vi – Gray Jeweler Pouts, Will Run Big MUNI.

So in this great society wide lying around us, a critical analysis would find very few spontaneous actions. It is almost all custom and gross sense [R. W. Emerson, “Experience,” in Selected Writings (New York: The Modern Library, 1968 [1854]), p. 343].

vi — Gray Jeweler Pouts, Will Run Big MUNI.

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* * *

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* * *

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  2. MaJa says:

    Aine,Serendipity led me to your blog when I wondered one day, what would come up when I goegold my name: Ann Grenier. You did! I couldn’t let your piece on Faith pass by without comment. I like your writing style makes me smile. I too was a catholic school student in the blue uniform, white blouse and brown oxfords. I was, apparently unlike you, completely molded by my nuns, and haven’t lost faith, but my vision has cleared. I am fully convinced that I know nothing at all. That gives me the confidence, apparently like you, to question everything. I started writing poetry last year and find the same theme creeping into every piece I write no matter where I start out. I end up on a fence looking down on both sides; it never fails. I have written four chapters of a novel as well, have oodles of research, but am stalled because I have lost faith in the whole enterprise. I got on a poetry sidetrack, loved the immersion in another world, and quit on the novel.You will no doubt recognize the tendency to confession in this comment appropriate, no? Thanks for the New Years pep talk you have written here. Perhaps you’re an angel tapping me on the shoulder like it or not!

  3. Moaad says:

    这么说我是理解错题意了,不过原作者描述的不够清晰。。。如果短的字母里面有重复字符,应该也要在长串里面出现多次才行吧?所以Hash是必须的。不过Guy的问题谁能给点提示?- How can you optimize the apimpng of letters to primes?- Can you suggest a way to combine the prime representation with a bitmask to improve performance?还有出现多次的rack是啥意思?

  4. Gaurav says:

    表示英文太菜,可否把Guy的评论也稍微翻译下。。。My version of the qosutien starts out by restricting the input to seven letters (for Scrabble) and it was assumed you’d discard any word longer than the rack or shorter than the current best solution so a 32-bit word suffices with some finesses hinted below.Candidates who think a bitmask alone would suffice, don’t understand the distinction between a bag and a set. //set俺懂,bag是啥意思?关键字眼不理解真是害死人啊。。。

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