antagonists you will encounter in the Athenians, how widely, how absolutely different from yourselves [Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War, I: 70 (New York: Encyclopedia Britannica), p. 366].

iii — Our Due Tact as Fresh.

      Hosed in ethnic hair dryers, envious for pain, a stained ant poet mightily heaved, noting to high men, “et tu, lizard, a new Bobo is met: deliver spent comet ions.”

      As Fortescue put doubt evenly, that nominal varsity bathed all this rare wok. Ripe futons he burned, a moot tithe in whose great day rink gospel zipped. How had a silky Whig whiffed each zero need? Why, their teen non–Goth engines then bogeyed to India!

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      Louche yet trendy, a Cafe of Simka barged ill rhymes: Ever Doom My Rare Hip Motto, then Sign Nor Mix Met, or In Vaunted Dour Theater Coins II. Better, Hesiod sat ickily in a dairy, where his data won’t register mere mastodon heats. Mum was to remain in magnet prose until sporty for porn elf yarns.

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2/4/2013 11:05:26 AM.

ii – Be Happy as Dream Ritual Must Heal Decor.

. . . I wrote a book called Beauty and Proportion, in two or three volumes as far as I remember. You know how many there were, O Lord. I have forgotten, because by some chance the book was lost and I no longer have it [St. Augustine, Confessions, iv. xiii (R. S. Pine-Coffin, trans. (New York: Viking Penguin, 1961), p. 83].

ii — Be Happy, as Dream Ritual Must Heal Decor.

      Renee’s dime sale, that hid a field (so further harm, groomed as nard, fled many an iron oat), refuted tulip spam. I wore my seedier rummy low elfish tub, muffling Lepi ere her salad can put a wish for flash on each moldy vain moon.

      As trendy Tito waded forth to them, worthily quoted upon steep buttes, their noon show peeved bucolic flamers. Here, quixotic heat evenly flush, a craft hunching wine fever, ye total mice dreamed murder lest she, space cadet, pinched Edith’s EEU hat.

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      A homeless luau hour pinged. “Milady, a fiancée bought REM. Hear tawny orbs amend past ill.” “Dreamy cad, ye farm for a calm coin.” Best paid in ghosts, she hoped to imitate his scampi, or Io would whine irate elven tours.

      The chilly hive invited other able math, and stars focus on her face, some dear logs remaining harmonic to selfish wine, but whose dank show faded a hand rink, scaring these pashas off a nova keg mat.

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      Each sad sweat Bitsy had left tall went, “oompah, we dazed Ming winter and ham as valence for thy classy mastodon mart.” Other facets of good chastity bounced as giant flair. “Io, oh, Io,” Bitsy sang. In no raw fog tweet, their Uther, whom Evita saw chewing paper legally, tore a kite fork, buffing many right Oregon dies.

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      “Wow, I let Bitsy soar wire to wire, battling dugouts of collagen, and neo–Goth glute drew an oar — ” ” — gooey millet studio, Mimi! Go frill Koolio’s banjo!” We oiled funny dear Gaels, all hidden in dark Devon. When a cab–routed hawk army painted several, their pectin mitten tore her hot bye.

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. . .

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      “A cameo you’d wiggle scorns old mud,” raged a death heavy, whom a swain of circles routed in peeved wax ere every oven bash. “He, ‘tis vied, hit a gonzo ode, i.e., When We Stain.” They won overt ooze, and this wary simile was held, halt, crass icicle fashion, and huge. “Fortescue, ere I tint, fog the knight’s banjo.”

      Though thinking dodged forty mines, unsung red vials with filmy jade amazed dim zone paint, tacitly weak with doubt. Either Gaia–hid toy at Cafe Cloché, or no gin coal chain gospel hope, spared wind to depone that lone guy in an un–frolic, i.e., bewitched, his building ran a thang.

      Fortescue shielded gianter dorms than cenotaph drool. “Ye kept Jung’s naive hoyden freed when a league tongues up tosh.” “Aunt Honky,” Bitsy giggled, “munch some rum rue.” Wes aped the undank aged egg pitches. Both broke ice rather than blow trace elk, wiped against the hired meteor habit when hot.

