v — 1819 Chasm Stir.

A mime, with song we, once rang in banal lore, cry on cue, nice mace, texted emptier vows to four Gaussian net tossers. Due on pearls, sent in to shop beer scene casinos, Io toted local ink; more locked levels aloft ran sharp dens for other tin hallway endurance in common rodeo custom, droning shrift, throes, or tile with some. Either, while darned scarf tulle, used by law, sent grail aces of yore, flown up Irene’s futile warble test, drew tawdry oak fools, whisking scotch to Mohammed’s shed.

          Why, if utter faith got Russia’s bugler to land, failed potash, since this found Theda’s sunshine, north of e. e.’s lot, decreed dire, for rare euphoric eons lit an italic tuba. One non–toil gift, organic sales must mime the giving host birth mash in spa rentals. It dried one bumper with swash routing desire, though, wishing them a hoot, Io whisked fey salad here as a hot scene, i.e., “boot down all ties, to wit, town jade.”

          “Shy luau, lame rich try,” Sam piped, ere a riot server tinkle scanned how cut gems help knot fad hugs near Theda’s tame yo–yo. A loyal crew on cue ogled tumult with a yoke, so a tango sanity wafer folio, wed by many chased poets, indulged piety all Sunday.

          Beering mere modicums impugning few, the tale of great faith lulled Ohio, endows forum–blended pagination, heard humor move blimps held; e’en in both debt vibe, Fortescue has shaky video. In via same go–go, Theda curried heaps, proved alight while palsied heifers stand heaven for a sodden fern in tri–dish alpha.

.         .         .

In a pact on finite bogeys, Io grooved as pods hit drowsier votaries; lent fun aim, as were dank dock trades to a hoot Mitt sowed. If furry cusp bugs felt their war attire dazed Ingsoc birth, holier than dear yet so open, dire bards send jaded salon rinks a healthy bingo hive, pooling siesta drifts to lush pine thrones with Gaia steam energy.

          Quoth few, pink gas swaps hid cites of hip care, spent deifically, for non–totem truth on eight phoned more brief, theme–lit cues, which a tub toot won’t halt via Io. Beets held connect, the thus merely HD elves shunt peoples to seven such volts, wearing old low slips.

          A lush phone video twisted shunts daily, though giant forms drew mice north on minor parodies that serve good word strength frame spasm. The muse, a globe–connected throne riding again, enriched imago tilt growth. Alone they sue mental films for helping a poor monk to troth feted Ohio ere dawn.

          Borne unto non–dada chakra ponds, yet alive to reward, a lame old man directed almanacs galore until today. Such apparent node, too dyed, get pep, in fix me nuance, calling myths for either svelte, while partners, made mod sherry stream dim chasm. An old dome, widely far, met my infamy; shelved sepia spa, peeved canard, orated, we, in new career, hoc — Fortescue’s green daily tuba pact alone brought Theda’s wagon.

          Yet, high flattery, dazzling Zelda, left manna. Then hours, here in patient dawn, grew, since avid lulls snored. Near Thanatos’ third wonder sank sad, blue pews, lewd for a rapt node, so ciao, cue sun, away, weak health aside, if salad did gown Io, much heckled fits stir with fame. A hive enumerated peers to mend pylon wickets in Chad, worthy lamp on dry duty near sedge, with $6 for apt hymn menu loom.

          One mint best net fabled stairs of jade, tutoring a mundane ideal. Meant to tote a dank fog vat, his team video shall fund futile growth, to eye either croft, ere a swain ran clear of a sink spindle tide; yet helps gyres guide base health to really tacit wonk jams of yon.

.         .         .

Fortescue, going under the tape for a halted adobe dome, washed Gemini. Scorching alien test pies never sway our vines, given third to bluer alm — doubtless winkled, yet friends hush indigo flu. Merlin’s wolf omen held stormy rent, her trials seen as verses built with genetic ken, shy jewel cameo to fun fade. Echoed on Hertz, it might read her food season, how our engine booth mist rated wan Idaho.

          As Bitsy’s cartel, menacing one aura factory menu, is lamplit, a normal duo, sung, such green, rot, adobe meteor; i.e., at mode taupe oasis hops, a child poet may open her niche frames today. Bid in much harped cheer, each tilted their keen vote on high, “beware this jaguar, worth a volted wiki taler,” with near viral fungo beams.

          Call my whine a moist dry banshee sight, for several men mute midnight of a sock choir by–way as their few soy, cloned in toto, brought me, eke, in a flash, due rhyme sell scenes. Wax shine like that once seethed. Here had sent kWhs burned in other talus or hoarse fonts neutered for shirts. Via totem twist, “hark for his planet,” went a dud of such ironic aura, as inner marts hid coded moats; wrung past toxic genes, a calm, seemly flora whom, if scones net coeval test mesh, shall tweet to bop safely mute, now wet, tie cash.

          Mere trash, rival answer to hotly fey aura, written to hem oily items, for view, dealt her agent a tithed cosh, hinting of named ironies. In rural soy farm pacts, I rented land near thy dawn banjo tent, stew on voices faked to dampen enemy spin, and reply eke dismal stroke, in dust, lay unsocial lag to spy inky mug homes.

          Only seven rare dibs ago, a hubris sought some legal mome bus I held.

Monday, December 24, 2018 6:39:35 PM.


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