One thought on “Theda Bara

  1. Selam says:

    You probably would have frgiued that out long before I did.Bless you, but no.It’s eerie how a simple twist of fate a studio fire in 1937 can nearly erase an entire career. Of course time alone can do the same thing once we get past my great-grandparents, it’s like none of my ancestors or any of their stories ever existed.That’s just but one of the cool things about your blog — and imminent book contract dammit your eye for rescuing interesting, sometimes tragic, but always vibrant people from the dustbin & telling their story for them or at least giving them the tip of the old hat. Your lawyer business drop-dead deadline will be met as the reinforcing gods of deadline adrenaline and sheer terror come to your rescue and power you up, have no fear!

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