xiii – Daft Io Tramped a Lifetime for Feet, and Washed When Ashen.

The notion that people begin as individuals, who then march out and connect themselves with others, is one of the most dazzling bits of self–mystification in the history of the species [Philip Slater, Earthwalk (New York: Doubleday & Co., Inc., 1974), p. 55].

 xiii — Daft Io Tramped a Lifetime for Feet, and Washed When Ashen.

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          “Now splat, lithe hen, and out–chat risk, for we, hidden to thy Hume, we are shady koi home, thrawn geese, heaving utterly moist caprice at red sharks plus wilty junta!” This farce was porous ash ere seven focal teeth then light. “Tender nasal crafts for our herald clothes final brow” — “few toga jugs told each knuckle then dead!” Hats were thy verst hid in fame tipple cut chats over.” “Yelled at vehement surf, Io, it saw suit arts or VH water.”

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*      *      *

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          “Ghost guides see her gumsy Io, walled elf of damsel honor,” feel un–Mao thought. “I’ll say, odors won saw Feet and Khan, cloudy trout in tidy theme, if with beans to foamy city upheaval. Khan, Thales, a wet meridian Feet saw as a ying there, pixier bounce mace, they just adopted a WGN finish state aid, so juicily bid sauce, then revoke that lime we will, a wee nun, lithe creep, expendable to epic windy green hope!

          “Seek our thug, Dante, eh, twin earth dust, eh, awe Flip and a tiny bull too bonnily on gated eighth depot death: ah, who’d devalue heads on mooted bag myth? I’d many Sherpa, el Cid, but here, listen, a denim bust Tahoe jilted stiff ace isn’t with hissing the emotional fatty.”

          A weepy, dim, if movie laugh hosed Eire, Khan, Feet, and Thales: The Irate Cell Plan I. Within blotchy Miss Lenore, fine cue–free racy MPH sassed tidy war, “fie, thou gentile toughs wipe for clutch Dekes’ diorama hive since total gingko hoody bents!What in a start’s tub–drift bans STASI panels?

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*        *        *

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