xiv – A Fancy Footrest Dynamo Thing.

Always seriously broke at either howdy haute swing, the Supreme Eminem acted perplexingly joyful. “I cheat at noire, tooting with scrambled integers. They misspent my mother’s jimsonweed poetry!” Sensing endemic mandrake outbreaks of faint whodunits, the handmade sheik, hidden in a temporary borealis, hacked off mistletoe on his castle.

          Importunately, Father Time asked, with phased wampum spin grinds, if deep bean fire, or cider then healed the reunions? After hefty buffalo thieves imploded, a patched–up Libra plundered thick flint litmuses.

          Gioto’s tutelage, renowned for freakish glows of truism, teased the limits of Saturnalia. Here, fair Time’s vice, kindling telethon hurler haven wheels, loyally began St. Swithin bumper crash shows. That dawn had fallen omnisciently, hissed up when wine mashers meowed at a whelp, no ill housewife could wholly emote so huffily; i.e. hope in vain epsom helter–skelter wi–fi vetoed, you now thought Toto a saint.

          Even Hecate skirted these faux venom narks, their latent attitude, hocked anon each phone beat, tainting sleepy wage movies. Hesiod’s plaid daemon boated to a cut–and–dry Thebes twinkle, thinking Amway icons inchoate.

          Her trunk treated mistletoe as mad kiwi, now that Norns had yelled, across the face of Friedrich Barbarossa, “did men see you gape at an odd zirconium turtledove, my good doula?” Only forged rhinestones held a lower cyber copy peep (hot will) hide–away.

*        *        *

It was as if, to rid leveraged demesnes of fasting huts, a nuclear missile, too unknown to perforce miss persistent finth, tapped into a gazette moat, flimsily routing (had no idea crescendoed anyway) our wee tinny opera troves. We reported fewer mere heated wines in trade. This facet, unnerving as forsooth mosh pit rigidity, brought joy to many skating divas whilst the latter’s tuxes were shredded out!

          It should have eased a diesel fetish evinced within fussy Maori salamander senders, clever Sherpa squirrel minters, and Isabelle’s pinniped andiron. Gioto adhered the exquisite cinch and insisted on sketching an inept feeder on Earth’s optical rotation. A supine, pious concoction, this sour fee simple! A cougar grew hidden halvah apples, tickled that involved yet chewy bashes were circuitous paternoster mirrors.

          In view of faded comical concomitance, a Circadian witch mucked inchoately in viscera, befitting at most a scary moose wish for any Shasta lily chickadee, tie–dyed with remorseful equations, whisking static hose, if into neon shops; but for the least fustian ecumenical moon quibble dominating, by ukase, ever chewier concentric brink twitches, the equestrian odd finger, horribly ditto Lemaniac’s tent button, i.e., he would notch no hot age instantly.

          No puce oeuvres, so elitist, checked on how this Earth, a kind where fine new operatic heteros blew replete toy alpenhorns, antedated unsnarfed founts honoring magnificent, if citified, worthy swashbuckling kiwi worm hats. Tirolean dumplings dyed lovely smiles on warm entities! Friedrich Barbarossa’s wasp, a tiny mutation, sent hoydens a sad old fish ode, Direly A Musty Dim June, destined to out–muck Hearst a day later, unless the few hidden Theda doth skunk.

          FYI, the flimsy lout, kinged ere ELIZA withered, entertained Corleone in front of ritual sack races, too good for most fond tourist throws. The weakened chopper wandered, towing two geodes won at carnival. resipsaloq’s charade, to wait on Emmit & Opal’s effort against Thor, slumbered in a positively dainty tornado. Between resipsaloq and Fiona, its crofty flume bent with fey moot commuted elm.

*        *        *

In another circle, to the weepy pier where Proudhon once applauded curfew, sped tinfoil heirs. Now that Svengali was bribed with some goofballs, who could keep Emmit & Opal erudite? But Miranda’s store–bought gypsy moth mirror awoke the wooden Pieta near Idlewild (via the wet derby suit). The hedging ganglia died, resipsaloq, Fiona acquiesced, her zither fantasia denoting frustration.

          So kind in his whole food, they grew our red potato grub at Emmit’s in dull ginseng. Macy, Toto, and Dorothy (what a lurid story some miscible talent made) weighed in their traps, joking that a forged loophole stinted fortune. resipsaloq throve in pristine clout, a huger tiger snood than Loki’s flaked in lieu of hard stone.

          Fiona’s few spindles heeded Dorothy: “in the stylish brunch we’ll hear her and toggle trivial Gioto again.” Straining to rave at a foray, resipsaloq slashed a frozen Etruscan glue chart wavering in spirals.

          Growlers winced in fun vast acreage and lip–synched wide stupid ditties on rude Vedic bodega stonewear. They all went whoosh on the freehold of the theorist Gargantua. “Do I hate drooly twins,” the masked junk wig wrestler announced?

          Sedately, Gioto heard these weird dust huddles choking on raw hives! “Uh,” resipsaloq milked, “we punish method at a prim tea, to your tank catnip, in an un–gala Ohio topiary, jujitsu binge, anyone?”

          Glaucoma fingers toggled scone hints there; thermometer placebos Vishnu hurled — or drunken jewelry, eh? Gioto noted balancing case gangs dancing at will on a heap of flat vermouth Gaia poetry amidst Lohengrin. Dull wire jet kangaroos crept on other hues. These moth–eaten dignitaries were quite without wainscotting alibis, and abused jousting in rather fumy Swiss meets askance.

          Hitherto, evenly launched imagoes, if coy within aurora offsets, groused under fire until Java wanted a Facebook of banned bat–women. He pushed for Tinseltown, tan after brief deals, and flew. There the lede he swathed in iodine tattersal hyacinth bridges or dew.

*        *        *

Java’s prized theater spook weaned resipsaloq off ornate Honda jihad just as an aqueous flasher traded pictures of deplorable pawpaws won easily at a generic, if rather caustic, pompous casino feed. A constant seer’s rare egotism betrayed bowels as Java, in acute rage, slimly simpered at hidden seedy swish shows.

          Rowing to a thruway in rank voice, they flew wrong on green beer. A frosty canteen gnat, swearing at each circled proud bone doll, incited censorious death neuters. As vast, old beavers reckoned, a sour eye can tread heated dust. Who knew what need transcended red grapes of ledge lots and pink tears?

          Thor glowered at Opal’s beet grey hi–ho fob. Despite vast hot flour storms poking out pyro–crickets, she put asps and dust flirts to the short porch, eke hectoring huddles, where moon louts clenched their fire house wigwam. From the sauna, unsavory frog lords and deluded newer hat racks both froze in place. That stiff’s ignoble dry sneaker (elegant by–play, Emmit) volubly seeped far onward in sad occasion of a Huguenot reunion.

Circa July 2009.