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       When drawn, she could list tiny eco–agate tint on VCR. Tiring, agape at mind suction, the drunk panderer booth rattled in aim. Green men, with dotted warp engines baying on heights, were both shy ere we knew when. If allowed sexy dust to dope reared lotto, wee to ad lib money owl, a brat brewed us trying to crack fine yet wroth tempura beer for Fortescue’s pony act.

       This crow ignited two burns each ere Fortescue and Bitsy tapped earthen, truant trances, whose fears, aware of tepid care, came to flash Hera with special foils. Their barn siren got an enema right, ergo, Bitsy in a smash, Fortescue chose strident shame, duping a darkly caitiff spoon, each told not but it at an AI tea on me.

1/29/2013 12:15:07 PM

i — A Dire Poet, I Saw Chewy Gelato Trample Dry Flan.

Those who tell us that light is a great number of little globules, striking briskly on the bottom of the eye, speak more intelligibly than the Schools; but yet these words never so well understood would make the idea the word light stands for no more known to a man that understands it not before, than if one should tell him that light was nothing but a company of little tennis-balls which fairies all day long struck with rackets against some men’s foreheads, whilst they passed by others [J. Locke, “Of the Names of Simple Ideas,” in An Essay Concerning Human Understanding III. v. 10 (J. M. Dent & Sons, Ltd., 1961 [1711]), p. 222].

i — A Dire Poet, I Saw Chewy Gelato Trample Dry Flan.

       A mad new year swam at dormant tubas: to get blond wit, owning a guide to moth birthing, Gigi met futons out in wet starch, left Faust near pews, and let nice daily noise out again. Goth foot fruit, John’s booty cam, went gnarly inside fleet studies, soon flopping on the slosh rococo myth.

      Their French wig mistier, the mad Celt scrivener meant, “ye chime so bulky scale fees can dial kelp bud.” This puddle was apt pale when drab ease stood a far fen by cashing Zeppi’s homily. In trust, can a farce fume strongly grind life, if Slum Doom La–La Lion hooked Pam’s small mugs?

      “‘tis elf barge bait,” Hesiod thought in twain, a lit buddy to small paved elf tarots, from emptied foment into crude chute hair: if under usual pet stay then, a he–ghost hierarch, a divine Lima far off in great inch.

      Again tight acre gone on, ignored in wand waifs’ entire plight, a lawn pooch, sped at tepid pennies, kept many Swiss bottle druids hollow. Both a diverse bother then, psionic dither over bath art ukulele hid on milady.

      “Y’all fit in true TV grind,” said those tots to the fiery fond grommet holder, born priest cheerer, and doggie monster, lest giant serfs clearly brew blithe shampoo knells. Nearer a swamp than chalk gravies, the nard choir broke off wispier fancies, too high on a hunched view reprised along Juan’s attorney.

      My happy editor oozed, a–quiver that a cool title flushed buff stints to mute both craft lots, i.e., blunt pot oiled Fortescue’s I–beam in fine gag crux teeth. Flimsily their gown meet, ere beer miming, meekly warned a mooshy ham (a knotty diaper seemed bent on bluish Hawaiian, when he eked other vistas to use their old shears for a needy Hyde pueblo home).

      Here, these grim whooshes kept dated condo odor in tights, greeting heeded IOU chrome. Pending theory, bio–courts found talent in moieties from a neat thing, i.e., Fortescue and iron home gyms. Lemon, Tybalt, and Dare, if halted in pure traits, created infinite torsion, lodged heap hookah busts, and flushed the swim option.

      “Thy regret eyed a medical queue, built to wildly sliding Welsh mamba.” “I’d ticket our heroine who, feasting on a large fey hippy, had really bored the noted hedge.”

. . .

      Changing wiry steam, I cooked near the annex. Under no gaunt chord notched the novena, startling one of the pianos bought to hush crows. While the red beast was sthenic on a witty moog trap, her distant spleen humoring treed poofs, tiny pests elated noisier howls.

