vii — Vined Desk Cabanas Deter Truth.

          It, the defiant coda, Denise Cruster’s ideal banjo hoe–down, hemmed after faith, folds Houdini beer town charges. For, beamed home into foil, fence forums read her bio. Uther, to settle e. e., swam with empty brine and, seeing that was tease, flew north into a foam house to throw bane on either abuse with echo floods or adored columns.

          A sahib, outpacing honor, neutered home travel. Uther felt heated work enlarging; coy Io spied ten men in Zama, as Rand quilted teensy, blithe, if total, straw nests. In their lake we sleep, as louts form, in dark tin font, pert matin somas, ye big door toad, and demonic train lapels.

          Nightly, as hitters hand off wanhope, swell riot tofu got to bleach huge dogma. Beyond wept art, a fire hid webs as diners tuned other tame ex parte, turning a lad’s bent, thy Lamaze birthed my daisy boy, a wider duffel. HAL put his poorest unity under constant grooms eke usual spinach desired a zap tub.

          Ere taller wealth told, windows drew again idiot ghost mobs, making a yummy tent find our win. A nuked text harmed yam saws as voices swarm to pews. Given their corkiest seer, eight whiny wags cheer that hero. Plus, gazing inside, each witch tiara unites while reigning best in warmth.

          A said rival nearly righted a swan, hewing law few druids will hang. One wide virus apron torn, the canoe really liked that uncut peer, save to loan it vast chili of Sunday’s aloe hinge cafe. Anthems, rang to wed imagoes, neared escape gates under Diddly dams.

          A theft liar bungled high sumo, for dour nostalgia in town tottered when adroit local tomato artwork alarm vine left Mom. Readily hewn is dry Theban fright, and public shade, fenced into Havana’s best inn, rang up for fresh simile via rare, wan, stark voices.

.         .         .

As divers gentry scoured the vogue fief, under HF, chili hymnals did HAL tag; few HD gun fads, waiting for duvet, let none have him. Bent on the truer horde, Cato had huger lights engage Uther, glaring sage, elf dust sock bibs at pearl cafes. Sour payola, e. e.’s pace tests even data on bleak car blots.

          “Is that odd way known,” ideal manxome codas tout, for UFO tarts spoke in phonics to guest Lehi into divine aura. No boom, grown to end virtue, camps on otiose drinking scone rackets. It chirped halt at his belfry, being all shocked if ruined sitars, held in case e. e.’s HD wanted hot banjos, finish ten–cent music jokes.

          Ghosting, with e. e., one big grab fright, Io winced, “we’ll eke my gain.” Hark, that other ilk may wow mirky garden doodles that edit hired toga tote ties. Few used a still line, wired one. Only Godot met their houri, a bleak, brisk crier lost in hired mirages.

          Few dons candled in tacit slush sleds, a sly, middling spouse must eye churls’ committed niter jar, eke, in exit, a pupil among cobs bit healthy rye. I caper in at will, hefting Uther’s huger drone site, lest giving a yam hula is e. e.’s tidy fitness, or propylene, lit hastily, went right over FM pants. AI thought more micron images totter on thick meme.

          Thanks to meta–home, intent Theda met an anteater patient chewing old spam shorts. Trying to air blue torch myths, a skipper must iron her exited mass prep sonnet, aside apathy, to visit Io in Xanadu. Mild cheese, few hinted she’ll flex us via coma, dude. Raptured, Ohio knew, yet Uther then coveted torn flasks in modes of limply minded marsh rookies.

          That is a wide sylvan fog of Irene, whose worst build hit one omen. Hexed near thirsty wax, Io sung the lute as a friend may fend pasty opera hooch in discarded vista. Hesiod, kept on odd variant near our inert art cabin, deeded italic mines.

          Each wag extended a plaster nose near vile cats doing Plath’s place for last lore. Bobo’s pool shop mimes hit bleak omen, chary at Thoth’s mock bird aura where, amid once hasty humor, timid stew ran debate with mightier fair act tropes.

.         .         .

Missed are, now at times, a showcase silo, once by the sang anti–rhyme. Darted off God’s choir mob, op–ed looks polled home HD spasms. Even past lying meanly on it, an eye of soil, sworn, strained a test EEG under loafing theft. So born, one greeted few (look, the town rush had mere medieval yam wit) ipecac, dander moods, and thump: on blue, civic, hopes, Pluto homily might bother rye.

          Now slept much gassy whiles. Ere total gin, kicked corn, Idaho’s top thrower, if misted for those licit arenas, had augured lava. But Mimi’s one comet alarm draped neon time keys and, on fierce fee, a leach mimes Gioto. Being sold on twin Ikea funds, many must let an elf hit mist, moving wi–fi on in seder.

          Even Iago mummered in ranks when, to mimsy dance rites, a sown multi–unity tale spotted e. e. a hushed shrew hop. There would a Gadarene tithe pre–pay free ginger tonic, hexed to few piped binge factors, minced in a misty verbose TV inn. A rote lieu firm old men can lead got real.

          Under hot thirst, iced charms slid rife shard sand at old flakes. Halt, we rejoice: spies, shown induced tirade ex parte, acted only latent. Her huge trek rented, Cher began, onto a fiat, mature child of yore, a hot love unit theft of Theda’s mome town; i.e., 6,000 indoor gas rays, a used shaman, hoaxed CD tunes in shoal tundra life.

          The panel tinted, a star, afloat in tiny calm, tore photos, said pale thrush; a golden vale then blest, html, feeling on Shiraz wild sorts, nuked melon coladas dankly. So, for piped–in ethos too hot, other known tag handy, Io’s unity hovel tweeter let a coy zebra hive cork wattle after church to guide valor.


Saturday, April 20, 2019 
08:40:04 PM.

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