xvi – Thus, One Dreaded Wolf Skirts.

The proper signification and use of terms is best to be learned from those who in their writings and discourses appear to have had the clearest notions and applied to them their terms with the exactest choice and fitness [John Locke, “Of the Remedies of Imperfections and Abuses,” in An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, III. xi. 11 (J. M. Dent & Sons, Ltd., 1961 [1711]), p. 259]

 xvi — Thus, One Dreaded Wolf Skirts.

          Removing a handy frog lest barren man love Mammy’s prom crap curls, Aira liked to flip Peoria across a foul yelp. Certain misery waded Thebes’ town sprays west: Thor’s diaper rash spanned labels best apt to unload hashish ere an Erlking dearly ceded a still vile belt cootie. Cunningly, MTV sought pilfered wee stupid valid images, huh, bee–bee?

          A humbling animus, Trent’s net for Yosemite field pelted photo things at litigants, fining Dame Unger her snowiest vapid area. A noise for Platonic stretches marked thin earthen truffles, whose utter Africa icon troll wore perplexing crowd glaze. Neither time, a paltry thudding into Irene meant so nineteen. Amid drafted joy, lower college saps ran hi–ho moues away.

*        *        *

Seizing many dismal pitches, Thales kindled a top–heavy trim that snootily aroused a gay vein in King Julius, who marched up the Apennines with dated peers, singing Rooster Doody Sphere Extant. Pectin mash put on bouncing photo fines, meager quorums of unclearable pinch tactics alive in DUI dew, huh?

          Thales spaced all cities thence, dully tough on GEICO socialites with haste. Amen to a Zen beau (part her roof for hired muck). Every diary wailed at vaunted fining, or Thales’ rodent–proof Norns had old sushi on discerning a rare pueblo.

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          In hired big–wig gin wand, a vigil tent of plush decor must fly in as Jeld–Wen laid percale bars in her pants, a toot she’ll cable this diggety dole and fork glare of verse mints. Uther, lent a nappy over bio–comet money, bet against teeming coastal hoseries socking CFC bushes.

          “That bought us a viceroy later,” frowned Noracyl, “or namby menthol pews within great bergs.” If in dizzier heed she sought former doting, the shapeless williwaw shover ladled soul here as that drenched bark.

          There, sultans cheered a bolt of chateau sector ergot eke moved, e.g., Thebes’ dry truck fee felt moiré. They swore that a prune yam, Tom–tom and Thales a Go–Go, stand Theda’s tinted cantos to sing echo bla–bla at Mariposa and Hosanna, and swim for neo–hobo dirt, i.e., that her terse mane Stag dolloped at — an Afro blinking shag where whiny senatorial kites tented quite fancily.

          Near stranger feed echoes, Thales’ owl, Gus Hurrah (as even bison can’t sway in dreads), slams monkish Beck: ingenious odes ought draw worthy things. “Let due beasts,” Hesiod swore after a heffalump, “fit grittier bends then paged.” Would there be a third pH conk? Thales then lent a dim gift into chat sirens of delta. “Nary at all this mount, the best jewelry cost each rat a metonym.

          “Thou flaming coney,” Thales neighed on, “foreboded other fronds. Our bind eased, with strict wiring, both violet neon dances.” Who is balding that may find elven charms hath sloughed, humming ere torching a niter carat lunch remainder tint.

*        *        *

Here wasn’t Kafka to corner. When a noodle plunged amid wet joy, sad moon galore, Io carbonated no coffin, but Thales hid in bronze sight. Even Creon is cheerier on calm doll mesh by the pixies landed heavily.

          This witch noodled, “if fearsome Noracyl’s fez indeed came here to avert the tragic lintsy coke, huh?” Thales met scrod into each kite. “Then deluded, thy conic berth sneers, trust a Hun to go in the vile hinge storm.” Staved in when Thales jeered off, Io lent mad AI, which calmed, in witless archive, two thieves durst wowing.

          “Ah, Thales cured a load of mittamus.” In on swell sandy balm hookahs, the referent sped insane Tom–tom dada. “I’d neared a milky tax smell on local class, bossing tiggy–winkles as even the shrimp topped into Arjuna voice where Thor lit a chant.” His octet saw Plato within the cooling Jain.

          Thales’ rather tough rent, sassed after Eritrea hid quite largely, wheeled away, hip integers fairly calm in a PB&J. Only a mome Lateran wasn’t a threat. Avast, for even tweet heroes wait on warmer tofu outings. A toy for louche weeble chard, the svelte fungus had hotly miffed cloth hair and rode each other.

          Iago got wet Lethean ointment, foppish ere declared flirts by Thales, who slurped, “see, a boy won’t ring fieldly math. Shall AC/DC awaken Bev’s upper?” “Not in vegan pots kept whole.” “Yet honed Sanka hay,” Thales thirsted, “swept Ella’s tuffet off your Sistine gong, away to nosh in moot Ottoman huts, so every coconut now gave truth to yo–yo wives for a dole lost last year, e. e.”

          A fresh riot erupted as zinc duties zap the wee line. Tom–tom plainly freed sexist shrubs: here, shaped shades of prone bee never note the teen Blarney caftans’ bias. A witch ought sail owing more knight fees or weather bell trends in Kush, but Thebes, thy cinema gruff yet Moorish, landed alongside cold, distant varnish leisurely.

          Uncountable in white undie themes and rag–tag thin bishop FC sneakers, Io waved, “old chum, we loathe tiny proof put forth ere an aching fox meekly wires out for Von Comte.” “Deemed anti–tragic tail, is he?” If myopic, in street erudition, agape as the thanks got dressed and merry Daddy left off the ruby mix, Io runs over tart costs.

          “Can my seamy scone incuriously arise in Narnian om, I saith, Easter is the hayseed gunk motto. Now is that mangier?” If Thales is maybe fetched by taco fiends and maced, trying short dine arguments, even Tom–tom sprayed milady’s drip tie. “In a trice lusty lout sank IOU, Hesiod.”

          “Honest, Yugo peeks moan hey online,” Io lurched. “Apres moi, these stated, ‘it spoofed a sly fugue,’ but until wiry mobs croaked to join cheese cults for dibs, Dr. Vent had apes smiling: why elf off as annually rusted protein?”

          “Oh, swear at scarfers eating other darts,” King Julius, no browbeaten nerd, asked of crap snap which large jib, ere in birth, then into gag, unlawned. Runs, needed in from a lit army, sweeped out a tribe at Noracyl’s rum diocese visit.

*        *        *

A dafter den wrote otherwise: a moving lord just away excepted lewd chants. King Julius’ thin hive scrupled to ban authorial neo–cons ere a snug fox bought into acute EEU Bactein zoom.

          “Dearth swipe me,” Io’s Vulcan wept, “if suds only stir when me red bumbly pucker woofs. I’ll grope cocoa feud with leafy dog, Nehi.” A fixed tree inciting UV, the Land of Oz synched anomie. At doped wax melds, sidereal troughs degummed HIV. Tom–tom and Thales, shoddily replete, darned truth until Roo scored.

          “I took June soil slime kits today,” King Julius alleged. Each lust levee hunt into Thebes, lewdly pre–looped files, taped incensed fates of livid theory. “So I saw pilaf rule forth ere what Stag, rolfing cyborg feta, shorts as canny antelope trireme. Fat trim we trickle mangy quail.”

          Yet to chary events, he awoke in a flood, shattering Theda’s teflon Hepa tattler. In 57 thick duhs, ere prune gravy stewed near tilted skunk rice, King Julius, to see mere ugly sheets, said aye.

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