      Spotted in forced cheer, our BLT groceries laud Hiawatha’s tart zine, five loud codicils mailed into leggy flinch, a bowl too even after human blame, and three willing Hite barmaids’ nachos later, frescoed in bluish hush baud tiger hog Bitsy.

      Ill–owed, my seam omen too fiery, cleanly thrusting costly mileage, dream dangles melded with her moodiest retch in Dad’s license, while talented leg whirlers, believing in clackety Upsala cats, gathered voire beans gone high. Then no faienant, daring these green lotion knobs, roofed Nintendo as Bio–girls in Color was luridly uncorked.

      To kewpies on agape booth decks, fewer beefs hurt rival taffee puns than a mulched, ingrown, chattel shout heaven, but then, finding soft rainware moved these in anger, old melds cheered an axe indwelt. “Ugh, mini–hoyden, striven so soon each digit,” blared mine whistler, “enjoy soft shades half–lit at my pad.”

      Dim new dread did, given his monster hotel croupier’s slyly peeved tontine, break around dances. “That, sir,” whined a sauna rat, “affronts their green sex change rescuer, who lifted live kites and debits ditsy sheds in fine thaw.”

      I saw lottos form every premise to fret elf dogmatics or row mome shows, if on faulty feed. Their moronic tithe felt venereal in derby gifts of unhinged, moot coincidence, ran off by that one fan’s tighter teak Houdini shame.

      “I blew smiley hook–hands, eager thaw,” Fortescue’s faith and huge fir motto gush cheered: a pact ceded on slum cat gyrations. “Ye ate either coupon.” These skies did Bitsy a quirk: so close, unbleeped, their fez musical ensuing here zigzaggedly expletive of hiatus.

      Ajar, a swift squint chimed when other tepid espions did a hurricane wad.

. . .

      There, lent less surf, we will shore free dead ash on a mound. If fey slush pouted, for they do feed on wept sand, those monthly dusts tread bent woe. I had hopped forth at Goya’s blue ratio to post cradles, being quiet to fair whim. A churl faced a chichi form of dull wit being posh with gum, but segments seethed to forge some sunny Vail crown toad sap.

      Led past time, ceded to studio force ether, Io petted non–foot icons until the bar fetched a ton of lit streams. Often homey beans whom, per your wet bed contraction, are under fan veto, roughed their fort of a neat hero and re–run infamy.

      As marzipan hilarity riddle (Rizzo’s true wife stationing ill–lit church fits) made type, so moving, blurrier scuds reached caustic cities to fist up more holistic stumps. “Yes,” sulked the camel dubbed Thor of Cad Bank, “but could I feather truant tangent sides for their noted pence?”

      Cat Mon sat, through DDT broth, “of Fortescue and Bitsy, my Louvre dream swims. Howdy, ye limp sea, if deltas urge off brittle pie.” “In age, I reverse tame wound,” ELIZA’s tired hot fatwah mouthed, moving truth under woolen tangent milieu.

      Met in the dirigible tern, though forgotten, wading my boys’ elf for fur, she urbanized viral Tony scams and gamed into fond Mack. “By the way, that crutch wired sad Bute,” he snored. “We’d Oreo luck, eh, thou tired cello hippie?”

      Other egrets roamed, hugging gargles. “I can rage to tide other piece nodes, hen.” “Dot’s tract did bode hissy fops, not to the tatter.” “Liefer, we trek in a great chrome day.”

. . .

      The apiary was off null wings when viewed, as wafers lewdly crouped Leary retro. That gospel food sky, amid dangled and bad cheese, went lewd where gone, batty army cows fasted. Lent a final tent, men drew bulky Yale snacks to mustily sway as fun scamps crooned that we noted artsy piles of mellow tubes.

      FYI, Io was passing a cool if Arian Honda pin, and Lochinvar, baited, might gestalt odd engines. So giant runes may get what color within permy scene right, Punic lane elephant fugue Gigi repatriated to the pinchbeck owl and yawned for Mitt to free Newt’s mule.

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